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HJC IS-Max II Review Facts

Anyone who loves motorcycles knows how important it is to use proper protection. You can’t possibly think about going out on the road for a ride without using the proper helmet. The type that you choose to buy ultimately depends on you and what you’re looking for in a helmet.

One that has received pretty good reviews is the HJC IS-Max II. This is a modular style, which means that you will be able to flip up the visor with the touch of a button. It has been highly reviewed by people who have purchased it and the helmet has also scored extremely high ratings on safety tests. It has some additional safety features that some of the previous models did not have. Plus, for such a high quality and professional helmet, it does come at a reasonable price. There were quite a lot of features that people appreciated about this helmet in particular and it certainly is an improvement from previous models.

If you were on the hunt for a good modular helmet, read on to find out more about what the HJC IS-Max II helmet has to offer for motorcycle lovers.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Light weight

Has a good ventilation system

Has a wide range of sizes for you to choose from

Easy to adjust even with gloves on

Sun shield visor offers protection against UV rays

Comes in several different colors


Fogs up during cold weather

It might feel a bit heavy

Basic Features

There are some rather basic features that the HJC IS-Max II has to offer. For one, there are several different colors that you have to choose from, including black, gray, white, and red, and you also have the option of choosing a matte black. It also comes in a variety of different sizes meant to fit anyone’s head. You also get two different visors, a good ventilation system, and a lot of padding on the inside to ensure extra comfort.

Advanced Features

The advanced features are really where this helmet stands out. First, the sun visor on the helmet offers 95 percent protection against UVA and UVB rays. The visors can be easily removed with the touch of one button and it’s easy to remove even if you have a pair of gloves on. There is also a glasses groove inside the visor for people who wear glasses.

The ventilation system also works great no matter what type of weather conditions you’re riding in. The system operates using what is called an Advanced Channeling System, meaning that there are vents all throughout the helmet to keep you cool and dry even if the weather outside is sweltering hot.

There are also plenty of great safety features with this. For one, it has been given a four-star rating by SHARP when many other helmets get a three-star rating. The chin guard closes on metal pegs, which helps to keep it closed and stable no matter what happens. The helmet overall is made out of durable materials to keep you safe. And there is a lot of padding on the inside to make sure that you get all of the comforts you need.

Safety Features

The HJC IS-Max II has scored very high on multiple different safety tests. In fact, during one test, it was given a rating of four, which is high compared to the three-star rating that most other helmets receive. During these tests, it was noted that the helmet’s chin guard stayed stable and in its place at all times, which is not a feat that all helmets can overcome. People have agreed that this helmet is better than its previous models in terms of safety, so that’s definitely a great improvement on behalf of the company.

Some people were worried about the fact that the helmet is made out of polycarbonate due to the fact that this is a material used for cheap helmets. They were worried that this might mean that the HJC helmet is not as safe to use. But that should not cause you to be deterred from purchasing this helmet because some of the best and safest helmets on the market were also made with this material.

There might be some potential issues with the chin guard, however. You will need to make sure that you have locked it tightly in its place. This might take several tries before you get used to it and no longer have any issues. It’s recommended that you tug on it to make sure that the guard is tightly in place. However, the chin guard closes on metal pegs, which are much safer and more stable, so the likelihood of your chin guard potentially opening up in the case of an accident is significantly decreased.

Helmet Noise

Many modular helmets are noisier than full-face styles, so perhaps it should come to no surprise that a lot of people who reviewed this helmet said that it did not perform so well in terms of noise suppression. Yes, HJC did claim that the helmet has been designed to suppress noises coming from the wind, but performance shows that it was average at best.

However, again, this is to be expected with modular helmets. And something that a lot of people recommended was using earplugs to ride with because these will work better at eliminating all noise coming from wind.


This helmet in a wide variety of different sizes depending on where you live. If you’re in Europe, the size range is XS to XXL, but if you’re in the United States, the size range is XS to XXXXXL. So, you surely will be able to find a size that fits you. Something to take into consideration is the fact that many people who purchased this helmet said that they needed to buy a size up from what they normally would because it’s sized fairly small.

However, once people were able to find the helmet in the correct size that they needed, they did not experience any problems with discomfort. One thing to take away from this is to be careful of which retailer you choose to purchase from; it’s best to purchase from someone who has a refund and returns policy because if you find that you purchased a helmet that is too small for you, then it could cause a lot of problems if the company doesn’t allow for returns.

Other than some potential sizing issues, the HJC IS-Max II is completely comfortable and people did not experience any issues with it. The lining on the inside absorbs moisture and keeps it away as you’re riding. There is also a special groove on the inside for people who wear glasses. This groove is meant to make sure that you will be comfortable as you are wearing glasses so you won’t have the need to take them off. You can remove the cheek pads and get them in one of three sizes to make the helmet more comfortable. And if you want to have a chin pad, you will have the opportunity to purchase one separately. These are great for noise suppression and getting rid of any drafts that might get in as you ride.


People have noticed a significant difference in the amount of ventilation that this helmet provides versus the amount of ventilation that previous models of the helmet have provided. There is a toggle near the chin guard and a sliding portion on the head which allows you to adjust ventilation easily. It can even be done when you have gloves on.

The company has a special technology called the Advanced Channeling System, which means that there are vents all throughout the helmet to provide ventilation straight to your head. There are exhaust vents in the back of the helmet which work to take out any stale air that has you’ve breathed out. This even works well in hotter weather, so if you live somewhere that has a hotter climate, then this isn’t something that you should have to worry about. Overall, people who purchased and used the helmet were pleased with the amount of ventilation that it had to offer.

Face Shield

When it comes to the visor, people were pleased overall. Some said that they wished the visor was a little bit darker, but otherwise, they did not experience any problems with it. The visor features protection against UVA and UVB rays up to 95 percent, so you will be well-protected from the sun no matter what the weather is like when you choose to go out riding.

The visor also allows you to get a good view of your surroundings by providing you with more room for peripheral vision. It’s easy to remove and to put into the correct position. There are two visors that come with the helmet- a clear visor and one that is meant for the sun. The only other issue with it that people noticed is that it will indeed fog up when you are riding in cold weather, but this is totally normal for any face shield or visor that you purchase.

Another great feature of the face shield is that it has anti-scratch mechanisms, so everyday usage won’t cause it to get all scratched up. There are three different colors you can choose for the sun visor, including dark smoke, smoke, and amber. And, of course, you can put it into position or remove it with the touch of one button, which is easy to do even if you’re wearing gloves.


This is an attractive and sleek helmet that comes in several different color options for you to choose from. They include black, silver, white, red, anthracite, and a matte black. It has a professional appearance and is certainly something that you would want if you are looking for a stylish and sleek helmet.

There aren’t too many buttons or anything on the helmet that would distract from the overall look. Right above the visor is the brand logo and there is the slider for the air ventilation on the head. Otherwise, it has a simple yet sleek design, and despite the fact that you might not have a lot of color options to choose from, it is certainly something that will grab people’s attention.


This helmet is not one of the cheaper options out there, but it is certainly offered at a lower price than some other helmets on the market. The price will ultimately depend on what color you choose, at least according to Amazon. It is priced between $188 and $201 depending on your color option.

Whether or not this is a price that you will want to spend on such a helmet is up to you. This does come with a lot of safety features and it is durable, so that is ultimately what you’re paying for. However, according to some reviewers, this helmet is available at an affordable price.

Key Features

The chin bar is adjustable
You can adjust the cheek pads according to size
The helmet comes in many different sizes
There are many colors to choose from
Advanced ventilation system allows you to stay cool
Visor offers UVA and UVB ray protection
Chin bar and face shield can be released with one button
The helmet has passed all safety tests with high ratings

Bottom Line

Finding a good helmet that has all the features you need might not be the easiest task. But this modular helmet certainly does work well. It has an advanced ventilation system for keeping you cool, many different sizes to fit you perfectly, lots of padding on the inside to provide extra comfort, a special groove for your glasses, and more. You can choose between a variety of colors for your helmet to customize it according to your tastes. Plus, a lot of people who purchased it said that this helmet is totally worth the price when considering all that it has to offer. So, if you want an outstanding modular helmet, then the HJC IS-Max II is definitely one that you will want to consider.