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10 Best Car Seat Covers Reviewed & Rated in 2024

One of the biggest worries that car owners have is damage that can happen to the interior of their vehicle. From spilled drinks to messy children, we all experience unique challenges. Protecting our upholstery can be a challenge for even the cleanest of us! Sure, you may start off with a strict “no food” policy, but eventually, you slip up. A coffee here, a quick breakfast there, and then boom! You have a spill. What a disaster, especially in a new car! After all, that new car smell is probably the best smell in the entire world. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to protect your seats from everyday damage? As it turns out you can with the best car seat covers that can be found almost anywhere.

Featured Recommendations for Best Car Seat Covers

Drive Autoimg
  • Drive Auto
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Tripled Foam Cushion
  • Price: See Here
Edaelyn Ultra-Luxury
  • Edaelyn Ultra-Luxury
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • For midsize & compact vehicles
  • Price: See Here
  • Urpower
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Non-Slip Rubber Backing
  • Price: See Here

Car seat covers are a fantastic option for preserving the upholstery of your vehicle. There are several different types, and they’re all made for unique purposes. Whether you’re looking for now-and-then care or a constant barrier, there’s a car seat cover with your name on it. For animal lovers there are specially crafted products which protect against the damage pets are notorious for. Are you parent? Even better! Some car seat covers come with extra storage so you can keep all of the toys, snacks, and gear you need safely tucked away. Car seat covers are a necessity for absolutely anybody who owns a car. Luckily, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to the best car seat covers the internet can provide for any occasion!


10 Best Car Seat Covers


1. UrPower Front Seat

10 Best Car Seat Covers Reviewed & Rated in 2024
1. UrPower Front Seat
Power up with the UrPower Front Seat Cover! You’ll love how the unique pattern adds a new dimension of texture to your car. Your pets will appreciate the extra grip it gives them, too. This padded, durable option comes with a non-slip backing, and securely fastens to almost any car or truck. You’ll definitely appreciate the universal fit which gives you the ability to move between your vehicles while maintaining the same level of seat protection. Cleaning is a breeze, too! Just dampen a cloth and spot clean as necessary, or vacuum it weekly.
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Quilted Texture
UpPower offers a uniquely textured answer to your car seat cover troubles. We haven’t found a single product like it because of this! This special pattern helps the UpPower Front Seat Cover maintain a non-slip surface on both sides. This cover will stay securely on the seat, and give a better grip for items placed on it.

180-Day Warranty
You know you can trust a company that offers a warranty with their products. UpPower brings a 180-day warranty to the table, meaning you don’t have to worry about anything. If your product malfunctions for any reason you can get your money back- no questions asked!

Cost and Value
There is no better value for pet owners than the assurance that their car’s interior is safe. While this cover can be used by anybody, it was created especially for pet owners. The quilted pattern keeps paws from slipping around. This UpPower Front Seat Cover will also maintain a barrier between your pet and your precious upholstery. It also installs easily, is waterproof, and comes with a crazy 180-day warranty!

Fits most car models

Comes with a 180-day warranty


Easy installation

Made especially for pet owners


Not washing machine compatible

Material is not soft

2. Drive Auto Cover

10 Best Car Seat Covers Reviewed & Rated in 2024
2. Drive Auto Cover
This product is made from durable waterproof fabric. This material is also non-slip which means no more having to fiddle with the cover every time you enter and exit your vehicle.
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Thick Foam Padding
Have you ever been on a long road trip? Then you know just how sore you can be afterward! There’s no worse feeling than unfolding your stiff legs and feeling the blood rush back into your sore bum! Skip the suffering by using this product. The thick foam padding will get you through any amount of driving!

Heat Resistant
Most people in the United States experience pretty hot summers. Some parts experience hot summer all year round as their only real season! No matter where you live this product will stand up to the sun. This option is made to be heat resistant so it can stand up to to even the hottest summer you can throw at it.

Cost and Value
This is a simple, sleek design that features heat-resistant material and thick, comfortable foam seats. The value this provides is really in the fact that this comes in a two pack deal. That means you get double the protection for half the price! The neutral tones will match any interior, meaning that it will universally fit most cars in both looks and size. It is not recommended for leather interiors, however, so keep that in mind before ordering.

Extremely comfortable

Durable craftsmanship

Neutral tones match all interiors

Universal fit

Scratch resistant


Not compatible for leather interiors

Straps prone to wear

3. Edaelyn Protection

10 Best Car Seat Covers Reviewed & Rated in 2024
3. Edaelyn Protection
The Ultra-Luxury car seat cover is the next step in chic accessories. We know that when you choose a luxury car you’re making a statement to the world around you. Nobody wants to use seat covers that will look gaudy, or tacky, when compared to the rest of their vehicle. This style of car seat cover is perfect because it blends right in! It’s built to be chic, and to blend into whatever upholstery it’s paired with. Say good-bye to the ugly products of yesterday, and step into style with this car seat cover!
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Luxurious Feel
Regardless of the color or style you choose, this car seat cover will make even the longest road trips comfortably manageable. It’s an especially smart choice for anybody who owns a luxury car. We know that your style means a great deal to you! That’s why you chose luxury. These seat covers will absolutely add to that luxury- not take away from it.

Side-Impact Airbag Compatible
While this doesn’t make other seat covers unsafe, it does make this one a lot more desirable. It’s unlikely that a seat cover is going to prevent an airbag from deploying. Edaelyn went the extra step, however, in making sure their specific seat cover would allow for deployment in case of an accident. This means that you can feel that much safer when you’re riding in style.

Cost and Value
It’s not secret that this brand makes a luxurious product that doesn’t pull any punches. It doesn’t matter which color, or style, you choose; you can feel confident with this car seat cover on board! They have multiple styles to choose from, a high safety rating, and offer protection for any interior. Not to mention, they’re super stylish! You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable this chic option is!

Fits most midsize and compact vehicles

Comes in a multitude of colors

Luxurious leather feel

Has pouches for additional storage

Protects your skin from the summer heat


Elastic weakens in hot conditions

Does not fit most trucks or large vehicles

4. Big Ant Breathable Cover

4. Big Ant Breathable Cover
This car seat cover may only offer half the protection, but it definitely adds double the comfort! Anyways, if you live in a super hot climate, half the protection may be all you need. We recommend this specific product for those who live in a place where the typical wardrobe is shorts and a t-shirt. That way your legs are protected from the hot leather! You also have access to a handy storage option right within reasonable reach.
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Breathable, Cool Material
This is especially important for those of you who live in hot climates. No matter how fierce the sun is, it’s no match for this product! Gone are the days of sweaty legs sticking to superheated upholstery. This seat cover by Big Ant will have you feeling comfortably cool all summer long.

Extra Storage Compartment
Pack away whatever you want in the pocket at the front of this seat cover. Big Ant provided extra storage space so you never have to worry about your things rolling around the floorboard. Easily stash your phone, wallet, and more, right where you can grab them when you need them!

Cost and Value
Although this technically only offers protection for the seat itself, you’ll find that this cover more than makes up for that. It adds an extra layer of padding for your comfort, extra storage easily within reach, and comes with two pieces. That’s double the bang for your buck! If you only need minimal protection, extra storage, and cool material for your bare legs, then this is the best value around.

Made of antibacterial material

Non-slip rubber bottom

Made of luxurious leather

Easily cleaned

Multiple colors to choose from


Offers poor support

Cushioning material is thin

5. CleanRide Waterproof

5. CleanRide Waterproof
Worried about water damage? Need a quick solution for your beach day towels? Tired of Fido screwing up your upholstery and causing damage? Then this product is for you. This bacteria-resistant, waterproof option is great for pet owners, or those who sometimes need extra protection against water damage. It’s easily stored, customer approved, and packed with features you need in your life.
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Odor Resistant
Nasty smelling cars are, easily, the worst to ride in. Nobody wants to be surrounded by a mystery stench while they’re trying to navigate unfamiliar territory. Nobody wants to be surrounded by a mystery stench- period! This seat cover comes with odor resistant material so you can rest assured that with proper care your car will stay fresh for that much longer.

Super Compact
This car seat cover is so easily stored it’s unbelievable. You can roll it up and stick it pretty much anywhere that is convenient for you! Keep it in the dashboard, under your seat, in the trunk, or in a storage compartment. It’ll fit anywhere you need it to, and unroll in a snap for easy usage when you need it.

Cost and Value
This brand offers a variety of features, although quite a few of them are trade-offs. The loose material definitely doesn’t make it a chic option. The material is also on the thin side. However, it’s a great option for people who aren’t looking for a permanent seat cover. For example if you need protection against pet damage, and don’t want your regular seat cover to take the hit, feel free to switch out for this option!

Stores easily

Can be taken out and put away as needed

Lightweight option

Perfect for athletes

Antibacterial material


Offers little support

Thin material

6. Lebogner

6. Lebogner
This next option by Lebogner is the best on the list for families on the go. This product combines storage space and safety: the perfect mix for parents! Lost toys are a thing of the past, and your child can easily access the toys they love most. This means less arguing, less crying, and more peaceful drives for you. Let Lebogner soothe your travel woes, and keep both you, and your child, happy for the whole ride.
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Superior Storage Option
No more loose toys or lost pens! Lebogner made sure to include ample storage space for the busy parent on the go. This isn’t just an option for parents, however. If you need seat protection and extra storage, look no further! Even the busiest in the world of business will find exactly they’ve been looking for with this outstanding option by Lebogner.

Great For Families
While this is absolutely a great product for anybody, we highly recommend it to families. This car seat cover can be used in either the front or back seats. It comes complete with a kick mat, which is another piece that goes on the back of the seat. No matter how busy the little feet in the back are you won’t worry about scuffs or scrapes on your upholstery.

Cost and Value
You don’t get much more frugal than parents, and with good reason! It’s expensive to raise children in this day and age, so looking for affordable options is number one for parents everywhere. This product will expand your storage space, protect your seats (front and back!), and help keep both mommy and daddy a little more sane. I think we can all agree that last item is probably the most important!


Extremely durable craftsmanship

Adds backseat storage space

Protects both sides of the seat

Offers kick protection mat


Perfect for parents of small children

7. Leader Accessories

7. Leader Accessories
Suns out, buns out! That’s how the saying goes, anyways. It’s too bad that the best parts of summer are so rough on our cars! You’re in luck: Brica has a solution. Find yourself never fearing sun nor sand again with the Brica Seat Guardian! This car seat cover is built with the busy athlete in mind, and is perfect for anybody who finds themselves heading to the beach on the regular! Lake, ocean, river, or otherwise, make sure you have the Brica Seat Guardian on your side!
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Absorbent Material
Unlike some of the other car seat covers the Brica Seat Guardian is made with an absorbent material. This means that this seat cover will keep your seats entirely dry. It does this by sucking in the moisture and keeping it locked away. Athletes, pet owners, and parents alike will love this unique feature!

Made For Athletes
Although this car seat cover would be enjoyed by almost anybody, it is a perfect match for athletes. Surfers and triathlon runners are specifically mentioned because of the towel-like material which feels soft, and is extremely absorbent. Whether you’re hitting the gym or heading to the beach make sure to take the Brica Seat Guardian along for the ride!

Cost and Value
The only complaint we saw about this product is the choice of design. While it comes packed with useful features, it also looks baggy with a loose fit. This loose fit means that it fits more makes and models, however, and provides more ample protection for your vehicle. It is truly a trade off that Brica took a gamble on. While looks may not be important to some, we know that other consumers may be looking for a more luxurious experience.


Soft, towel-like material

100% Waterproof

Anti-slip backing

Quick installation

Rolls up for easy storage


Not for everyday use

Looks cheap and baggy

8. Eclipse Cover

8. Eclipse Cover
This protective car seat cover acts as a barrier between your vehicle and stains, sweat, and smells. Spilled drinks are a worry of the past, and you’ll never second guess slipping into your car after a sweaty gym session. It sports a non-slip grip with multiple color options, a luxurious build, and so much more. We’re sure this product by Eclipse will be a great fit for almost anybody who tries it on for size!
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Installs In A Snap
Some of these products come with a multitude of straps to hold down the car seat cover. While this can be a pro, since this means they’re very securely held, it’s tiresome to deal with. Eclipse has created a simple solution for installation. You’ll have it out of the box, and ready for use, before you even realize what’s happening.

Fits All Vehicles
Quite a few products on this list only fit a range of vehicles. This is pretty reasonable, since the nature of car seat covers means they won’t realistically be one size fits all. Eclipse Enterprises created this cover with a universal fit in mind, however, and it fits most cars, trucks, and SUVs!

Cost and Value
The best part of this product is its ability to fit so many vehicles across the board. The luxurious feel of it’s minimalistic design adds an extra level of value you won’t find elsewhere. Between the non-slip grip, easy installation, and premium fabric, what’s not to love? You’ll surely find your perfect fit with the Eclipse Enterprises car seat cover.


Universal fit

Premium non-slip fabric

Stays securely in place

Feels luxurious

Multiple color options


Has left stains in light leather seats

Material is not as durable as others

9. Lusso Gear Protection

9. Lusso Gear Protection
We’ve had Lusso Gear featured multiple times across this website. They make long lasting products that leave customers happy with their purchase. This product is absolutely no different! The ergonomic design will soothe you while you drive, and the black color will seamlessly blend into almost any upholstery. Explore the line between design and comfort with this product.
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Offers Premier Comfort
If you’re tired of hard seats that offer little cushioning, then take a break with this product. You’ll find premier comfort, extra padding, and true protection as soon as you slip this onto your seat. There’s nothing better than complete comfort while you drive!

Ergonomic Design
Back discomfort is a big worry for many people living in the United States. The thick cushion support it provides will help, of course, but Lusso Gear goes beyond this. They also crafted this product to be ergonomic, and to fit perfectly to your body. Pain free is the way to be!

Cost and Value
While some consumers report poor stitching in their product, we have found that most people who bought this product are very happy. It does the job that Lusso Gear says it can. Your upholstery will have an extended life, it doesn’t slip around, and the ergonomic design makes it incredibly comfortable. They even offer a year long money back guarantee! That’s some serious pride in their product.

Extends upholstery life

Stylish design

Non-slip backing

1-yr Money back guarantee


Poor stitching

10. Infina Waterproof

10. Infina Waterproof
Welcome to a world of luxury, and a design that just makes sense. Infina prides themselves on having created a product which is entirely ergonomic. This means that it will conform to your body, and offer some serious comfort. Even better, Infina made this product waterproof with a waterproof material! Neoprene makes this product a great choice for pet owners and athletes alike!
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Durable Neoprene
Worried about sweat staining your interior? Worry not! This product is made with neoprene. This means that the Infina Waterproof Car Seat Cover wicks sweat away. You’ll never second guess getting into your vehicle, even on a hot day.

Stylish, Unique Design
The addition of this unique design by Infina will make you the talk of the town! If style is an important part of your life then you can’t miss out on this product. The softly curving ergonomic design give it a futuristic feel that’ll leave your car feeling brand new!

Cost and Value
Infina offers some serious perks with this product. First and foremost, the ergonomic design allows for a comfortable ride no matter what. Some consumers have reported that this product has stained their seats. This only seems to happen in light-colored leather, however, so cloth and dark-leather interiors should be fine. As long as you don’t have light-leather seats, this is a serious bargain on a luxury item!


Installs quickly and easily

Universal fit for most cars

100% Money Back Guarantee

Ergonomic design

Stylish and unique


Unsuitable for light-colored leather seats


Criteria Used in Evaluation Of The Best Car Seat Covers



First and foremost we looked towards what might seem like a strange piece of criteria: Comfort. This may seem like a secondary concern, but it really does take precedence! When you’re driving you to want to be comfortable. One of the biggest pieces of criteria people use when they’re buying their car is, in fact, comfort! You check to see how the seats feel, how padded the backrest is, and whether the headrest is comfortable for your height… and more! The checklist is seemingly endless to ensure your comfort during your commute, or long distance drives you may make. Whether you’re going the distance, or just going down the street, you want to do so in a comfortable seat that won’t leave you with a sore back and a bad attitude.

Padding is a large part of our decision process. This can go one of two ways, however. Some people prefer to have lots of padding, while others prefer as little as possible. This depends on what you feel most comfortable with! We’ve found that a good rule of thumb is thinking about how you like your bed. Are you the type of person who sleeps with a boatload of pillows? Do you have a thick memory foam pad on your mattress? Then you probably want a seat cover that’s going to give you a little extra cushion! On the other hand, if you’re more minimalistic with your bedding that’s a good indicator that you may want a thinner pad. It’s really up to personal preference! There’s a good selection of both types, so it should be fairly easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Another less thought about consideration is durability. Yes, durability! As it turns out this is a huge piece in figuring out whether or not you’re going to be comfortable with your seat protection. Let’s break it down a little since this can be a slightly confusing criterion for comfort. Think about it this way: would you be comfortable with a loose elastic, a seat that slides all over the place, or a seat that’s coming undone? What about the seat cover getting smelly and gross? Personally, I don’t think that sounds like a great time. A car seat cover should be waterproof, stand up to everyday life, and last you a long time before wearing out. It’s unrealistic to think it’s never going to have to be replaced, but it shouldn’t need to be switched out for a while.

When looking at seat covers remember this little piece that makes all the difference! Now, go forth and find comfort!


This is, arguably, one of the most important pieces of picking your perfect seat protection. The material a seat cover is made of will decide the quality of it and says a lot about overall durability. There’s a small piece that’s personal preference, as well. We do recommend that, even if you like them, some materials just do not make good seat covers. Your first job while searching for your perfect match is to make sure that you aren’t choosing a material which will soak in moisture. Waterproof, or at least water resistant, covers should be your go-to. Normally it will be put in plain sight whether or not a material is waterproof, and we’ve selected quite a few which match this criterion.

Another consideration to keep in mind is the material that is in your car’s interior. This will determine the type of backing you’ll need to have. Just make sure you see “non-slip backing” under the description of the item. Non-slip backings on seat covers maintain a good grip so that the cover doesn’t slide around while you’re driving. This can be a security hazard, but it can also just be downright inconvenient. Finally, we found in our research that some seat covers can stain light leather interiors so you’ll want to keep that in mind when you’re looking at reviews.

Additional Storage

Who doesn’t love more places to stash away their everyday necessities? You can always use more space for storage, so we are always on the lookout for products that can deliver in this area. Seat covers are particularly convenient for this purpose! They’re in close proximity to you for easy access, and they make use of spaces that otherwise couldn’t be utilized. Not all covers for your seats will come with extra storage space, and it can be a trade-off between features that you’ll have to decide on. Additional storage isn’t just great for you, however. There are plenty of uses!

Another way in which additional storage can help is with children. Some car seat covers come with a “kick mat” which hangs over the back of the seat as well. These kick mats sometimes come with little pockets so that your little one can easily access the things they want. This could be their favorite toys, snacks, coloring books, an iPad… you name it! Anything they could need, right at their fingertips. This keeps them happy, quiet, and busy. In turn, it keeps you focused, smiling, and sane. If you don’t have children, you may still have good use for this extra storage. Pet owners will love the ability to keep their travel necessities on hand. Going anywhere with pets can be a process, so being able to store the items you need nearby comes in handy! Keep your doggie bags, leash, portable food and water bowls, and more out of the way, but within your reach.

We’re sure there are many more uses to be found! These are just a few examples of the way in which extra storage can come in handy.


Although car seat covers seem pretty similar across the board there are actually key differences between each one. Different types of covers can be used for a variety of purposes. The fabric a seat cover is made of, as well as the key features regarding their function, is a good indicator for what the seat is specifically intended for. Most of the makers of these seats will tell you point blank, as well, if there is a specialized usage. We can really split this up into three groups: athletic, pet, and general usage.

Athletic refers to athletes, of course, who need a cover for their seats. You may want to invest in general seat covers for the rest of the time, but when you’re working out you want something that can stand up to sweat. Staining is a serious problem in this regard, and it can also leave behind an unpleasant odor. This is also true if you go swimming, or compete in water-related events. Getting back into your car when you’re soaked, or anywhere close to it, can be a gamble. With a seat cover that has the athlete in mind, you’ll find vastly better waterproofing. Most of them store easily, and can be brought out, and put away, as necessary. You can probably fit most of them over your “regular” seat cover, as well, for extra protection.

Seat covers are also targeted at pet owners. These covers will generally have protection more suitable for our furry friends. They protect against scratches from their claws, keep moisture (slobber, for example) away from your upholstery, and are generally waterproof. We recommend getting a seat cover specifically for the task and vacuuming it regularly. Just like with athletic-aimed covers, you can probably find one that stores pretty easily. Are you both an athlete and a dog lover? Perfect! Two birds, meet one stone. An athletic seat cover may work for either category just as well if you only want to invest in one.

General usage seat covers take care of all other needs. Whether they’re for your rideshare car, or for protecting against messy kids, you’ll find a good match in this category. Protecting your car against stains is incredibly important, and you want to match your seat cover to your needs. Don’t be afraid to compare them all across the board! Sometimes a little research is all that’s needed to find your perfect fit.


Finally, we checked thoroughly for products that are shown to be stable. As we mentioned earlier a non-slip backing is a great feature to have. This provides ample stability when driving around. Non-Slip backing is not the only feature that can bring stability to the equation, however. It’s important that you check for other places where the seat cover is properly fastened to your car. Look for buckles and straps that attach around the back of your seat and the headrest. Seat covers with these restraint systems are better equipped at keeping the seat cover right where you want, and need, it (namely, on the seat).

Depending on what you’re using the cover to protect against this could be even more important. For example, if you’re going to have your pet on top of it you don’t want your poor pooch sliding around on unstable footing. This can be distressing to your dog in what is already a pretty stressful time for most animals. In that situation you want a seat cover to be as stable as possible! This applies to many similar situations, so make sure you’re choosing an option that has plenty of stability for your purposes.


Frequently Asked Questions About Car Seat Covers


Q: Which fabric is best for car seat covers?

This generally depends on what kind of upholstery you have in your vehicle. Some seat covers may stain light leather, so keep an eye out to make sure no other customer has reported that. We recommend a waterproof, antibacterial material. This way you’ll have added protection, and you don’t have to worry about the material getting totally wrecked by day to day life.

Q: Are car seat covers safe?

Yes! There are some people who question whether or not seat covers can be used safely or not. It’s absolutely safe to have covers on your seats, however. If you are still concerned just look for seat covers that say they are designed to work with the side airbags in your car. None of them should keep the airbag from deploying, but the guarantee may give you better peace of mind.

Q: How does waterproofing fabric work?

Waterproofing was originally designed for outerwear, but it has come a long, long way since then. There is even a textile that makes almost any material waterproof! Pretty neat, right? The science behind it is just as neat. Most waterproofed fabrics are made of three layers: an outer layer (the “face fabric”), a coated membrane, and a tri-coat mesh. These three layers come together to form an almost impenetrable barrier against liquids. They also allow the fabric to maintain breathability, however, which means that it can let vapor-liquid escape but doesn’t let regular liquid in.

Q: Does climate matter when choosing a cover?

It sure does! Think of it this way: do you think that somebody who lives in perpetual sunshine and heat has the same needs as somebody who lives in a climate with raging snowstorms? Nope! Two different climates, two different sets of needs. If you live in a hot climate we suggest looking for seat covers that are specifically heat resistant. This way you won’t burn yourself when you get into your car! We all know the feeling of painfully hot leather scalding our thighs! Finding the right seat cover material can help you avoid that.

On the flipside, if you live in a cold climate you may want a warmer layer on your seat covers or a seat cover that is specifically highly water repellent. With five feet of snow on the ground, it can be hard to get out to your car without getting wet. You won’t have to worry about it, however, if your upholstery is protected by a waterproof car seat cover!

Q: Do I need to use my car seat covers all the time?

Not necessarily. This is another piece of the puzzle that is entirely up to you. Some people like to throw on their seat covers and never think of them again… until it’s time to clean them, of course! Other people are happy to switch between two depending on what the day might need (such as swimmers throwing on a different cover for their swimwear). Some people go without completely, and only ever use their seat cover when they really need it.

It just depends on what you’re comfortable with, what level of daily protection you need, and how much effort you want to put in!

Q: Are there seat covers specifically made for pets?

Yes! There are quite a few on the market that is designed especially for our furry friends. You’ll find that having a pet-specific car seat cover may be a good route for you. This is especially true with large dogs, or dogs that have a high volume of shedding. We listed a few for you, but there may be others on the market that are better suited to your needs. Have a poke around, and see what best fits your life!

Decision Time

As you can see we really were not stretching the truth. We’ve made the importance of car seat covers clear from the beginning. After reading the list above we’re sure you can see why we are so keen on these fantastic solutions. Nobody knows what life is going to throw at them. It’s better to the protected right from the beginning! If car seat covers weren’t important then there definitely wouldn’t be so many types for so many different walks of life. Every person with a car can benefit from protecting their vehicle’s interior against everyday life. Scratches, scuffs, and stains can all be a thing of the past if you go the extra mile in protecting your upholstery. Why wait around to see what can happen? The best policy is to be proactive in dealing with these problems before they even become problems. Detailing your car is expensive, after all, and that’s the only way to remove damage after it’s been done. Save yourself the trouble, and the price tag, but making the smart move. We’re certain that after reading this list you’ve found the perfect solution for you. Now you just have to order it!


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