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HJC RPHA Max Review Facts

There are plenty of factors that go into finding the perfect helmet for riding your motorcycle, such as making sure that it is made out of high-quality materials, that it has all the necessary safety features, and that it’s comfortable to wear.

One helmet that has gotten a lot of attention is the HJC RPHA Max. It is made by a brand that is known for its affordable and practical helmets, but this option, in particular, is one of the brand’s more “luxe” choices. Many people were pleased with its quality and performance, despite the fact that it is more expensive than many others created by the same brand and many of its competitors. It provides great visibility when you’re on the road- in fact, better than average. It also is considered to prevent as much noise as possible from getting in.

While there are quite a lot of great things that people had to say, there were certainly some features that people were a bit disappointed in, such as the price and the poor performance of the new facial shield system.

In this review, we will discuss some of the different aspects that this HJC product features, including some of the areas where people have expressed their disappointment.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Stylish design

High-quality materials

Has three sizes for the shell

Provides great vision in the shield

Does not allow lots of noise to get in

Provides a lot of ventilation


It’s quite expensive

Face shield system is not that spectacular

Basic Features

With this HJC helmet, you have the ability to decide several different colors, including matte black, black, white, and silver. While this is not necessarily the largest color selection on the market, all of these provide a sleek and professional look, which is what a lot of riders look for.

Another great feature that people appreciated was the fact that the helmet weighs only 3 pounds. This is, without a doubt, one of the lightest helmets on the market. And the best part is that this does not mean the helmet lacks in quality. If you purchase a helmet that is lightweight, you decrease your chances of feeling fatigued while you are riding, which is an added safety feature.

The HJC RPHA Max features several vents on the chin and near the top, and it also has exhaust vents in the back to filter out the stale air. There are three shell sizes, which is a unique feature.

Advanced Features

There do not seem to be many advanced features that this product has to offer.

Safety Features

There is not much information available regarding what kind of safety features the HJC RPHA Max provides, but in order for a helmet to be sold on the market, it must be certified and pass many safety tests. This is made out of high-quality and durable materials, and it provides a close fit and cushioning on the inside, so you’re undoubtedly going to be very safe on the road when you wear this helmet.

Helmet Noise

One of the biggest features that people were pleased with when it came to the HJC RPHA Max was that it does an excellent job of preventing too much noise from getting in. The way that this helmet is designed allows there to be very minimal noise. When there is less room on the inside and enough cushioning, there are not too many ways for noise to be able to get in.

The only thing that you may want to consider is the fact that some people said when the vent on the top is open, there is a small increase in the level of noise, but nothing that would be a dealbreaker. But, if you have a windscreen and the air is directed towards the top, you might experience a noticeable increase. So, you will want to pay attention to the way that you have different features configured.

And, as we mention in all our helmet reviews, it’s important to make sure that you purchase a decent pair of earplugs to wear while you are on the road. This is because there is a potential for you to experience hearing damage over time due to the loudness of the wind, other cars, and other things. Make sure that the earplugs you purchase are high-quality and as tight-fitting as possible without being uncomfortable for maximum protection.


As with most helmets that we review, it’s important for you to make sure that the manufacturer you’re purchasing from has a good return policy if it’s being purchased online. This is because you may order the wrong size or the size chart may not quite apply to you.

According to people who reviewed this product, it seems to be a half size smaller than what they would be used to. So, it is recommended that you go a full size up when you purchase it. This is especially due to the fact that the helmet has a slim design, which might feel a bit strange at first if you have a rounder head.

But one of the best features that the HJC RPHA Max provides is the three different shell sizes. Where most helmets only come in one or two sizes, the three sizes are certainly a good way for you to feel as comfortable as possible while wearing it. The small shell suits sizes XS and S, the medium shell fits M and L, ad the large shell fits XL and XXL.

It does not necessarily come in as many sizes as some other helmets do, which is something that you may want to consider. But the three sizes helps to give you a slimmer and better fit. Another thing you may want to note, however, is that the helmet is a bit “short” in terms of the distance from front to back, so there may be some discomfort in that sense, as was the case for some people.

For those who need to wear sunglasses or regular glasses, people who reviewed this product said that they had no problems managing to fit them inside.

There is also enough cushioning on the inside to keep you comfortable while you’re on the road.


People were also pleased with the level of ventilation that the HJC RPHA Max provided. After testing out plenty of helmets that have poorly-designed vents with small openings, it was a relief for many reviewers when they came across this HJC product, which has large vent openings. The vents for the chin and the top are simple and they work well when it comes to providing fresh, clean air.

There are also exhaust vents, which are meant to filter out the stale air. Since there is no padding that gets in the way, the air goes right in through the vents on the chin and the top and out through the exhaust. It’s easy to adjust the vents as you wish, even if you’re wearing gloves.

Face Shield

The face shield sits closer to your face, which allows you to have better horizontal visibility than you might have expected. The vertical visibility is not as great, but your vision won’t be disturbed by the face shield lever. There are also no markings on the shield that would impact your vision. And many people liked the fact that the shield is thick and is much better than many of the other ones available on the market.

It has an anti-fog insert, which is perfect for when you’re out riding in the winter. You can also open the face shield slightly to make sure that you get a bit of ventilation when you’re driving slowly. It has a great shield, which means that you won’t have to worry about getting wet when it rains. There is also an internal sun visor that you lower with the spring-loaded system. It protects you from the sun very well, but some people noticed that there is a little bit of distortion.

The face shield removal was something that seemed to be a problem for many people. While the company claimed that it was revamped and upgraded, people who reviewed this product said that it’s difficult to lower and you have to check to make sure that the pins inside of the shield don’t break. And, to make matters more difficult, it’s hard to get the shield in the correct place when you’ve removed it due to these pins.


This helmet has a very sleek and clean appearance. For one, many agreed that the design and switchgear were upgraded and feel more precise than in previous models created by the brand. The overall design of this product is more compact and slimmer, which means that it will fit more tightly on your head than you may be used to. Hence why we recommended above that you should purchase a size larger than what you think you’ll need. The brand intended to make the helmet’s shape similar to that of a race helmet, which is why it has this shape.

As far as colors go, you do have some options to choose from, but if you wanted an overly colorful and bright helmet, then this may not be the choice for you. However, this is entirely personal and not something that you should place a lot of importance on when choosing a good helmet. It seems that the color options include matte black, silver, white, and black.

There are several vents lining the shell, and the chin vent has a snap cover on it.


A lot of people were not big fans of the price of this product. It was quite expensive in comparison to many others on the market, even ones that are manufactured by the same brand. But it is considered to be a step above many other options made by HJC as it includes new and upgraded features.

You are also paying for the great quality materials that were used to manufacture this product, which also helps to drive up the price. Its retail price is $459, but you will be able to find it for as cheap as $255 on Amazon, which could definitely be a good reason for you to want to purchase it. The latter price puts it in a price range similar to that of many other helmets on the market of its type.

Key Features

It has several vents to provide great ventilation
It’s very lightweight at only 3 pounds
The shell comes in 3 different sizes
Provides ample noise control
It’s made out of high-quality materials
It provides a lot of horizontal visibility

Bottom Line

Overall, there were many great features about this flip-up helmet that people were pleased with. For one, the HJC RPHA Max will provide you with a lot of noise control so that you aren’t impacted by the wind too much. It also has a simple ventilation system for the fresh air to be filtered in and the stale air to be filtered out. The visor is also designed to be closer to your face, which means that you will be able to see horizontally much better than you would with an average helmet.

Another key feature that the company emphasized was how lightweight it is, making it much more comfortable. Weighing only 3 pounds, this helmet certainly is something that surpassed many of its counterparts.

There were some features that people were not so keen about, however. Namely, the price. It is a bit more expensive than many other similar helmets on the market, so there are certainly some who may feel that it isn’t worth purchasing. But if you are able to find it for a cheaper price on online retailers, then this may not be that big of a problem.

The many size options, the high-quality materials, the great ventilation, and some of the other top-notch features that you can find in this product convinced many people that this is a good option if you want something that can do it all.