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10 Best Car Seats Brands Reviewed in 2024

We are in the technology era. With the internet, we have an unlimited supply of information available to us with literally a click of a button. This has helped us in many ways like being able to create a more competitive market for producers, thus lowering prices for us, the consumers. However, it also creates an environment of almost too much information. It is hard to know what to trust as well, with the constant conflicting information and sponsored ads. We even see ads engrained in our social media outlets and even in some of the people we follow. Because we do not always get to see the little “#ad,” it’s not always easy to know what information is good and what information is fake. Typically if we are looking for a new face cream it is easy to return it if it does not work or at the very least find something else, it isn’t a big loss, but when it comes to safety, we can’t be so casual about it.

Featured Recommendation

Doona Infant & Latch Baseimg
  • Doona Infant & Latch Base
  • 5 out of 5
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  • Innovative and attractive design
Chicco KeyFit 30
  • Chicco KeyFit 30
  • 4.6 out of 5
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  • Leveling abilities
Safety 1st Grow and Goimg
  • Safety 1st Grow and Go
  • 4.5 out of 5
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  • 3-in-1 Design

A child’s safety isn’t something that we can trial-and-error with. When new parents are shopping for the best car seats, they want to know that their child is safe and secure at all times without fear that the product they purchased is a dud. In this article, we have looked at the best car seats from the best car seat brands of 2018. We first looked at the brands themselves, reading into their reliability, reputation, and experience, then from there, we found their top car seat. Each of these best car seats is not only the (current) best of the brand, but they are also consumer-rated and reviewed. We reviewed the likes and dislikes of each and created a review based on those comments. Though they all have their cons, safety is never one of them. Rest assured that with these best car seats, your child will be safe, comfortable, and secure so that you can focus on the road.

Now that we have covered why best car seats are required and what type of the best car seats are required (for different weight and heights) let’s review the top best car seats on the market. These seats range in price, function, and type. All of the companies we have selected are reputable companies with good customer service teams. All of these companies and products have high consumer reviews. We also found the top 3 we found to be the best for the price, quality, and ratings (listed above).


10 Best Car Seat Brands


Harmony Defender 360

Harmony Defender 360
This car seat is beautiful in design, only coming in one color (black). It can hold children ranging from 22 pounds to 110 pounds, so not meant for babies under 2. It has a reclining feature as well as the backless booster option. It is easy to install and has a five-point harness and high-seat back.
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Comfortable for the child with lots of leg space
If you find yourself with a squirmy child leg space may be a must. This car seat is comfortable for the child and also gives plenty of leg room to move around a little more freely without losing the security needed to keep the child in place.

Made of good quality and soft material
This car seat is quite attractive in appearance and is made of high quality material. The child will not only have ample room (again, without affecting the security of the child) while also being comfortable.

Value and Cost
This car seat is quite inexpensive. It does not have a ton of bells and whistles but is an attractive looking seat, is very safe and is comfort for growing children. All in all, a really great buy.
  • Includes handy cupholders for sippy cups 
  • Versatile 
  • Easy to put together 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Very comfortable (reports of children refusing to get out of the seat)
  • Some found difficulty getting the car seat tight into some types of vehicles (usually SUV's) 
  • Minimal features

Graco Children 4Ever

Graco Children 4Ever
This car seat is an all-in-one convertible car seat. It comes with a booster (with a high back), the booster back can be removed to be a no-back booster seat and also is a forward-facing child car seat. The forward-facing seat option can hold babies from 4 to 40 pounds in weight and the booster ranges between 110 and 120-pound max depending on whether the back is on or off. It also comes in four different colors.
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Detachable back to change the booster from backed to backless in one easy step
This car seat can comfortably fit a 100-pound child until they are 100 pounds, at that point the back can be taken off and used backless for an additional 10 pounds.

Customizable options available for different sized (or growing) children or vehicle types
As with the Diono, this car seat is fully customizable for all sorts of changes in environment and child. It has a 10-point position adjustable headrest, a six-point position recliner option and a rear-facing and front-facing option.

Value and Cost
This car seat sits in the middle range in price. It can hold anything from 4-pound child to a 120-pound child. It is a 3-in-1 and convenient for multiple children and multiple vehicles. It's also lightweight for easy transfer between vehicles.
  • Very safe (reports of multiple accidents with children in this seat and the child staying completely safe) 
  • Not too bulky 
  • Versatile 
  • Attractive in design
  • Some reviews found that it made a bit of a rattling sound when driving without the child in the seat
  • Some reported some difficulty pulling the strap to tighten the harness (seems to be an ongoing complaint with most car seats)

Britax Boulevard G4.1

Britax Boulevard G4.1
While this list is meant as an infant car seat buying guide, there is a very large number of convertible seats there. There are two simple reasons for that. First, the technology put into the convertible car seat has come a long way, and now they can hold occupants in all age groups as well as any dedicated seat. Secondly, while they tend to cost more up front since they last so much longer than a straight up infant seat, the value to be had is significant. This Britax seat just happens to cover both aspects very well.
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Impact resistant
The vast majority of car seats are side-impact tested, which is great since it isn’t required by law. This Britax seat goes the extra mile of being reinforced with a foam-lined shell, just to be doubly sure that everything is good to go.

Installation options are nice
I can't speak for every car seat out there, but some of them do restrict their installation to the provided latch system. While this appears to be safer, it limits the options for certain vehicles to carry the seats. This one offers the choice of using the existing seat belt and is every bit as secure and sturdy.

Cost and Value
Britax is quickly gaining momentum as a go-to car seat manufacturer, and the competitive pricing they employ on their products goes a long way to helping their cause. These seats fall right around the average for the price, yet their value is far above that.

Two layers of impact protection for added resistance

Ten position harness makes adjustments very easy to accomplish

Roomy enough to be comfortable without being too spacious

Can be safely installed with the car seat belt

Lightweight and portable


Lack of cup holder is an inconvenience

Straps have a tendency to lockup on a regular basis

Graco Extend2Fit

Graco Extend2Fit
As well-made and well-received that Graco’s 4-in-1 car seat is, their bread and butter have got to be this Extend2Fit car seat. This is one that put convertible car seats on the map as a viable option. Convertible car seats eliminate the need to have to invest in other seats, saving you precious time, money, and sanity, and this car seat started it all. That alone makes it one of the best.
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Room to grow
As a child gets older, they tend to become a bit too big for the rear-facing car seats, and until they can move to a front-facing seat, they are forced to travel in discomfort as they get too tall for them. This seat takes care of that by extending an extra five inches, so your child can keep on growing.

Rear-facing for longer
Despite the fact that this seat maxes out at 65 pounds, it does offer a bigger range for rear facing. Rear-facing seats are widely considered to be a lot safer than front face in, so being able to keep your child in that position for longer is great for peace of mind.

This is a very well-priced car seat, especially where convertible models are concerned. Granted, it doesn’t have quite the weight range and versatility of its younger sibling, it still acts as a wonderful entry level car seat that helps lessen the stress of transporting a child.

Good weight range for rear facing options

Up to five extra inches of legroom for rear facing children

Six position recline allows for greater comfort

Easy to read level lets you be sure that the seat is installed correctly

Harness storage slits on side of seat keep straps out of the way


Can be very difficult to take apart to clean

Seat is known to have too much wiggle room when installed

Evenflo Chase

Evenflo Chase
This car seat has a foam, absorbant liner for the childs safety and comfort. It is inexpensive and comes in two colors. It includes cup holders and can hold a child up to 110 pounds. This car seat is not meant for babies or smaller toddlers (should be used with children over 22 pounds).
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This car seat in inexpensive for parents on budgets but still made of quality materials.

Build is tall and yet lower than most car seats
The lack of bulk at the bottom of this car seat allows the child to sit lower to the seat making it easier to socialize with others sitting in the same seat. It is also tall for taller children.

Value and Cost
This car seat is very inexpensive, sitting at the lowest end in price. This is great for parents with budgetary constraints or taller children.
  • Inexpensive 
  • Light-weight 
  • Durable 
  • Comfortable for the child 
  • Easy to assemble
  • Shallow cupholders, not ideal for taller sippy cups
  • Not very easy to install 

Diono Radian

Diono Radian
This car seat can hold up to a 120 pound child, similar to the Britax car seat. It actually has memory foam seats for the most comfortable expereince for your child. The harness is energy absorbing and is made of very durable material. It comes in 6 different colors and is modern in design.
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Very comfortable for the child
As mentioned above this car seat that are made of memory foam to not only add comfort for the child but also act as shock absorbers. It is made with premium, soft fabrics that add comfort and life to this car seat.

Customizable to accomodate all sizes of children and vehicle types
This car seat somehow was a twelve-point adjustable headrest, five-point shoulder positions and three-point buckle positions making it ideal for all sizes of children (great for when used with numerous children) and different vehicle types.

Value and Cost
This car seat sits in the middle in price range. The car seat is attractive in appearance and is great for different sizes of children. This is great when there are a couple kids in the family and more than one family car.

  • Made with a full-steel frame 
  • Narrow enough to fit 3 in one mid-sized SUV
  • Folds flat so easy for storage 
  • Converts into a booster seat 
  • Can decline back for smaller children
  • Some people found it hard to tighten to the seat
  • Others found that the shoulder straps were hard to tighten as well 

Britax Frontier ClickTight

Britax Frontier ClickTight
This car seat is intended for older children being able to hold up to a 120 pound child (so quite large). It comes in five colors and easily straps into both small and large vehicles. This car seat is more of a booster in that it is meant for older and larger children, and that it uses the seat belt as a bottle for the child. It does include an additional harness though for total safety of the child.
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High weight capacity
This car seat/booster holds higher than average weight (120 pounds max). This is good for growing or heavier children that need extra support.

Deep impact-absorbing body
This car seat has two layers of fome lined body decreasing the impact in car accidents or quick stops for the safety of the child (preventing whiplash). It is also deep so the sides of the body help protect against side impacts.

Value and Cost
This car seat is mid-range in price. The price is in the safety features of this seat. With the harness included as well as the added security from the seat belt, as well as the side and back impact resistant body this seat is all about safety.
  • Solid, well-made design 
  • Easy to install 
  • Very safe 
  • Comfortable for the child 
  • Sturdy body
  • Their "clicktight" mechanism seems to have some issues clicking in sometimes
  • Some reviews found that it can be difficult to tighten the straps

Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30

Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30
This carrier is incredibly light-weight, comes in seven different colors and is simple in design. It is made of the best fabric and has extra padding to ensure that the child is comfortable. It also comes with a sun canopy which is unique to most car seats. It will hold up to a 30 pound child sitting at about 32 inches in height.
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Made with wicking fabric to keep the child dry
This stroller is not only made of premium fabric but also uses a wicking fabric that draws liquid away from the child and helps deodorize. This is good for accident prone children. The fabric is also machine washable.

Very comfortable for the child
This would be ideal for longer car rides like road-trips. This carrier/car seat very comfortable for children and supportive of their necks.

Value and Cost
This car seat is in the middle in price range. It is not cheap but it is not expensive either. The price is justified by saved irritation of a crying baby, with this car seat and how comfortable the child will be in it. Overall a nice middle ground for people on a budget looking for something that will do the job, keep the child comfortable and dry.
  • Easy to clean (no need to de-thread anything to get the seat out for washing) 
  • Light in weight 
  • Good head support for the child
  • Very soft and cushioned
  • Some experienced defective handles on the car seat 
  • Some also said that the canopy seems a bit flimsy 

Doona Infant Car Seat & Latch Base

Doona Infant Car Seat & Latch Base
This is a sleek looking stroller. Another car seat and latch base car seat, this car seat comes in three colors and can support a child up to 35 pounds. It also doubles as a booster seat for growing children. Due to the integrated wheels the Doona is a rear-facing car seat only.
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This car seat has integrated wheels
This is the first of its kind, with wheels installed at the base of the car seat allowing the seat to go from stationary to on the go in a very short period of time. It comes with a base that stays in the vehicle that easily attaches to the rear-facing car seat with minimal adjustments.

Handlebar of the seat acts as additional security
When the car seat is loaded onto the base within the vehicle the handlebar of the carrier/car seat adjusts slightly to angle towards the seats stopping any rebound if in a collision.

Value and Cost
The Doona car seat is quite expensive. We think it's worth the cost with its features. The innovation of the wheels included in the unit eliminates the need for a stroller. It's also ideal for parents that are on the go. The ease of use of this car seat and how versatile it is makes it worth the cost. Additionally, it is a very fashionable looking stroller with minimalist features.

  • Very innovative design 
  • Can fit growing children 
  • Incredibly convenient
  •  Comfortable for children 
  • The wheels do not touch anywhere in the car so no worries about the dirty wheels making a mess
  • When in car sear mode the carrier is quite heavy
  • It is very wide as well in car seat mode (hard to get out of the car if parked in tighter parking spaces)

Maxi-Cosi Pria 70

Maxi-Cosi Pria 70
In the interest of providing as much variety as possible, this time I’ve included a higher end offering that doesn’t get as much exposure as those from the bigger companies. That’s not to say that this selection from Maxi-Cosi isn’t worth looking at. On the contrary. This one has all of the safety features you’d expect, along with the added bonus of being very appealing to the eye. You’ll pay a bit more, but it’s totally worth it.
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Not only is the seat cover designed to be removed for easy cleaning, but while it’s on and in use, it’s breathable enough to both keep the child dry as well as prevent any odors from spills pr perspiration.

Holds up well to impact
All car seats are designed to withstand impact and prevent injury, but this is the first one I’ve seen actively promote their methods for doing that task. This seat absorbs any energy created from an impact and swiftly carries it away from the child, greatly decreasing the likelihood of injury.

Cost and Value
This fancy looking convertible car seat is going to cost around the same price as some Graco offerings, only without the name recognition. That shouldn’t deter you from giving this one a chance though. It’s by no means inferior, it’s just different. Sometimes, different is good.

Designed to provide an exceptional fit for the occupant

Self-wicking fabric draws moisture and odor away from the seat

Air cushion system adds optimal protection for the infant’s head and neck

One click latch system

Flextech system transfers energy from impact away from child in multiple directions


Head cushions can be too snug on the baby’s skull

Very difficult and time consuming to install

Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35

Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35
Sadly, this is the final appearance of a Graco product on this list. If I kept just highlighting their products, this wouldn't be a very fair buying guide. That being said, I wanted strong representation for the company here, so I chose one of their more popular infant seats. This is a very lightweight car seat that is very easy to install. Just strap the base to the seat, and then it’s just a matter of simply clicking in the seat. Infants tend to sleep a lot, so not having the hassle of getting the seat in keeps them sleeping longer. Hopefully.
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Extra safe
This feature holds true for pretty much all of Graco car seats. They make sure that not only are their seats legally certified by passing all required standards, but they also meet or exceed all of the standards available. They go above and beyond so you can rest easy with the knowledge that your child is safe.

Easy to carry
Car seats can be very bulky and heavy, making them a pain to carry around while transporting your child. It’s a side effect of being made to be strong and sturdy. Graco went in a slightly different direction, though, and made their seat very lightweight and portable while maintaining all of the safety and protection you need.

This seat is pretty much the best of both worlds. For one, it’s made by Graco, so you already know that you’re getting a great product and a great value. On top of that though, this one breaks the mold and really doesn’t cost as much as you’d think. Graco’s seats are never too expensive, but this one is especially affordable.

Very lightweight and easy to transport

Harness holds occupant in very securely

Meets or exceeds all US safety standards

Buckle is easy to clean with a damp cloth

Compatible with Graco click connect strollers


Latch tends to catch when removing from the base

Straps are adjusted at the back of the seat, being very inconvenient

Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1

Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1
This car seat looks like something you would strap into to fly to outter space! It comes in nine colors and has the ability to adjust the back rest for the child. It also holds up to 100 pounds which is considerably higher than many competative car seats on the market.
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The 3-in-1 feature
This car seat will last you a very long time, being able to convert into eitehr a rear-facing, forward-facing or a booster for children of all size and ages.

The 3 position reclining ability
Unlike with most car seats this car seat can actually recline into three different positions which helps the child feel comfortable (even when sleeping) as well to ensure it fits in different types of vehicles.

Cost and Value
This car seat is fairly inexpensive considering it's specifications and additional features. Because this can work for children 5 pounds to 100 pounds it will last for a good deal of the childs life. With the booster ability, as well, it completely eliminates the need to buy a booster later in life. This is a top choice for budget restraints and for quality.
  • Same bells and whistles of more expensive brands with an inexpensive price tag 
  • Incredibly safe (several reviewers stated they had been in car accidents and children were completely fine) 
  • Machine washable 
  • Easy tie-back straps 
  • Some reported that it was difficult to install
  • The release button has been known to be a little tough to press 

Cosco Apt 40 RF Convertible

Cosco Apt 40 RF Convertible
This is a minimalist looking car seat with two cute cupholders. It can be used either rear-facing or front-facing depending on the parents preference. It comes in 3 colors and can hold a baby up to 40 pounds in weight.
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Versitile due to it's ability to be either front-facing or rear-facing
This car seat may be simple but it has the ability to be either front-facing or rear-facing, making it better for a larger age and weight range. Additionally, allowing the parent to keep the child rear-facing if they feel it safer for longer.

This car seat is very inexpensive. If on a budget this car seat sits on the lower end in price considering other car seats on the market.

Cost and Value
There is nothing to really consider here, the car seat is inexpnesive and highly rated. There were not much complains as far as quality goes of this car seat. You are paying for the limited features of this seat. If the intent is to only use a car seat as a car seat then this car seat is for you.
  • Very easy to install
  • Very inexpensive 
  • Fits in smaller vehicles
  • Great as an emergency car seat
  • Very easy to buckle child into
  • Straps can be a little tight causing some discomfort for older (larger) children
  • Not a ton of padding for the child (probably not good for long road trips)

Chicco KeyFit 30

Chicco KeyFit 30
This car seat comes in 4 different colors and can be converted into a stroller with an additional purchase of carriage add-on. It includes a new-born head/body support system that is also removable for when the child no longer requires it. It is 27.5 inches deep and 24 inches high.
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This car seat has innovative, level technology that helps you know that the seat is in the proper position
It isn't always easy to tell if car seats are in the correct position so this car seat comes with level (bubble) indicators that allows the parent to see if the seat is installed correctly.

This car seat also comes with a canopy
Because most car seats don't usually transform into a stroller too most don't come with a canopy. The canopy on this car seat helps protect the baby from sun damage and overheating.

Cost and Value
This car seat is on the expensive side as it doubles as a stroller and thus has a lot of the same features that a stroller has. It is multi-purpose and saves from having to buy numerous travel accessories for a child. For busy parents this car seat does a lot of the work for you and also limits the number of travel systems required to get around, it's worth the price because of the convenience.

  • Very easy and straight-forward to use
  • Easy to install 
  • Great for children of all ages
  • Comfortable for child 
  • Small enough to fit in smaller vehicles 
  • Reviewers don't like the material of this stroller compared to the older version
  • Reviewers said that the canopy will sometimes fall back untouched when used with stroller add-on

Evenflo Nurture

Evenflo Nurture
The second Evenflo offering on this list is the perfect selection to end off on. Another infant car seat, this one is simpler and is meant for a single purpose: To keep your baby safe. It does its job exceedingly well, and the low price makes it an ideal entry-level car seat. Car seats are expensive, and providing the market with an affordable high end option means everyone can give their children the quality they deserve.
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It’s the little things
Often, when a company offers a low priced alternative to their more expensive offerings, they tend to skimp out on some of the features in order to save money and justify a lower price. Evenflo doesn’t see it that way, and their attention to detail is evident on every inch of this seat.

Sturdy handle
The designers at Evenflo put a lot of work and effort into this seat’s handle. It makes sense because the handle is the only thing keeping the seat from crashing to the ground. That being said, it’s very sturdy and comfortable at the same time.

This car seat is Evenflo’s value-priced option, but they definitely didn’t skimp out on the amenities. Cheaper should never mean lesser quality, and the manufacturers agree. One of the lowest priced seats on the market also happens to be from one of the best companies.

Well made ergonomic handle makes carrying the seat a breeze

The seat can be installed without a base using the vehicle’s seat belts

Foam liner absorbs the energy from impact, increasing safety and comfort

Incredible value for first-time parents,or those on a budget

As well built and sturdy as any of the more expensive seats


Tends to leave the infant’s head at an awkward angle

Makes a lot of noise when trying to remove it from the base


Criteria Used in Evaluation

The Best Car Seats and Car Seat Brands


Structural Integrity

Looking at the structural integrity and the shock-absorption abilities are the primary and probably the paramount criteria for a car seat. In a crash, we want to ensure that the car seat stays together and also ensure that the child feels the as little impact as possible. The shock absorption of the seat will help avoid whiplash, and the structural integrity will ensure that the child doesn’t fall out of the seat if the worst happens.

What Material was Used

This leads us into the material. We want to make sure that the seat is made of materials that can handle wear and tear, do not easily rip, are comfortable for the child and are easily cleanable. The fabric used should have wicking abilities as well as deodorizing ones. The material should also be able to come off the seat relatively easily so that it can be washed and the material should be machine washable. The child will get squirmy if not comfortable in their chair so any padding under the fabric should be durable enough to withstand shock but double as comfort for the child.

Only Reputable Companies

The reputation of the company is incredibly important because a company with several recalls or shoddy products may end up selling the buyer an unsafe product. Reading reviews is extremely helpful. Be weary of one-off’s, but if you see more and more complaints about unsafe products, another company should be considered. Additionally, because best car seats have expiry dates, buying with small companies may land you with an already dated model due to less turn-over.

Car seats are one product that benefits from constant innovation, and sometimes that can be difficult to achieve when the old guard has set the bar for so long.  That is precisely why I’ve included Britax in the conversation. They are a newer brand that has been consistently finding themselves near the top, right there with the Graco and Evenflo juggernauts.

Their mix of high-end materials and eye-pleasing aesthetics are winning them supporters at every turn, and they have started constantly grabbing a larger piece of the market share from the big two. They are another brand that does their own thing, and instead of opting for tried and true harnesses and latch systems, they have developed their own that offer convenience and dependability.  It’s for all of these reasons, and more, that newer upstarts are beginning to look to them for inspiration, and that can only help make car seats even safer.

Safety Ratings are always Important

Safety ratings are fairly obvious, but the best car seats should meet the safety standards in your province. The regulation behind these products are provincial or territorial, so we have to ensure that the models we are buying and reviewing are models and brands approved by our province/territory/state.

Child’s Comfort is Critical

Looping back up to the fabric and padding, the child’s comfort is considered. An uncomfortable child is a squirmy child. And a squirmy child could be a driving distraction. Additionally, no parent wants their child to be in an uncomfortable seat. Ensuring the fabric is soft and doesn’t cause a reaction, as well as proper padding and sizing, will ensure that the child is comfortable and happy, and hopefully even sleeping, on the drive.

Price Compared to the Products’ Value

No parent wants to cheap out on their kid safety, that said paying a high price only because it’s considered invaluable isn’t ok. It’s important the price doesn’t exceed the features and the product. We reviewed the best car seats all within a decent price range to help those on a budget and those who want the bells and whistles. We also found some nice middle ground.

Which brand you choose to with is typically going to affect the price the most.  A lot of that is due to the market being flooded with seats from only a few companies.  While there are dozens of different makers all bringing something different to the table, only two or three brands ever get any attention.  Graco and Evenflo are always going to be the names you notice first, usually followed by Safety 1st, and then possibly Eddie Bauer. Should you choose to go with one of the big two, you’ll be getting unparalleled quality, but because of the name recognition, it’s probably going to cost a lot more than some of the other seats out there.  That’s the main problem. These companies each have so many products on the market that it becomes very difficult to even notice other brands, therefore limiting your options when it comes to saving a few dollars.

Next is the type of seat you choose.  Whether you go with an infant seat, or a convertible, the one you choose will determine how much you’ll pay, even before you look at brand names.  Convertible seats are going to be more expensive, sometimes significantly so, but you also get a lot more in the long run. Your upfront costs can run into the several hundreds of dollars range, but keep in mind that you’ll be using it exclusively, often for as long as your child requires a seat.  Infant seats are dedicated specifically for infants and are going to cost you a lot less money. However, they will need to be replaced, usually before the child’s second or third birthday.

Finally, the aspect that makes the least amount of difference is the features that the seat has.  None of these are going to have any effect on the performance or safety of the seat, and are purely for convenience or cosmetic appeal.  This can come in the form of softer materials, integrated cup holders, or some other often superfluous ass-on. The only feature that should be given any real consideration when it comes to price concerns how the seat is installed into the vehicle.  All seats have a latch system to attach them securely, but some give the option to forgo the latch and use the vehicle’s seat belts for installation. This is a useful feature depending on the type of vehicle or seat that the car seat is being attached to.

Before you make your final decision though, always remember that the main feature of car seats, no matter how expensive they may be, is not going to change at all.  Each of them has to pass the same level of certification before being legally cleared for sale. So if you can do without fancy brands or add-ons, the cheaper seats are going to perform exactly as well as those that cost hundreds of dollars.


Convertible:  A convertible car seat is one that can be used from the newborn stage until the child can comfortably fit a regular sized seat belt with having to switch to different seats.  Convertible car seats start as rear facing for newborns and infants up to a certain weight and height, then convert to a front-facing seat up to different limits, and finally become a booster seat for older children.

Crash tested: This refers to the series of tests that car eats manufacturers subject their seats to to ensure that they maintain their integrity during an accident so that the occupant is kept safe.  By law, all car seats must pass front and rear impact testing, though regulatory agencies are working at implementing mandatory side impact ratings as well. Most brands already institute some form of optional side-impact testing for their seats.

Travel System: A travel system is a combination of a car seat that is designed to fit with a specific type of stroller.  Usually, these pieces are sold together as a set, though some companies allow all of their seats and strollers to be interchangeable.  Another option is a converter that allows the use of almost any seat with a stroller of a differing model or brand.

Car seat: Also referred to as a child safety seat, it is specifically designed to hold a child from birth up to the age of twelve or so, and protects them from injury or death resulting from a car accident.  Most car seats are bought and installed separately by the consumer, but some vehicle manufacturers have integrated them into the vehicle itself.

Car seat base: The base of the car seat is the part that the seat attaches to when placed into the vehicle.  The base is secured to the vehicle by either a LATCH system, or through the use of the vehicle’s seatbelts, and remains in the car permanently.  Once the child gets older and switches out of the infant seat, a base is no longer required, and instead, the seat itself becomes permanently affixed to the vehicle.

Harness: Most common on car seats as a five-point harness, it’s a five strap seat belt mounted to the car seat.  This increases safety in the event of an accident by securing the child at multiple points to the seat. There is one point at each shoulder, one at each hip, and the final one is where the harness buckles between the child’s legs.  While there may still be some three-point harnesses in use, these are quickly being phased out, and all seats currently being made contain the five-point version.

LATCH system: Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children.  This is required on car seats and most vehicles produced on or after September 1st, 2002.  This is a system in place to make car seat installation easier and more secure.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What car seat do I need for my child?

A: It depends on numerous factors, including age, weight, and height. Babies need to be in rear-facing best car seats that they can lay back in as their neck muscles cannot support their head very well yet. Children above 20 pounds can sit in a front-facing car seat. Children over 40 pounds can typically sit in booster seats as long as the seat belt or harness goes over their shoulders and the bottom of the seat belt goes around their pelvis.

Q: Are there laws associated with what type of seat is required for my child?

A: Yes, depending on the country. A lot of countries in Europe require rear-facing seat belts for much longer than in Canada and the United States; some countries do not allow front-facing car seats at all. Canada allows a front-facing car seat at one year of age and a minimum weight of 22 pounds, while in the US it is a 20-pound minimum weight limit. It’s wise to look at your countries legislation to determine what the laws are in your area.

Q: Can some of the best car seats sit in the front seat?

A: A car seat should never sit in an area that has an airbag. Though airbags are meant for the safety of adults, they can suffocate babies. In some countries, it’s illegal to drive with a child in the front seat. Again, research on your own country is wise to determine if it is legal or not.

Q: Do any of the best car seats expire?

A: Yes, they do. The expiry date will be listed on the manufacturer’s label, usually located on the side or base of the car seat. They typically expire after six years. They expire because materials deteriorate over time, there are also different rules that go into place depending on the government, and in general, the seat is no longer safe when older.

Q: How tight should the child car seat straps be?

A: We have an article on this. For a more thorough explanation, click on the link but in general, it should fit snug all around, and the child should not be able to move more than an inch in all directions.

Q: How do I stop my child from attempting to get out of the car seat?

A: We have an excellent article about this as well.

Q: Will a car seat help prevent motion sickness?

A: We also have an article on this too!

Q: How do you put a child in a car seat?

A: It depends on the model, but typically there are shoulder straps that should be snug (but not cutting into) the child’s shoulders. Shoulder straps usually come with shoulder pads to ensure that the shoulder pads are on the right side of the strap before moving onto the next step (pads should be on the inside against the child’s shoulders).

Next is to ensure that the buckle is between the child’s legs (they are pretty mobile, so it’s easy to forget about it and end up with the child sitting on it), the buckle should go through the legs and rest somewhere near the child’s belly button. From there, you will want to snap the shoulder straps into the buckle on either side. There is also usually a link that sits on one side of the shoulder straps that will connect the two shoulder straps- connect the shoulder straps and give the harness a little tug to ensure that it is buckled in completely and to ensure that the baby can’t move too much.

Q: Can I skip the booster seat stage?

A: You can, however, it isn’t wise. There are a couple of the best car seats in this article that are all-in-one options. If you don’t want to have to buy another car seat t, these may be better options for you. The booster can only be skipped if the car seat was big enough to hold a child until they were about 4’11” and then skipping a booster may be an option, but this isn’t likely.

Q: How do you install a car seat into a car?

A: This also depends on the type of car seat; there are different variations. Typically the seatbelt is used to secure the seat into the vehicle. However, this would be something to consult the instruction manual on. Because this is so important w,e encourage you to read it thoroughly. This will be the critical process in keeping your child safe when in scary situations (like accidents or quick stops).

Q: What are the groupings on some of the best car seats?

A: There are three groups- group 1, group 2, and group 3. Group one is a seat in a vehicle that holds the child in place with a five-point strap system. This recommended for children between nine months and four years. Group 2 is recommended for children four to six years old, and the seats are adult seats with regular factory straps already installed in the car. Group three is a booster seat, and these are intended to lift the child for them to be able to utilize the factory car seats safely. These are the technical groups of car seats.

In conclusion, child safety is something that all parents take very seriously. It’s important that the car seat being used is snug to the child without pinching as well as tight to the seat. Most of the best car seats have five-point harnesses, but there are some on the market that have even more for specifically fidgety children. Shoulder-pads are important for these types of children too as movement can lead to rubbing, and without proper padding, this could ultimately hurt the child’s skin. It’s also important that the car seat that is being used is made of good materials can withstand collisions while being comfortable for the child.

Some have moisture wicking which can be helpful for accident prone children both in that it keeps the child dry as well as helps deodorize and others are made of memory foam that helps both with the comfort of the child as well as help with shock absorption. Having a strong car seat body structure is important in keeping the child safe in an accident, and a headrest is essential for smaller children with weaker necks.

Price is always something to consider considering they can vastly change in price range. However, safety should never be put behind the St. Finally, the style of the car seat- there are some very stylish and technologically advanced models on the market that are both attractive to look at and add whole new levels of conveniences for new and busy parents. We hope that this article helped narrow down your choices for quality, and you can choose some of these best car seats.


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