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LS2 Strobe Review Facts

Whether you love to ride a bike or a motorcycle, one of the most important things that you can do is purchase a good helmet. It’s critical that you provide your head with the best protection possible. And besides that, many more advanced helmets nowadays provide extra features, such as ventilation, noise reduction, padding for extra comfort, and more.

One helmet that has captured a lot of people’s attention is the LS2 Strobe. This highly affordable option comes in many different colors and it is one of the most lightweight choices on the market. Not only that, but it comes with many extra safety features and it has ample padding. The visor can be removed easily even if you have gloves on, and the padding on the inside can be removed for washing. It also provides you with a lot of ventilation, which is key for ensuring a safe and fun ride.

Without further ado, let’s get into some of the different features that the LS2 Strobe so you can find out more about why so many people recommended this product.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Lightweight and comfortable

Does not have a loud noise level

Can replace the face shield easily

Release button is easy to access

Helmet will stay in place snugly

Lining can be removed and washed


Chin curtain can come off too easily

May run a little small

Basic Features

There are many great features that the LS2 Strobe has to provide.

For one, you have many different options in terms of size, so if you have a particularly large or small head, you still will be able to use this product. It comes in sizes XS to XXXL, so you’re going to find something that will fit you.

Besides that, it is comfortable in many other aspects. It provides you with a lot of padding on the inside to keep your face nice and comfortable against the hard shell. This padding may also be removed and washed when necessary. It is made out of breathable material so you won’t experience too much discomfort when you start to sweat.

It also has many vents throughout the shell that work to keep a steady flow of fresh air in and a flow of stale air out. There are vents near the chin and the top, as well as the typical exhaust vents in the back.

Advanced Features

The LS2 Strobe also provides quite a few advanced features that you might not be able to find in some other helmets on the market.

For one, this is one of the most lightweight options that you will be able to find. This is due to the fact that it has high-pressure thermoplastic technology, which is essentially a composite shell made out of polycarbonate to make it as lightweight as it is. The helmet itself only weighs 4 pounds, which is quite lightweight in comparison to many others.

Some people might find out that it is made out of polycarbonate and worry because this material has gained a bad reputation for being cheap. But the helmet is made out of other sturdy materials that make it a highly durable option that will last you a long time.

It also comes with a sun shield that works to protect your eyes when it’s a sunny day. This shield also is made out of scratch-resistant material, and when you’re out riding on a colder day, the visor is also made out of materials that prevent it from getting too foggy. This shield can be easily removed and you can open it or drop it down with the push of a button.

As well as all the padding that this provides to keep you comfortable, it has a neck roll to prevent your neck from hurting too much when you have to go out riding for longer periods and have to keep it upright for just as long. It works as a type of support, kind of like a pillow, which is definitely a unique feature.

There are also straps near the chin that you can tighten to make sure that the product is securely in place. And, there is a release strap to make taking the helmet on and off much easier. This is also a great safety mechanism.

Safety Features

Of course, there are many great safety features that come with this product. For one, it has been certified by the leading organizations. The helmet comes with a safety strap near the chin that you can tighten accordingly to make sure that it fits securely around your head. Making sure that your helmet fits you well is one of the most important things you can do to stay safe.

The neck roll that we mentioned above not only works to provide comfort, but it also protects your neck against impact. It has a reflectable patch on it so that other drivers will be able to see you in the dark. Also, there is a release strap that makes it much easier for you to take on and off, and it makes the helmet easier to take off for emergency personnel in case of an accident.

Helmet Noise

You should always use earplugs when riding to prevent your ears from getting damaged from too much noise caused by the wind, but many people who reviewed this product said that it is not too loud.


First and foremost, many agreed that this helmet is very comfortable. It comes in many different sizes- XS to XXXL- so you’re definitely going to find a size that fits you. A lot of people agreed that it fits true to size, but regardless, make sure that you purchase it from a retailer that has a good return policy so you won’t face too many issues if you find that the size you chose doesn’t fit you as expected.

And with that being said, there certainly were some people who felt that the helmet runs a bit small. Some people also said that it fits well for those who have to wear glasses.

Another key way that this helmet works to provide comfort is through the lining that is on the inside. These liners not only work to provide some padding for your face, but they are also made of breathable materials so that you won’t grow too uncomfortable when you start to sweat. They are also made out of hypoallergenic materials, which is perfect for those with more sensitive skin.

You will be able to remove this lining to wash it when you feel that it has become too dirty. The lining has been cut with special techniques to ensure a much more proper fit to the face. It also provides a neck roll, which works to keep your neck cushioned as you’re riding to prevent any pain from keeping your neck upright for so long.

There is also ample airflow in the LS2 Strobe. There are vents near the chin and the top of the helmet, as well as exhaust vents. Making sure that there is enough airflow is important so that you can constantly get a supply of fresh air and have the stale air filtered out.

And finally, one of the biggest areas where this company has worked to ensure comfort is when it comes to how lightweight it is. The helmet itself weighs only 4 pounds, which makes it one of the most lightweight of its type on the market. So many people who purchased it were shocked by this, and they said that they did not feel as though they would get the durability and quality out of it as they expected.

But they were pleasantly surprised when they found that this is not necessarily the case, as you certainly are getting something that is high-quality. Thanks to the polycarbonate material that it is made out of, it’s much more lightweight. This is important because, assuming that you’re going to be wearing it for somewhat long periods, you don’t want to get tired from having such a heavy product on your head. Having a lightweight helmet not only helps to make it much more comfortable, but you also won’t experience as much fatigue.


Making sure that the helmet you choose provides ample ventilation is one of the most important things that you can do. You need to have a steady flow of fresh air throughout your motorcycle ride. Also, the stale air that you have exhaled needs to be filtered out.

With the LS2 Strobe particularly, you will be able to adjust the vents according to how you like it. For example, it may be a colder day outside, so you won’t need to have the vents opened as much. This will help to keep you warm. But when it’s hot outside, you can keep the vents open all the way to ensure a steady flow of cool air.

One of the biggest things that people liked, though, was just how much ventilation it provided. There are vents near the chin and the top of the helmet, as well as the exhaust vents in the rear that work to filter out the stale air. No matter how long you’re going to be wearing this, you can be sure that you’re going to be breathing in nice, fresh air.

Face Shield

The helmet comes with a sun visor that works to protect your eyes from the sun. This visor is also made out of materials that prevent it from getting scratched or fogged up in cold weather. You also will be able to remove it with the simple push of a button.


The helmet has a nice, sporty design. Like many of the other ones that we have reviewed, it’s sleek and comes in many different colors. On Amazon, for example, you will have the opportunity to purchase it in matte black, regular black, gray, white, and yellow.

It has a dual outer shell that is made out of polycarbonate to make it much more lightweight, but the alloy material makes the helmet much sturdier. Some people stay away from helmets that are made out of polycarbonate because they worry that it won’t be as high-quality, but this certainly isn’t something that you have to think about here.

The oval shape helps to ensure that the helmet will fit comfortably on anyone. There is a face shield that can be easily removed. There’s also a chin curtain that can be removed to prevent too much wind from getting in.


When it comes to high-quality motorcycle helmets, one thing that you will need to keep in mind is that you’re inevitably going to be spending quite a bit of money. But depending on the company and the materials that the product is made out of, you might be spending a little bit more or a little bit less.

One feature that many people appreciated about this product is how inexpensive it is in comparison to many other professional motorcycle helmets. With that being said, it certainly does not lack in quality, and it is made out of top-quality materials to ensure extra comfort and security.

The list price is approximately $160, but you’ll be able to purchase it on online retailers such as Amazon for $130. The price does vary a little bit between the different colors, so that is something you may want to keep in mind. The cheapest option appears to be the matte black one and the most expensive is the yellow one, each varying between prices $10 higher or lower than one another.

Key Features

The shell has a comfortable and lightweight design
It only weighs 4 pounds
It is available at an affordable price
Cushioning is removable and can be washed
Provides ample ventilation
The visor is resistant to scratches and fog

Bottom Line

Finding an affordable helmet that is made out of high-quality materials might be difficult, but the LS2 Strobe is a great option for anyone who wants to save some money and get a professional helmet out of the deal.