An in depth guide to help you keep an organized garage.
13 Tips to Help You Maintain an Organized Garage
In the suburban home, the garage is a bit of a repository for everything. Have something that won’t go anywhere else? Tos...
A thorough guide for how to remove rust from tools.
A Complete Guide on How to Remove Rust From Tools
Rust has foiled many a home mechanic before. Anyone who’s tried to tune up their bike just after the rainy season k...
An in depth guide to help you when buying a classic car.
15 Tips to Help You When Buying a Classic Car
Many people are fascinated by classic cars. If this is you and you want to get started buying them, there are a few thing...
A guide with 5 tips for restoring classic cars.
Restoring a Classic Car: 5 Tips to Get You Started
There’s nothing quite like riding in classic cars. They are symbols of previous decades, where life was often consi...
an in depth guide on how to polish chrome on your vehicle
How to Polish Chrome: A Step-by-Step Guide
There is no better look for a car than having chrome for all of your metal surfaces. It gives your car a sleek look and a...
An in depth guide on how to use a pressure washer at home
How to Use a Pressure Washer: A Step-by-Step Guide
You’ve probably seen those stark before and after pictures online of a thorough cleaning of something like a walkwa...
An in depth guide to tackle a car dent repair at home.
Car Dent Repair: 6 Simple Tips to Do it Yourself
Is your car looking a little bent out of shape? I mean, literally bent out of shape? You aren’t alone! There is a m...
An in depth guide on the importance of repairing a chipped windshield
The Importance of Repairing a Chipped Windshield
Windshields are made to be broken. Or, so it seems. How often have you had to replace yours? Your answer might be no, but...
An in depth guide to DIY car window tinting
Car Window Tinting: Should You DIY or Hire a Professional?
Window tinting on a car is typically installed for one of a couple of reasons, and this will depend on the needs and pref...
A step-by-step guide for refinishing your vehicles wheels.
How to Refinish Wheels: A Step-By-Step Guide
There’s a certain pride that everybody takes in their vehicle. After all, your set of wheels says a lot about you! ...
An in depth guide on how to deal with a frozen car door.
Tips & Tricks for Dealing With a Frozen Car Door
There are gorgeous places in the United States that are sunny all year round. They’re filled with happy people in s...
An in depth guide to help eliminate car odor.
How to Eliminate Car Odor in 6 Easy Steps
A car is like a second home. You might commute to work for several hours per day, you might grab some fast food and eat o...
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