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UPPAbaby MESA Review Facts

It can be extremely difficult to find a great car seat, especially if you’ve been receiving advice from lots of friends and relatives about ones that they liked for their babies. There are two features that everyone looks for the most in a car seat- safety and comfort- and the rest ultimately will depend on your personal preferences as the parent and what you feel your child needs. You also will need to take into consideration your child’s size and how long you want the seat to be able to serve you for.

Perhaps one of the most popular car seats in the world- and the second most popular one in the United States- is the UPPAbaby MESA. This is because it has some of the best features possible out of all car seats and it is also extremely comfortable. It’s easy to be able to clean and it has a sturdy build. A lot of people also commended this car seat because it’s easy to install in their cars whether or not you choose to use the base for protection for your car seats. The fabric is also going to be comfortable for your baby. The only major downside that a lot of people noted is that this product is especially pricey, but that perhaps is thanks to the fact that it is also one of the best of its kind that’s available on the market.

Now, we will get into some of the features that this product has to offer and just why it is so popular among many parents across the United States.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • This car seat is easy to clean 
  • Easy to install in the car
  • The fabric is very comfortable and soft
  • You can adjust the height 
  • Nice design and quality 
  • One of the most expensive car seats
  • This product is very heavy
  • It's difficult to unstrap the baby

Advanced Features

The UPPAbaby MESA is available in five colors- red, charcoal, navy, blue, and black. The blue and the charcoal versions of the product are made with merino wool, which makes this the first one of its type to have been able to meet federal regulation standards without the issue of chemicals and flame retardants.

If you want to purchase this version, however, you will need to spend $50 more than you had to before. The harness can also be easily adjusted while your baby is still in the seat due to the fact that there is a no-rethread headrest. The harness also has five points on it, which is a feature that many parents consider a must for their children because it means that your baby will be able to sit more snugly in the seat.

The fabric is extremely soft, so your baby will remain comfortable as they are sitting and sleeping. Another interesting feature of the fabric is that it will be able to keep your baby’s body temperature regulated. You can easily install this product in your car and choose to use the base only if you want to- it’s mainly there to be able to protect your own car seats.

And, another feature that a lot of parents appreciated is how easy this product is to clean, so you won’t have to worry about what you’re going to do if your baby has an accident.

Basic Features

If you have a premature baby, then you will definitely be able to use this product because it offers support for a child that is as small as four pounds.

You will be able to use this until your baby is 35 pounds, however, quite a number of parents have stated that the seat was a bit small and the harness was a little tight for their babies who were only a few months old. You may find that your baby will not be able to fit in the car seat anymore before they’ve reached the 35-pound limit. Also, your baby will be able to use this product until they are 32 inches tall.


This product is not considered to be particularly big or bulky, but you will still want to measure the size of your back seat to make sure, especially if you have a smaller car.

This is because you might find that this product will take up more space than necessary. You might not be able to have three people sit in the back, and the person who is sitting in the passenger seat might find that they’ll have to move their seat forward. So, some people recommended the UPPAbaby MESA for those who have larger cars.

The seat is 25.8 inches long, 17 inches wide, and 23 inches tall. The base is 21.3 inches long, 14.5 inches wide, and 10.3 inches tall, and your car seat on the base will be 28 inches long, 17 inches wide, and 25 inches tall.

Ease of Use

One of the best features of this product is how easy it is to install in your car. This product was created to ensure that parents would not make any errors when they put this in the car to ensure maximum safety.

You can even install this in your car without the base, as the base is mostly there to protect your car seats. There are color-coded guides on the sides of the seat to show you what you need to do, and you’ll be able to do this quickly if you’re in a hurry or if you’re using an airplane or a taxi. There are LATCH connectors that will click audibly once they’ve been attached tightly to the anchors. Then, you simply need to push down. You’ll see that there will be an indicator that switches from red to green so you can know how tight the straps are.


A lot of parents were pleased with how safe this product was for their babies. The company has not had to make any recalls of the product and it has passed all crash tests according to federal standards.

Some people who have been in car accidents whose babies used this seat said that, while they themselves might have maintained injuries, their babies remained perfectly fine. The seat has LATCH straps and foam on the sides which will protect your baby from impact. This is normal for a car seat, and it is something that is basically a requirement. You’ll want to be sure to examine the seat carefully once you purchase it because there might be a flaw here or there.

Customer service can help you with any issues that you may have. And, the seat has a 2-year warranty- a 3-year warranty if you register the product on the site within a few months after you purchased it. Having a warranty is an important feature of many devices and appliances because it makes room for if there are any problems that you encounter.


There weren’t many complaints when it came to how comfortable this device is. That is mostly due to the fact that the fabric that this seat was made out of is extremely soft and comfortable. You can even opt to purchase it in merino wool and pay a little bit more to do so. There is also extra padding and cushioning in the seat to make sure to protect your baby in case of impact. And, of course, since this product is meant for smaller babies up to a couple of months old, they will likely spend most of their time sleeping. So, it is important that a sleeping baby has the most comfortable product possible.

Most parents did not notice any problems with regard to comfort. Also, the fabric can regulate your baby’s temperature. One thing that some parents noticed is that their babies got a little bit sweaty and that it might be difficult for the baby’s head to sit at the right angle.


One area where some parents complained was when it came to the product’s weight. This is because the product weighs 9.9 pounds and the base weighs 9 pounds.

There were some people who said that this was heavy, but there were others who said that it was pretty light. This depends on how much you can carry and how big your baby is, too. If you need to carry the seat for a long way, then you might find that you’ll get tired and that it’s a bit too heavy.

If your baby is a little bit bigger, too, that could add to how heavy the product is. Some people didn’t recommend this for parents who were looking for a seat that they would also want to use when they travel simply due to the fact that they didn’t believe it was practical for carrying.


The one feature of this device that tended to be a dealbreaker for a lot of parents was its price, especially due to the fact that you probably won’t be using this for much more than a couple of months at most. If you’re someone who can shell out additional money on your baby’s car seat, then it might be worth purchasing, but if you’re on a rather tight budget, there are many options on the market that will provide your baby with both safety and comfort.

The retail price of this product is $350, but you will likely be able to find it for a little bit less online; on Amazon, for example, this product is $300. Again, that might not be the most practical for a lot of new parents, so whether or not you want to spend this much is up to you. It is more expensive than most other car seats on the market.

Key Features

There is a hideaway canopy to protect your baby’s face from the sun
You can opt to use the base if you want to protect your car seats
The no-rethread headrest allows you to adjust the harness while your baby is still in the seat
There is a 5-point harness, which will allow your baby to sit as snugly as possible
The fabric is made out of natural materials and is extremely soft
The system is easy to install and you will be able to install it in a matter of seconds
The material that this product is made out of is flame-retardant

Bottom Line

If you were looking for a decent car seat for your smaller baby and are willing to shell out an extra couple hundred dollars, then the UPPAbaby MESA is a good option for you.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest complaints that people had is that you won’t really be able to get too much use out of it; the seat will only support a baby up to 35 pounds, and a lot of parents said that it started to be too uncomfortable for their babies when the baby was only 20 pounds or so. However, if you have a premature baby, this seat will support him or her well.

The seat is also very safe; many people who purchased this seat who have been in car accidents said that their babies were completely fine thanks to the snug harness and the cushioning, which is meant to protect against impact.

It’s extremely easy to install in your car and it’s a good product for those who want something they can take with them while traveling, especially on an airplane. It might be too heavy, but this depends on the size of your baby and how much you can carry.

Otherwise, it is pretty easy to see why this was the second most popular car seat in the United States and why a lot of parents recommend it. Whether or not you want to shell out that much money is up to you, but there is a lot to like.