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Graco Milestone All-In-One Review Facts

If you have kids, then you know how quickly they grow out of, well, everything. This also includes car seats. If you’re someone who’s on a budget, then this can be a very difficult process for you to go through. However, there is a great way for you to save money while also making sure that your child has everything they need in terms of safety and car seats- more and more companies have been releasing car seats that have multiple functions and that aren’t meant to just be used by newborns or older children.

One such example is the Graco Milestone All-In-One. Most car seats on the market are only able to have one or two functions, but this is an exception. You will be able to use this car seat for when your child needs a rear-facing seat, a forward-facing seat, and when they’re finally big enough to use a booster seat. This is quite revolutionary in terms of car seats, so you definitely have a lot to consider if you choose to purchase this seat.

It’s the perfect option for if you want to have more children, if you need to purchase something that is budget-friendly, and if you have a larger car.

So, if you were looking for a great option that will help make things a lot more convenient for you, the Graco Milestone All-In-One is certainly something to consider. In this article, we will talk about the different features that the car seat has to offer and what people had to say about it so we can aid you in your decision on which car seat to purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Can used for a long time

Will fit children between 5 and 100 pounds

Highly durable and sturdy

Can be cleaned easily

Is approved for use on airplanes

Has important safety features necessary for maximum protection


A bit bulky and heavy

Booster seat is not backless

Some say the armrests are not comfortable

Basic Features

As we mentioned, this is a great car seat for if you don’t want to be constantly spending money on new car seats for your child as they grow out their old ones. This is a car seat you can use from the day your child is born to the day when they no longer need to use any type of car seat. It has three available modes- the rear-facing position, the forward-facing position, and the high-back booster seat.

In order for your child to be able to use the seat in the rear-facing position, they must weigh between 5 and 40 pounds. The forward-facing position is able to accommodate children who weigh between 20 and 65 pounds and who are less than 49 inches tall. It is important to remember that it is generally recommended that you put your child in the forward-facing position only after they have turned two years old because the rear-facing position is the safest for a young child. And finally, in order to use the booster seat, your child should be between 30 and 100 pounds and between 38 and 57 inches.

For those families who like to travel often, this car seat has been approved for use on aircraft, which can greatly help you when you choose to travel. However, it is important to note that this does not apply to the booster position, as airplanes seats do not have the shoulder straps necessary for you to use the car seat as such. So, you will need to take this into consideration.

Next, the car seat’s pads and cushions can be removed and washed easily; all you need to do is throw them in the washing machine in order for them to be clean. This makes things a lot easier for parents when their child has an accident. Besides that, there is also a cup holder that can be removed for extra convenience. This car seat overall has many of the same basic features that other ones on the market do.

Advanced Features

This car seat also has several advanced features.

For one, if your child is a newborn, the seat has a special insert that is meant to make sure that your baby’s head is protected until he or she is able to hold his or her head up on their own.

The seat also has an expiration date of 10 years, which means that you will be able to use it for a very long time until it’s not meant to be used anymore. This is perfect for families who intend on having several children and who may want to keep the car seat in storage for when the next baby is born.

The harness and the headrest can be adjusted across ten different levels to help make sure that the seat is suitable for your child’s height. The harness can also be stored in a special compartment for when your child is big enough to not need it anymore. There are also four different recline positions that you can put the seat in.

The seat also has a special InRight LATCH system that helps you to know whether or not you installed the seat correctly. This greatly helps for safety purposes, since most car seats are not installed correctly and therefore will not provide children with as much safety. You will hear a click when your seat is in the right position.


Unfortunately for people who have rather small cars, this car seat is quite large and bulky. You might have some difficulty working this seat into a car that has less room. Plus, it is important to take into consideration the fact that the person who is sitting in front of the car seat, whether that be the driver or the passenger, will have compromised legroom. So, it is always recommended that you take proper measurements of your car before you purchase any car seat to make sure that you know which size car seat is right for your car.

This one specifically is 21 x 19 x 12 inches in size, which makes it a bit larger than many other seats. You definitely won’t be able to fit several of the seats across your back seat. It’s also important to mention that the seat is not intended for use with strollers or as any type of carrier.

Ease of Use

Many parents did not have difficulties when it came to installing the seat in their cars. The seat may be installed via the seat belt or the LATCH system. There is also a special feature included with this seat that is referred to as the InRight LATCH system. This works to make a clicking sound to let you know when the seat has been installed correctly. This is highly important especially from a safety aspect, as the vast majority of car seats are actually installed incorrectly, which could have a negative impact on your child’s safety.

The headrest and the harness may also be adjusted using just one movement, which further makes things easier for you. In addition, all the cushions and pads may be washed in the washing machine, which makes clean up a lot easier. Your child will inevitably have accidents; being able to clean up those accidents faster makes things a lot better for everyone.


As usual, there aren’t many accessories that will come with this car seat. You will get the removable cup holder and the removable cushions, and the seat also is available in different colors. But there are several accessories that you may elect to purchase on the side; these are completely optional and won’t make a huge difference in terms of how well the seat operates. You can get a seat protector for the back seat of your car, as well as a travel bag and other accessories that you might find would make things a lot easier for you.


Naturally, in order for any car seat to be able to be sold on the market, it needs to pass a variety of safety tests. So, this car seat does naturally come with the basic components needed in order for your child to be safe. The cushions are meant for impact protection in the case of an accident.

It’s also easy to use and has a good LATCH system and belt, according to several studies and tests. Another feature that was appreciated in terms of safety was the fact that the rear-facing position is good for children who weigh up to 40 pounds. The rear-facing position is known to be the safest a child can be in, so your child will be in this safe position for longer. People who have been in accidents said that their children were completely fine when using this seat, so you can definitely feel comfortable about using it.


People have generally said that this seat is comfortable, especially considering how long you are meant to be using it for. However, there were some who said that the armrests, for example, aren’t the most comfortable and the seat is a little bit narrow for their child. This will ultimately depend on your child and what they like for comfort.


As we said before, the seat is quite large, which also means that it will weigh a lot more. Of course, there are features such as the steel frame which help to contribute to the extra weight, which also means that the seat is made out of high-quality materials. But for some people, having a lightweight car seat is extremely important, and that is not the case with this Graco product, which weighs 19 pounds.

However, there are a few important things that you should keep in mind when you purchase this product. For one, it’s not meant to be used as a car seat that you carry your child around in, nor is it meant to be used with strollers. This car seat is meant to be used in a car only (or, if necessary, on other modes of transportation). So, if you consider the fact that you won’t be moving the car seat around too much, much less lifting it, then the weight might not be as big of a factor anymore.


If you take into consideration all the different things that this car seat can do and how long you have to use it, then perhaps the price is well worth paying. It costs around $174 on Amazon, which is a lot less than even some top-notch car seats that won’t last you as long. This car seat functions as a rear-facing seat for babies, a front-facing seat for toddlers, and a booster seat for older kids. You can’t get much more for that price, plus considering all the other features that are included with the car seat, you’re going to end up saving a lot of money in the end if you choose to purchase this product.

Key Feature

Can be used as rear-facing, forward-facing, and booster seat
Can accommodate children up to 100 pounds
Harness and headrest can be adjusted using only one position
There are four positions for the recline
Clicking sound will let you know if seat is installed correctly
Has all important safety features for car seats

Bottom Line

Once again, if you’re on the market for a car seat that will provide you with all the different seats you’ll need, including the rear-facing position for babies, the forward-facing position for toddlers, and the booster seat for older kids, then the Graco Milestone All-In-One is a good choice for you. It comes at a price that you won’t be able to beat when you consider how long this car seat will be used for.

And, the seat expires after 10 years, meaning you could easily keep it for your next child if you have plans to expand your family. There were some features that people didn’t like, but the fact that this seat has all the necessary features and is meant to be used for a long time makes it an attractive option for many people.