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Scorpion EXO 920 Review Facts

Some people might feel a bit overwhelmed because of how many different helmet options there are. Whether you’re looking for something that you can use on the road, for adventures, or anything else, there are so many brands that produce high-quality and reputable products. What should you get? What are some of the features that you should especially look out for? These are some of the questions that many riders, especially novices, might be asking themselves.

The Scorpion EXO 920 is an option that you may want to consider. It’s available at an affordable price, so if you’re on a budget, this is something that will definitely appeal to you. The flip visor works well to help you see all around you and to make sure that rain and other elements are kept out of the way. It is also made with an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating, which is important if you want to make sure that your vision is clear at all times. This helmet has many vents to provide you with an ample amount of airflow.

Again, there are plenty of great features you will be able to find with this product, which we will discuss in more detail throughout the article.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Made out of high-quality materials

Comfortable for daily wear

Available at a normal price

Padding provides ample comfort

Has a nice and professional design

Provides you with good ventilation


A bit heavy

Cheek pads feel tight

Basic Features

As with all helmets, the Scorpion EXO 920 will provide you with some basic features. There are some colors you will be able to choose from, including black, white, and silver. You have a wide range of size options, too, but there were people who believed that it fit them too tightly.

It provides you with cheek pads to make sure that you are comfortable as you ride. This lining can be removed easily when necessary, and you also will be able to wash it when it gets dirty.

The visor will also provide you with clear vision all around, including forward and in your peripherals. This means that you can stay safe while on the road. There is also a sun visor that you can use to prevent the sun from getting into your eyes as you ride. You will get good ventilation thanks to the many vents located throughout the shell.

Advanced Features

One of the more advanced features that the Scorpion EXO 920 has is the fact that it has an anti-fog coating on the visor as well as an anti-scratch coating. Most people agreed that this works well so you can make sure you won’t have to worry about having problems seeing what’s on the road because of fog bothering your vision. The anti-scratch coating also prevents the visor from getting damaged because of everyday wear.

Another important feature is that you will be able to use this in wet weather. You can easily seal the visor and close the vents so that you won’t have rain affect your performance.

Safety Features

The most important part of purchasing any helmet is making sure that it has all the necessary safety features. Of course, before any helmet is sold on the market, it needs to have received the proper certification. You have probably heard ever since you were a child that you need to wear a helmet while riding a bike, and that is also the case with a motorcycle. This product has been certified by DOT, which is one of the leading companies on the market for certifying the safety of helmets.

It does not provide features such as an emergency quick-release system, but you can be assured that you will receive enough protection so that you will be as safe as possible on the road. It also provides you with a clear visor to see what’s going on around you, which means that you will be able to ride better.

The visor also has an anti-fog coating that will prevent fog from hindering your vision.

Helmet Noise

There did not seem to be any information on how much noise this helmet produces. However, it is always recommended that you purchase a pair of earplugs to help you protect your hearing. When you’re on the road and on something as fast as a motorcycle, it’s only natural that you’ll be exposed to much louder noises, whether it be from the engine, from other cars on the road, or the wind.

Most helmets these days come with some sort of feature that will prevent a lot of this noise from affecting you, but the fact remains that you’ll still be exposed to some noise.

Most reviews tend to waver between saying that the Scorpion EXO 920 provides enough protection from the noise and that they’re just about average. It ultimately depends on your personal preference and what you believe will be enough, but you should also expect that some noise will get in and you should consider purchasing additional protection to prevent you from experiencing any hearing damage.


In general, people agreed that this product is comfortable, especially if you intend on using it for everyday purposes. Some people found that the cheek pads made them feel discomfort, but this is mostly up to personal preference and the size of your head. Apparently, the brand has made plans for a thinner set of cheek pads to be made available.

Another important feature that you need to consider when purchasing any helmet is to make sure that it fits you well. There are three shell sizes and the helmet is available in sizes XS to 3XL. However, most people agreed that it runs a bit small and the size that they would normally get from another brand was too tight on their heads. So, you will want to make sure that you purchase from a retailer that has a good return policy so you can return it in the instance that you choose a size that doesn’t fit you right.

The padding on the inside is meant to absorb moisture as you ride, which means that when you sweat, you’re not going to end up being a bit uncomfortable. You also will be able to remove it easily and wash it whenever you need to, which will certainly enhance your experience when you wear this.

The vents that you have throughout the shell will make sure that you have ample airflow. This also means that fresh air will be filtered in and the stale air will be filtered out. Overall, there are plenty of mechanisms in this product to make sure that you will be as comfortable as possible as you ride.


One of the most popular features that this product has provided is a lot of ventilation. There are several vents all throughout the helmet to give you a steady flow of fresh air. It’s important to always be exposed to clean air. Most people think that flip-up helmets aren’t the greatest at providing you with good ventilation, but this seems to be one of the few exceptions. You get exhaust vents, a vent near the chin, and a vent on the top. These can all be easily operated even when you’re wearing gloves.

The chin vent not only works by providing your face with fresh air, but it also prevents the visor from fogging up. The exhaust vents in the back work by filtering out stale air so that you only are exposed to fresh, clean air. You’ll especially appreciate these features when you’re riding in the warm weather.

Face Shield

The face shield will let you get in some fresh air through a small opening if you’re riding rather slowly. Most people who reviewed this product agreed that it works well and you will be able to remove the visor quickly and easily. When you go to put it back in, there are three tabs on the side that you will have to make sure line up correctly. This is not too difficult to do, but it’s an important thing to keep in mind so everything will work the way you want it to.

The visor has a special coating on it that helps to prevent against fog and scratches. These are both things that could greatly hinder your vision when you’re on the road, which will also have a negative impact on your safety.

The people who reviewed this product agreed that the anti-fog features worked well in the cold weather. The view you get of your peripheral with this product is better than that of most flip-up helmets.


Overall, most people agreed that this has a sleek and professional look. Of course, this is something that is completely based on personal preference. But it looks fairly standard as far as helmets go. There is a face visor and vents all around the shell for airflow. But there are no other accessories that would get in the way of the overall appearance.

You do have several colors to choose from, including black, white, and silver, however, you won’t necessarily have the wide range of colors that you would in other options. But that isn’t something that would affect your decision to purchase this product.


No matter which professional motorcycle helmet you choose, you should expect to be making some sort of investment in it. Most motorcycle helmets are rather expensive. This isn’t something that you want to skimp out on due to the fact that one that is cheaper might not offer all the features you need. There are certainly some options on the market that are much more expensive than others, but these don’t necessarily fit into everyone’s price range. So, you will want to find something that you can work with personally.

The Scorpion EXO 920 is priced at $220 on Amazon, which puts it at the lower end of the list and makes it a great option for anyone who is on a budget but wants a high-quality product out of the deal.

Key Features

It is lightweight and durable
The anti-fog face shield also protects against scratches
The visor can be changed easily
The lining can be removed and washed
It’s comfortable and perfect for everyday use
It works well when you go riding in wet conditions

Bottom Line

There are many things that you must take into consideration when you purchase a motorcycle helmet. For one, you never want to go out riding without one. This may seem like a given, but there are definitely people who take the risk. It’s not worth taking such a risk when you never know what’s going to happen. And considering the fact that this is likely something you will be wearing for long periods of time, you will want to make sure that it provides you with all the features you need to be comfortable and safe.

The Scorpion EXO 920 does a lot for you. Most people who reviewed it agreed that it’s comfortable and the fact that it is available in so many sizes certainly makes this one of the more attractive options. The sleek and stylish design is also something that captivated many people, even though this isn’t typically something that is viewed as a dealbreaker.

You will be able to ride in wet conditions because of how tightly the vents close. The visor will provide you with clear vision all around, so you will be able to see your peripherals easily. You might want to double-check and see what size you should get because the helmet tends to run quite small.

People were pleased with the visor and, of course, most felt as though you’re getting something amazing for the low price you’re going to pay.

Of course, it’s totally up to you what you want to have in a helmet. But according to many of the reviews posted about this product, people were pleased with its performance and would recommend it to anyone who was on the hunt for a great helmet.