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Ryobi P261 Review Facts

Owning an impact wrench is important if you’re someone who does a lot of woodwork. This is due to the fact that you will have to work with lag bolts that need to be installed into pieces of wood. They’re even great to have if you need to change a tire and remove the lug nuts. The best way to do this is with a powerful impact wrench that can handle all sorts of heavy-duty projects and get the job done for you.

One option that you can choose is the Ryobi p261. This is a small and compact impact wrench that will help you to get a multitude of different projects done. The fact that it’s very affordable is also something that has appealed to a lot of DIY-ers. You don’t need to be a professional in order to use this product; in fact, it’s meant to be used by anyone and everyone. Whether you’re doing woodwork or you’re stuck on the side of the road due to a flat tire, the Ryobi impact wrench will be right there for you. The only things that some people mentioned are that it isn’t the most powerful product on the market and the brushed motor doesn’t make it all that suitable for projects that will take a very long time.

So, if you want to know more about this Ryobi product, read on to see what features it has to offer to aid you in your decision about whether or not you should purchase it.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Available at a very affordable price

Great for many woodworking projects

Has a compact and lightweight design

Has good torque power for you to handle most projects

Wrench is cordless and easy to use

Battery works with most Ryobi products


Isn’t the best for heavy-duty work

Doesn’t have a very powerful battery


The motor is one area where quite a number of people expressed dissatisfaction. Yes, it’s pretty powerful and will provide you with 3,200 impacts per minute. The torque that this tiny device produces is 300 feet per pound, so you do get powerful performance out of the deal.

The main thing that people were dissatisfied about is the fact that this wrench has a brushed motor. As we have stated in many of our reviews on power tools, people demand ones that have brushless motors simply because they’re more powerful and will work for longer periods of time. This isn’t recommended if you have a project that is time-consuming due to the fact that the motor will burn out after some time. And, since devices with brushless motors are more powerful, you’ll be able to get a lot more done with them. But if you don’t plan on using this for such purposes, then it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Another thing that some people mentioned is if you need to be working with thicker pieces of wood, this might not be the best product to use because it isn’t powerful enough.


One area where people felt that this device excelled was with its lightweight design. Many people demand lightweight power tools because they’re simply a lot easier to use. Not everyone can handle using the heaviest power tools out there, and besides, if you need to be doing a lot of work in one day, no one wants to have to lug around a heavy drill.

This impact wrench weighs only 3.56 pounds, so it’s very easy for you to work with. And if you need to take it places with you, whether to the job site or on the road, then its light weight will allow you to do so without any problems.


There are plenty of features included with this product that make it safe and easy to use. For one, it has a very lightweight design. Lightweight power tools are safer to use because they reduce the chance of you growing tired from carrying a heavy tool around with you for several hours at a time. Plus, they’re easier to use, especially for those who are just getting into using such tools and might not have the experience of a professional.

Besides that, this product also comes with three LED lights, which means that, if you happen to be working in dark spaces, you will be able to see what you’re doing a lot better, even further reducing the risk of anything happening and making your job a lot easier.

The grip on the device is also easy to hold on to. It’s made out of rubber, which means that when your hands grow sweaty, it won’t affect your ability to hold on to the device and get the job done efficiently.


The Ryobi P261 has a voltage of 18 volts. One unique feature of its battery is that it’s compatible with all other Ryobi devices. So, if you happen to own other power tools manufactured by this company, you will be able to use this same battery in them.

It’s important to mention, however, that this battery is sold separately, so you won’t get it immediately when you purchase the device on its own. It’s also key to check that your other Ryobi products are from the One+ line, which is what these batteries are compatible with. There are more than 70 products in this line, so it’s worth checking out what they have for added convenience.

Another thing that people mentioned is that you will want to get a more powerful battery if you intend to be working with more heavy-duty bolts and materials because the One+ battery might not be able to handle such a project.


We’ve said that this has a lightweight and compact design, and this also applies to the overall size of the device. It’s small and something that will easily be able to fit into any corner or space. It’s great for you to be able to put in your tool kit or even in your car for your convenience.

The dimensions of the Ryobi P261 are only 3 x 8 x 7.75 inches, so you don’t have to worry about getting something that’s too big for you to use if you have smaller hands.

Ease of Use

Since this is meant for both people who don’t necessarily work in construction, it is something that you won’t have trouble trying to figure out how to use. There are three settings to choose from, which makes things a lot easier. The small design makes it simpler to carry around and to hold for longer periods of time. And you certainly won’t have issues with the grip because it’s made out of rubber.

Overall, the small size and the fact that it’s great for DIY projects make this impact wrench easy to use for people of all professions.


We did not come across many reviews regarding the device’s durability, but since it has pretty high reviews online, it’s safe to assume that it’s made out of high-quality materials and will last you for a long time.


Overall, not too many people had issues with its performance, especially when it came to easier tasks. But there were some reviews that are important to mention. There were people who said that they weren’t able to remove and install bolts as easily as they had initially expected to, even when they used the product at a third of the power it was meant to operate at.


As we have mentioned several times throughout this review, there are many different ways you will be able to use this device. It’s something that’s best for easier jobs, so you will want to take that into consideration. Do you typically need an impact wrench for something that is more difficult to take care of, or can you get away with something that’s meant for quick projects?

If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you need to change a flat tire, this will have you covered. It can easily remove the lug nuts from many different types of tires, including the ones in larger cars like SUVs. So, it’s a great product to have with you when you’re on the road in case of an emergency.

If you’re someone who works in construction or does a lot of DIY projects, this will be the perfect device for you to be able to install lag bolts in pieces of wood. Impact wrenches are meant to be more powerful than the average drill, so if you notice that a piece of wood you’re working with has a nut on it that’s becoming a problem for you to remove, this power tool should be able to do the trick for you.


Most people agreed that this product is available at an affordable price. If you are someone who needs to have a lot of power tools due to the nature of your job, you might not have the ability to shell out so much money on some of the more expensive ones. And despite the fact that this product is cheap, it is made out of high-quality materials and most people agreed that it will get basic jobs done.

The official retail price is $106, but if you purchase it from an online retailer such as Amazon, you will be paying around $99. You may surely be able to find other products of its type for cheaper prices, but you can rest assured that you are getting something for a great value here. It’s not every day that you can find power tools for less than $100.

Key Features

This device produces 300 feet per pounds of torque
There are three speeds you can choose from
It produces 3,200 impacts per minute
It has an LED light to allow you to see what you’re doing in dark spaces
It has a lightweight and compact design that’s easier to work with
Perfect for simpler projects such as changing tires and installing bolts
It’s cordless, so you’ll have an easier time working

Bottom Line

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to power tools and what one person may want in their device is not what the next person will want. It’s important for you to weigh all your options carefully and to consider what features the product has to offer. Are you looking to do more heavy-duty projects, or do you simply need something that will be there when you run into an emergency?

If the latter is the case, then getting an impact wrench such as the Ryobi P261 is a good choice for you. It’s small and compact, so if you’re someone who doesn’t have as much experience working with heavy-duty power tools, then this will be much easier for you to be able to use. It’s also affordable and a great choice for anyone on a budget.

While we have stated several times that it doesn’t necessarily have the power necessary to handle a lot more heavy-duty projects, it is the perfect wrench for if you have to do simpler tasks such as changing the tires of your car. There are plenty of features included that makes this wrench easier to use, such as the rubber grip that will fit into your hand well and that will prevent sweat from getting in your way.

Overall, there are plenty of great features that this Ryobi product has to offer. But there were some areas where people had expressed their dissatisfaction- namely when it came to the fact that this wrench has a brushed motor. As we mentioned earlier, power tools with brushless motors are by far the highest in demand because they will work for a lot longer. But if you just need something for quick use, then this isn’t a bad option, either.

It’s up to you to decide whether all of these features match what you are looking for in your next power tool, but a lot of people recommend this if you want something easy to use.