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10 Best Car Seat Protectors Reviewed & Rated for Quality

If there is something that affects our comfort in the car is the condition of the seats. The importance of the seats as exquisite interior parts cannot be undermined. Most probably the quality of the seat affected our choice for the model. The quality of the seat determines how smooth and comfortable the ride will be. But these seats are in most cases exposed to things such as spills, scratches, stains, or other damage. Such damages make the car seat lose their aesthetic appeal. Definitely, something that we can prevent. Damage to the seats will create the need for the be replaced. This comes at quite a significant cost.

Our kids and pets are important parts of our lives, and with them around, it’s going to be messy. We still can have our playful loved ones and still protect our seats from scratches, spill mess, and other damages. The simple solution to this is a car seat protector.

The car seat protector does the following for your seats; protects their good looks, you will definitely not shy off from giving someone a ride; reduces the need to frequently replace these seats as you will be guaranteed of their longer lifespan; enhances the value of the car and gives a prospectus buyer idea that the car is well maintained.

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Our Spring 2018 update to this article feature the newest car seat protectors available currently. We took into account many different criteria in compiling this new list and are sure you're going to love the new options available. We also added a FAQ section to address some of the common questions consumers have when they're in the market for new seat protectors.

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Most car seat protectors are easy to fix and maintain. They can be cleaned easily whenever any mess is spilled over them. Some car seat protectors have extra pockets, therefore reducing the hustles of holding the basic necessities. This makes the car seat protectors an important car accessory. Don’t sacrifice good times, with you loved young ones, and pets, don’t limit you comfort, and most of all protect your seats: Just grab the most suitable car seat protector that suits your taste and needs. You will never regret the decision. You know that you need a car seat to keep your child safe, but have you considered keeping your car safe?
The reality is that car seats can easily damage the fabric of your seats. Instead of worrying about your car being damaged, there is a simple solution. Car seat protectors are a simple and quick solution to this problem. Additionally, there is no denying that kids are messy, and over time things like crumbs can get in your seats and make for a huge mess. A car seat protector helps to trap any mess instead of it getting into your seats. A good car seat protector will protect your seats while also making sure that your child’s car seat stays safely in position in your car. The best ones also come with other features that are sure to make things easier and more convenient for busy parents on the go. For help making the right decision, here are the ten best car seat protectors available today.

10 Best Car Seat Protectors


1. Lusso Gear

10 Best Car Seat Protectors Reviewed & Rated for Quality
1. Lusso Gear
Lusso gear car protector is a stylish and resilient car seat protector for anyone intending to extend their car’s upholstery life. This product is designed as a wonderful seat protector that will offer protection to the car’s upholstery. With this car seat protector, the life the seats will be extended and you will confuse it with brand new. Lusso Gear Car Protector minimizes excessive wear and tear, pet scratches and drooling at a reasonable cost.
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Not Slippery
Lusso gear car protector is designed to avoid sliding or slipping. To achieve this, this one has been fitted with adjustable safety straps that are used to secure it the headrest. With these you can the fasten the as you deem right. No more worries of the protectors causing discomfort by sliding of the seat or slipping under you less. It has been fitted with slip dots that adds an extra grip.

Durable in Stylish manner
Lusso Gear Car Protector has been designed to offer durability but still remain stylish. The seat protector is made from high quality PVC leather that ensures style and comfort of the seats. The material is water-resistant which prevent damage from beverages and food spills.

Cost and Value
While the product is a bit pricey it offers the true value to the users in terms of providing maximum protection to the seats against any exposure to stains, spills, and damages that may be caused by kids and pets.

Well designed to prevent sliding and slipping

Easy to clean

Made from quality material that offers maximum protection to the seats

Easy to fit and install

Versatile for different car seats


Stitching tear where the feet are place

Concerns on durability

2. Brica Guardian

10 Best Car Seat Protectors Reviewed & Rated for Quality
2. Brica Guardian
Brica Guardian Seat Protector comes with a slide-proof design that makes sure it stays put after it has been fitted on the seat.This ensures that the child’s safety seat is tight after it has been installed. With the Brica Guardian, you can forget problems such as compression damage, scratches, and daily spills that damages your seats. The color technology of this seat protector ensures that it color does not bleed to the car’s upholstery.
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Brica Guardian Seat Protector is made using dual grip traction technology grip on the both sides. This helps reduce unwanted car safety seat movement. This offers a tight grip to the seat protector and avoids slipping.

Brica Guardian seat protector is made in a unique manner that makes it compatible with different seats. This is made possible through its wide design which ensures that it fits perfectly with different seats irrespective of the cars model.

Cost and Value
The price of this car seat is much higher than most of the other products. However. its unique features are a justification for this price. It is well designed to serve the purpose of protecting the seats.


Made up of heavy material that helps it handle angular pressure

Structured to fit seats of different sizes

The blue rubber on the bottom offers sliding protection

Its raised edge acts as a crumbs catcher


The rubber bands causes temporary indentations on the seat

Shows dirt quickly

3. Lebogner

10 Best Car Seat Protectors Reviewed & Rated for Quality
3. Lebogner
If your desire is to get protection for your seat in a one piece design, then Lebogner Car Seat Protector is your solution. The seat protector is designed in a manner that makes it easy and simple to install. The nature of the material assure high standard and will guarantee you of a super long life. The Lebogner comes with a kick mat with organizer pockets, a perfect storage place for you food and kids play toys.
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Super Grip
The car seat protector is made up of a super grip vinyl corners that ensures that the baby’s forward or rear face car seat does not slip. The car seat protector also has anti slip backing to prevent the car seat from slipping on the leather or cloth seat.

Has an extra Kick Mat Auto seat back protector
The Lebogner comes with Kick mat that is made up of a double layered fabric. This helps keep the car seats clean even when the your little one keeps swinging the feet. The Kick mat offers protection to the upholstery or the leather car seats. With the mat installed, your seats are free from scuff marks, moisture and dirty footprints.

Cost and Value
Among the reviewed products, it is among the three seat protectors with low prices. This makes it affordable. One gets the value of their money due to its functionality. The added kick mat makes it a complete package.


Has mesh pockets that offer storage place for snack items and toys

Its design makes it easy to install and clean

Has large extra storage pockets on the kick amt

Made up of  premium high quality 600D polyester material


Kick mat is flimsy

Limits the use of the hooks to clip the seat

4. Seat Back 2 Pack

4. Seat Back 2 Pack
Anybody seeking to extend the lifespan of their backseats and at the same time improve the car’s interior, then the seat back protector (2 pack) is the solution. The seat protector comes with a waterproof oxford fabric and a smooth finish, a perfect compliment for your car. If you care about protecting your seats from stains, scuff marks, mud, dirt, and wearing, then this seat protector will serve your needs. No need to worry about the mess caused by kids and pets. Ideal for maintaining flawless car upholstery.
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Hassle Free Installation
The seat back protector is perfectly designed with reinforced straps. With this seat back protector, the worries of cheap straps is no longer an issue. The reinforced straps ensure that the seat protector is perfectly fitted. The installation is made easier by the presence of nylon strap on the bottom part to help secure it. With these properties, it will take you less than 1 minute to finish the installation process.

The seat back protector is a flexible product that adapts to your specific needs. It comes in dimensions of 19 x 25 inches which allows it to protect the backseat completely and with ease. It is a perfect fit for different types of cars such as jeeps, trucks, vans, and SUVs. Despite you call model, your worries are sorted.

Cost and Value
It is the product with the least price among the best-rated products. It capabilities on being adaptable makes it an ideal product for different types of cars.


Multipurpose kick mats useful in storage and organizing things

machine -washable

Has adequate pocket space

Has tabs useful in securing the bottom strap to the seat

Easy to install due to the presence of the clips


Requires extender straps for some car models such as Honda Pilot

5. Protector W/ Trash Can

5. Protector W/ Trash Can
How about keeping your seats appear new and also provide a trash can. This is exactly what the Car Seat Protector with Trash can offers. The cars seats are saved from any destructive act of the little ones. With the kids around, there will rolls of wrappers and trash that fill the car,but worry no more as to where they can be placed. The car seat protector accommodates for this by offering a trash can that is attached to the baby seater car set.
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Safe Barrier
With this car seat protector, a high-quality waterproof fabric is used. This protects the seat from any spills such as food and drinks. The nature of the fabric helps it act as a sage barrier protecting the car seats from damage

Lifetime Warranty
This seat protector has been made in a manner that it would serve you for your lifetime. BabySeater, the manufacturer, takes pride for the quality of their work that they offer a lifetime warranty for every product.

Cost and Value
The product is moderately priced but valuable in terms of quality of the material used to make it. This product offers back the value of you money as it serves the purpose of protecting the seats while offering a warranty for lifetime.


Have a unique trash can to catch trash and debris

High-quality material, heavy-duty 600D fabric

Has expandable straps

Comes with extra padding for extra protection

Innovative patented design


Strap a bit too short

Back of seat protectors lack pockets

6. Gorla Universal Fit

6. Gorla Universal Fit
This protector is an amazing product for anyone worried about spills over the leather car seats. This is a great option for safeguarding the seats that we so much care about. This offers protection from sweat after gym, drink spills, pef far and drooling, and normal dirt. With its integrated strapping, slipping and bunching should be least of your worry.
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No Slipping
The Gorla Universal Waterproof Protector is designed in a manner that prevents slipping and bunching. The unique anti-backing designs also ensures that the contoured fit on the seat helps improve its durability. The anti slipping featured is topped by the presence of the integrated straps that secures it firmly in position.

Life-time Guarantee
The team guarantees a 100% lifetime money back. The manufacturers trust that seat protector will serve its purpose as a waterproof barrier with a solid and no-hassle guarantee

Cost and Value
Being among the highly priced car seat protectors, this product offers has a good quality attached to its tag. The unique neoprene material adds to its features through which value is created.


Made from neoprene material there does not stick to skin when hot or wet

Has bonus seat belt protector

Has waterproof material

Has a unique back non-slip back

Fits in most car seats


Sometimes feels a bulge on the back

Needs an additional velcro strap

7. KoolAcc

7. KoolAcc
For complete protection of your leather and fabric car seats, look not further, Car Seat Protector is the answer. This car seat protector is designed in a manner that it protects your seats from dents, scratches and scuff marks. No need to worry about the toddlers and their seats. Any stain or spill is easily cleaned without much hustles. It also suitable due to its handy storage materials.
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The protector is able to secure the baby seat placed on it. This is due to features such as an adjustable strap that clips around the back of the headrest, a padded flap that offer more support, and the use of special non-slip backing.

High Quality Material
The material used to make the KoolAcc seat car protector is a durable and of high quality. The material is also easily cleaned. The padding material used covers extensively the full width of the baby car seat protectors. The fabric used for the liners is considered as heavy duty stain resistant material.

Cost and Value
A moderately priced seat protector yet offers value in its functionality and design. Anyone who appreciates valuable fabric will get the value with this product. The lifetime warranty is an assurance of good quality and another reason why it is product to choose.


Compatible with latch system

Comes with a lifetime warranty

Great pockets for storage

Guaranteed functionality


Not very compatible with middle seat

Not wide enough

8. Emma & Ollie

8. Emma & Ollie
This car seat Protector comes as a complete car protection set. With this, you are rest assured that you care will be clean and new looking irrespective of the having kids or pets in the car. The set is comprised of two car seat protector mats and two kick mat car seat protectors and organizers. The products comes with a promise of durability, water resistance, and easy to clean.
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The car seat protectors are highly functional. This is enhanced by the heavy duty construction and thick padding that offers utmost protection of the car upholstery. The car seat protectors has non-slip capabilities that helps maintain the mat in place

The car seat protector comes with a 2-five pocket XL Kick Mat Organizer. This has a baby wipe pocket as well as four extra pockets. You can comfortably keep all the clutter under control. Use the storage pockets for you baby’s toys, gear, crayons, and games.

Cost and Value
The product is highly priced, a possible pointer to the high quality associated. The manufacturers had the needs of the customers at heart. This can be seen in the heavy duty materials used and thick padding. It has everything one could be looking for in a car seat protector.

Machine washable

Hidden adjustable top and bottom straps

Satisfaction is guaranteed

Grippy underside compatible with both cloth and leather

Ample storage space


Velcroed in pockets that may come off easily

Straps do not adjust small enough

9. Drive Auto Products

9. Drive Auto Products
A new release of the car seat protector that will comes with a wonderful neoprene non-slip backing that grips unto the seats with not option of sliding. This product is uniquely designed for those seeking comfort, elegance and functionality. This is achieved through its thickest foam padding which solves the customers worries of the protectors not being thick enough. With thickness extending beyond 12 mm, this is enough assurance that your seats are protected against indents
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Heavy Duty Waterproof
No more hassles of stains and spills leaking to the seats. The drive auto products car seat protector comes with premium Oxford fabrics strategically lined to prevent water damage. While the outer layer may get wet, none of this liquid penetrates through the leak proof liner.

The drive auto products car seat protector is an universal neutral fit. The color of the product is compatible in a beautiful manner with all vehicle interiors. The product comes with a lock down bulb to maintain position at midpoint while the nylon webbing straps secure it to the headrest thereby making it fit in different car seats.

Cost and Value
The Drive Auto Products Car Seat Protector is moderately priced. Its features are just mere highlights of the value expected to be gained. It assures the maximum protection of the vehicles upholstery.


Color safe technology

Simple but appealing design

Great functionality of the flap

Great padding for maximum protection

Easy to install


Risk of the tacky material melting and marking the leather

Weak straps

10. Kick Mat Auto

10. Kick Mat Auto
Kick Mat Auto Seat back protectors is a must have for anyone who cares to have well maintained seats but challenged by the child constantly putting up their feet and kicking. The product comes in value pack of 2 thereby offering protection to the driver and passenger seats. The car seats protector are easy to wipe and are machine washable. This makes it easy to maintain the cleanliness of the car. With this product, the car seats are ultimately protected against scuff marks, moisture, dirty footprints.
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The Kick Mat Auto Seat back protectors have a large size measuring over 19” x 27”. With such a size, the whole seat will be protected with a snug fit. The design is compatible with most vehicle’s seats.

The seat protectors comes with four organizer pockets on the front. These are great storage options for keeping food, kids play toys, books, colouring material. These are designed to ensure that the things that are valuable for the comfort of your kid are accessible at all times.

Cost and Value
This seat protector is among the lowly placed yet functional products. It offers the value that one would desire, but yet at an affordable price. It compatibility with different cars make it even more valuable.


Perfectly fits to the seats

Ample storage space

Satisfaction guaranteed and has lifetime guarantee

Comfortably tacked straps

Double layered fabric for maximum effect


Lacks backing leading to sagging in the corners

Caves in and does not flush against the front seat


Criteria Used In Our Evaluation



One of the most important things to consider when making a purchase of any kind is the quality of the product that you are choosing to spend your hard-earned money on. You don’t want to end up spending money on a low-quality product and that is even more true when you are talking about purchasing items that you will be using with or for your children.

Low-quality ones are less likely to function very well, are more likely to be damaged themselves, and are more than likely going to require replacing long before a higher-quality seat protector would be seeing wear. When we were evaluating all of the different ones out there, we took time to carefully choose only options of the very highest quality materials and makeup to include on this list for you. That’s because we know that you, your vehicle, and especially your kids deserve nothing but the very best that is available out there.


Safety is an unquestionable necessity when it comes to our children. We know how very important it is to you to keep your precious little ones safe. This safety factor is especially important to keep in mind when it comes to the safety of your child in the car. Car accidents cause a disturbing number of deaths and injuries among children. That is why it is desperately important to make sure that your child is in the proper car seat for them, that you install the seat correctly, buckle your child incorrectly, and, of course, choose safe car seat products such as your car seat protector for your child. While evaluating and choosing the ones that have made it onto our list, we carefully took into consideration the safety of each individual car seat protector because we want you and your children safe just as much as you do.


The design of a product should always play a role in your purchasing decision. You want to choose a car seat protector that has a great design. This not only plays a role in the functionality of the product, but it also plays a role in the appearance of a product which also plays a role in purchasing decisions of any product. You want your car seat protector to function well and protect your seat well without allowing the car seat to cause any damage, and you also want it to look good while it does so. We included a variety of excellently designed car seat protectors on our list.

baby car seat protector

All of them have a great design that works well and effectively protects your vehicle seat from your child’s car seat, but each one has a different style and appearance. We did this on purpose to provide a variety of options for people with different styles and preferences. It is also great if you want to choose a car seat protector that matches well with the interior of your specific vehicle because every vehicle’s interior is different and with a variety of options to choose from, almost everyone should be able to find something to go well with their vehicle’s interior.


One very important factor that is almost always one of the first things that you will think of when you begin to consider what product you want to purchase is the cost of that product. As with most things, when it comes to car seat protectors, there is a wide range of prices of products that are available. We chose to include a variety of differently priced car seat protectors on our list to make sure that there was a good option for different people with different budgets on our list.


Another very important factor to consider that goes right along with the cost of a product such as a car seat protector is the value of it. You don’t just want to go with the absolute cheapest option that you can find. Often times, the cheapest items available have some of the lowest values because they are not made of high-quality materials and high-quality designs. We didn’t just choose car seat protectors with a variety of prices, but we made sure that each one was well worth its price tag and had a great value and good quality.

User Reviews

user reviews

The user reviews that a car seat protector receives are one of the most important, if not the most important, factor to be considered when making a purchasing decision regarding which option that you decide is right for your family. The reason that user reviews are so important is that they are written by the real people that have actually purchased and used one themselves. These are people that have experienced the product first hand. They know exactly what it is like to use the product. They know the ups and downs and understand the quality and value of it.

Looking through user reviews is the best way to receive completely real and honest information regarding a car seat protector or any other product. That is exactly why we took our time searching through and reading user review after user review for tons of different ones that are available today so that we can bring you this great list of nothing but the best of the best when it comes to one.


Car Seat Protectors Safety Tips

Safety with regard to children and children’s products can’t be stressed enough. Nothing could be more important than protecting the health and safety of our most precious babies. This becomes even more important in the car because if you aren’t careful, the car can be a very dangerous place for a child. Luckily, as long as you follow important safety guidelines, you can greatly minimize any risks involved.

Follow Manufacturer’s Guidelines

This is one very important tip that many people fail to follow in most cases. Many people tend to think that they don’t need to bother reading the instructions or guidelines that are provided by the manufacturer of a product such as a car seat protector because it may seem like the use of it is very obvious and straightforward. Some people may feel like it is a waste of time to read these instructions or guidelines that the manufacturer of the car seat protector has provided, but that is not the case at all.

It takes only a very short time to read the instructions and guidelines that come along with a car seat protector, and the knowledge that you are using it in a safe and effective way is invaluable. If you choose to not bother reading these important instructions and guidelines, you can easily make a small mistake that could negatively impact the safety of using the car seat protector. The manufacturer designed the car seat protector in a specific way to be used in a specific way and ignoring that can be dangerous for your child.

Car Seat Protectors Should Not Affect the Install of the Car Seat

This one is also another very important safety tip when it comes to car seat protectors. You should make sure that your car seat protector does not impact the way that your car seat installs. Nothing should be different at all about the way your child’s car seat fits into the car and is strapped in. You should still follow all of the instructions to install your child’s car seat that came with the car seat.

You should also make sure that the seatbelt or the LATCH strap(s) are secured just as tightly and don’t need to be loosened to accommodate the car seat protector being installed. Anything that affects the install of your child’s car seat can be potentially dangerous for your child as it can cause the car seat to not work properly and fail to protect your child in the event of a car accident.


Frequently Asked Questions

About Car Seat Protectors

Q: Will any car seat protector work with my child’s car seat?

A: It is worth asking if any car seat protector will work with your child’s specific car seat, but it just depends on each car seat and each protector. The main concern when trying to figure out if a certain protector will work with a certain car seat is the size of each of them. Some car seats have much wider bases while some car seats have more narrow bases.

You should definitely measure the base of your specific car seat and then check on the dimensions of the car seat protectors that you are looking at to determine if it will be a good fit for whatever car seat you plan to use it with. This can help you make a decision on which one is the best one for you to purchase for your little one’s car seat.

Q: Will it protect my entire vehicle seat?

A: Every individual car seat protector is made with a different design; therefore, some do protect the entire vehicle seat while others do not. Some will only protect the bottom of the vehicle seat while others protect both the bottom and the back of the vehicle seat from the car seat. Even some of the car seat protectors that protect both the bottom and the back of the vehicle seat vary though. Some of these go all the way up the entire length of the back of the vehicle seat, and some only go part way up the vehicle seat.

Q: Will it protect the vehicle seat from liquids?

baby car seat protectors

A: Since all are made of various different materials, this is another answer that will vary from one to another Some are designed out of materials that give it the added bonus of being waterproof. This will protect your vehicle from all kinds of liquids. Anything from leaky diapers or toilet training accidents to spilled milk, juice or water won’t penetrate car seat protectors that are designed to be waterproof. If this is a feature that is of great importance to you, make sure to find out if the option that you want to purchase is indeed waterproof or not.

Q: Are they safe?

A: This question can raise some debate as some people do claim that any after-market products designed for car seats are dangerous, but generally, these car seat protectors are very safe. They follow safety guidelines and are created with safety in mind. The biggest concern with this type of product is that it could possibly negatively impact the way your car seat installs. So, as long as you follow important safety tips and make sure that your car seat is still installed properly, you can enjoy the benefits of these awesome car seat protectors without any worries about their safety.

Q: Will it cause the car seat to slip?

A: This can be a common concern of parents that are considering purchasing one for their little one’s car seat, but generally, there is no reason to worry about this happening. Most are designed to specifically avoid this happening due to the way that they install into your vehicle. Many feature straps that hold them to the seat to help avoid slipping.

However, the real reason that you don’t need to worry about this particular problem is that if your car seat is installed properly into the vehicle, it won’t be able to slip regardless of the car seat protector is there. If your child’s car seat is installed correctly, it should be so tight and secure that something like a car seat protector would never cause it to slip from its proper position.

Q: Do car seat protectors have any benefits beyond just protecting the seat of the vehicle from the car seat?

A: As their name gives away, car seat protector’s main purpose is to protect the seat of your vehicle from the car seat. Sometimes car seats can cause damage to the interior of a vehicle, especially depending on the type of interior and the car seat, so the protector prevents that from happening. They also often protect the vehicle from messes such as crumbs from snacks, spills from sippy cups, and many other normal occurrences with messy kids and babies.

However, many have other cool features as well. One of the most common and very beneficial and helpful features that a protector would likely include in addition to simply protecting your vehicle’s seat is storage compartments. Every car seat protector is different, but most of them do have some kind of storage capabilities on them. Some are open pockets, while others may zip closed. Some have only one pocket, while others may have many different pockets for easy storage and organization.

It is important that you keep in mind if you want your child to be able to reach the pockets of the protector or not. Some allow the child easy access to the pockets while with others, the child may not have access to the pockets at all while they are buckled into the car seat. Make sure to check the locations of the pockets of a car seat protector before you purchase.

Q: Can it be machine washed?

A: Some are made with materials and a design that allows them to be washed in the normal washing machine, but some may require hand washing or even spot cleaning only. It just depends on what your car seat protector is made of as well as how it is made. It is very important, however, that you do carefully follow the washing instructions provided by the manufacturer.

machine washing

The manufacturer provides you with instructions on how to best care for your car seat protector. By following these important instructions, you can help to ensure the best results and the longest use or life. If you do not follow these very important instructions that the manufacturer has provided you with, you may accidentally cause damage to it.

Not following those instructions can cause all sorts of problems such as compromising the safety, ruining the car seat protector beyond usability, or simply wearing the car seat protector out much more quickly than it otherwise would wear out if it were cared for properly according to manufacturer instructions.

Q: Can I use the same protector for rear-facing and forward-facing?

A: In most cases, most can be used for both car seats that are rear-facing as well as car seats that are set to forward-face. However, some may work better for a specific type of car seat, especially in the case of forward-facing car seats. The most important thing that a car seat protector does is protect the bottom of the vehicle seat from the car seat, which all do for rear-facing car seats and forward-facing car seats.

However, many also protect at least part or in some cases all of the back of a vehicle seat from the car seat as well. Some only go part-way up the back of the vehicle seat and protect the bottom half or so of the vehicle seat from the car seat. This is great for rear-facing car seats specifically since with car seats that rear-face, the car seat does not usually even come in contact with the upper half of the vehicle seat.

With forward-facing car seats, the car seat does come in contact with the whole vehicle seat. So, if your child is in a forward-facing car seat, it may make more sense for you to get one that goes all the way up the back of the vehicle seat. Then again, if you get one that goes all the way up the vehicle seat when your child is rear-facing, it can help protect the back of the vehicle seat from your child’s feet and shoes.

Plus, it will be good for when your child eventually is turned to be in the forward-facing position in their car seat. Of course, you may also want to consider that the part of a forward-facing car seat that does come in contact with the back of the vehicle seat is much less likely than the base of the car seat to cause any damage to your vehicle seat, and it is likely that any good-quality cars seat protector will do the job of protecting your vehicle seat just fine.

Q: How do I install it into my vehicle?

installing a car seat protector

A: Installing one into your vehicle is very simple and straightforward, but every will, of course, be slightly different in the way that it is installed. The most important thing that you should keep in mind is that you should always follow the instructions in the manual when installing it. Many are simply laid on the seat before installing the car seat.

Decision Time

There you have it! These are the ten best car seat protectors on the market today. When you go to make a decision, consider things like price, material, and additional features that are important to you. Many products on this list have pockets for storing toys, while some focus on simply being protection against car seat damage (the Britax and Brica models). All focus on being non-skid to keep your child safe, meaning you can’t make a wrong decision when picking from this list.


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