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Clek Fllo Review Facts

Compactness, convenience, and safety are three features that people prioritize above all when it comes to car seats. More and more people are looking into seats that are convertible so that their children can grow into them. Compactness is ideal for those who drive smaller cars or who have several children who need to use car seats.

The Clek Fllo is an option that provides all of these features and more. Known as one of the most advanced seats on the market, anyone who purchases this surely won’t be disappointed. It provides highly advanced safety features, such as energy-absorbing crumple technology, an anti-rebound bar, side-impact protection, and extended rear-facing capacity. The seat is also known for being easy to install. It’s also convertible, so you will be able to use it from when your child is a toddler to when they’re in elementary school.

There were some downsides, such as the relatively high price, the fact that the seat is rather heavy, and the fact that you have to purchase an infant insert separately. The fabric also can’t be washed in the washing machine. But the seat was highly rated for its features, so these may not be big things to worry about.

Let’s dive in and check out all that the Clek Fllo has to offer.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Small and compact

Can be used for travel

Several can fit across the backseat

Has plenty of great safety features

Comes with side-impact protection

Has an anti-rebound bar


Not the most affordable

Cannot wash the fabric in the washing machine


Basic Features

Since this is a convertible car seat, you will be able to use it for a lot longer and you won’t have to worry about purchasing a new one every so often as your child grows out of their old model. The rear-facing height range is 25 to 43 inches, and the weight range is 14 to 50 pounds.

If you intend to use the car seat for a newborn, you have the option to purchase the newborn insert separately, which will allow you to seat a child starting at 5 pounds and 19 inches tall. In the forward-facing position, the seat can accommodate a child who weighs between 22 and 65 pounds and who is between 30 and 49 inches tall.

It is recommended that you put your child in the forward-facing position after they are 2 years old because the rear-facing position is the safest.

Advanced Features

One of the more advanced features that the Clek Fllo has to offer is the fabric. While many people were rather disappointed in the fact that you can’t wash it in the washing machine, it’s still incredibly easy to clean due to the material it was made out of.

The fabric is made out of a material that prevents stains, moisture, and bacteria that causes odors. It also doesn’t have flame retardants. It’s virtually indestructible and you can be assured that it’s not made out of toxic materials. This is all highly convenient considering how messy young children can be.

Some of this seat’s more advanced features are seen in its safety features, which we will talk about in more detail below. For one, you will be able to keep your child in the rear-facing position for longer than you might with other seats. It also has an anti-rebound bar and energy-absorbing crumple technology.


This seat is highly compact, which is one of its best features. Many parents are concerned about whether or not they will be able to fit any car seat in a smaller car, as there are plenty of advanced ones on the market that are more suitable for minivans. However, the great news is that you will be able to fit several of these across the backseat if you have several children who need to use a car seat.

Coming in at less than 17 inches wide, this seat is a convenient option. Its dimensions are 22 x 16.9 x 26 inches, making it a good choice for those who have smaller cars or who want to fit several seats across the backseat. The size is also compact enough for those who want to travel. It’s approved for use on airplanes, so if your family enjoys traveling frequently, this Clek product provides you with that added convenience.

Ease of Use

Overall, many people said that this seat was easy to install in their cars, but the fact that it is rather heavy did make it a bit more difficult to do. So you may want to take this into consideration. But there is a level that will help you to know if the seat is at the proper angle and if you have installed it correctly, which is a major plus. It’s also not difficult to install if you want to use the LATCH method.

It’s considered to be much easier to install in the forward-facing position than in the rear-facing position because there is less that you need to do. The seat also comes with a harness that is fairly easy to adjust and rethread. As far as the fabric cover goes, it may seem that the fact that you can’t wash it in the washing machine will make it more difficult to use, but since it is made out of a material that is virtually stain-proof, this certainly makes things a lot easier for parents.


While the seat itself does not come with any accessories, there are some that you will be able to purchase separately that will help you to get the most use out of it.

For one, if you intend on using the product for a newborn, then it’s necessary that you purchase the Clek brand newborn insert, the Infant Thingy. This insert will accommodate infants starting at 5 pounds and 19 inches, which is good for many newborns. Purchasing the newborn insert is a much more convenient option than buying another car seat.

Most people also recommend that you geta seat protector no matter what you choose. This is because your child will inevitably have accidents, so you want to make sure that your backseat is well-protected. The Clek brand also has its own seat protector, which is called the Mat-Thingy, but any protector will do.

And finally, if you find that it’s necessary, you may also opt to purchase a cup holder. The Clek brand cup holder is called Drink Thingy. It’s extremely convenient for older children especially.


This is a seat that exceeds all expectations for safety. While every car seat on the market has to meet the mandatory safety regulations, there are some that have additional features, and this Clek product is one of them. Many people agree that it may be one of the safest car seats out there.

First thing’s first, it has one of the longest extended rear-facing ranges on the market, meaning that you will be able to keep your child in the rear-facing position for a lot longer than you might with another seat. This is especially important because experts agree that the rear-facing position is the safest for a child, so you should aim to keep the seat in that position for as long as you possibly can.

In addition, there is plenty of padding, which not only serves to ensure that your child will remain comfortable throughout the duration of the car ride, but it also works as side-impact protection. The headrest is adjustable and it has side wings to ensure that your child’s head will be protected at any age. It is attached to the seat using steel rods, which make sure that the headrest is firmly in place at all times. And not only is the cushioning strong and absorbent, but the seat has a metal structure, which makes it even safer and more durable.

The seat also has EACT, which stands for Energy-Absorbing Crumple Technology. If you happen to be in a collision, the seat will crumple to absorb some of the impacts and prevent it from harming your child. The side cushioning is all made out of energy-absorbing material to further protect your child from the force of impact.

Besides all of that, it also comes with an anti-rebound bar, which is one of the best tools that a seat can have to enhance its safety features. This bar helps to keep the seat stable and firmly in place. It also works to absorb impact in the event of an accident.

In short, this Clek product has all the features you will need and more to make sure that your child is as safe as possible.


The Fllo also comes with many features that will ensure your child’s comfort. For one, the fact that it is meant for children weighing between 14 and 65 pounds (5 pounds if you purchase the infant insert) shows that it has plenty of features to accommodate children as they grow.

It also has tons of extra padding not only to make your child safe, but comfortable as well. It’s soft and it is made out of Expanded Polypropylene, which is better for the environment and isn’t as stiff as the material used with most other car seats. There are plenty of ways for you to adjust the seat so that it can accommodate your child’s size, including areas such as the headrest and the harness. The headrest has large wings that will provide comfort for the sides of your child’s head, too.


One of the downsides that many people noted was the weight. While the seat is rather small and compact, it is on the heavy side. It weighs 25 pounds, so it might not be the most convenient option for those who intend on carrying their child around in their car seat.

However, if you’re someone who doesn’t plan on taking the seat out of the car too often, then this may not be that much of an issue for you.


Another downside that a lot of people noted was the price. When you take into consideration the fact that you will be using this product for a lot longer than a regular car seat due to the fact that it is convertible, you may end up saving money. And, it has many advanced features that you might not be able to find in some of its competitors.

But regardless, the fact remains that it is quite expensive and not everyone has the ability to pay that kind of price for a car seat. It costs $299.99 on Amazon, which puts it on the higher end of the spectrum. There are plenty of car seats that are less expensive, but you might have to compromise on some of the features that this one has to offer.

Key Features

This seat has top-notch safety features
It can be used in the forward and rear-facing positions
The fabric is made out of a durable material
It has a steel structure
It's compact and can fit 3 across
It can be used on airplanes

Bottom Line

Overall, many people were impressed with the quality and all the features that the Clek Fllo had to offer. It certainly is one of the most advanced car seats on the market, which surprised lots of people. All the safety features that it has to offer aren’t seen in many of its competitors.

The anti-rebound bar, the EACT, and the sturdy steel frame are just some of the many features that parents appreciated. You will be able to use this seat from when your child is a baby all the way until they’re in elementary school, so it’s highly convenient.

There were some features that people didn’t care for, such as the price, the weight, the fact that the fabric cannot be thrown in the wash. Some parents didn't appreciate the fact that the newborn insert needs to be purchased separately, either. But in general, most people agreed that this Clek product far exceeded their expectations.