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Yamaha EF2000iS Review Facts

If you live in an area that frequently experiences power outages, it may be on your to-do list to purchase a generator. But then you come to see that there are so many different types on the market.

Depending on what you want to do and what your use for it is, you'll need to choose between a standard generator and an inverter. Inverters are a bit more expensive, and they don't use the same amount of power, but they're the best option if some of the things you intend to power with it have sensitive batteries. They're more fuel-efficient, they run more quietly, and they're a lot more portable, too. So if you intend on using it for when you want to go on trips, then getting something portable is a great option.

One choice that has received high reviews is the Yamaha EF2000iS. It is made by one of the most reputable brands for generators, so you're sure to have something which will provide you with the quality you need. It runs at a maximum of 2,000 watts, but you're most likely not going to be using it at full power. You'll be able to get around 10 hours of use when using it at 25 percent power, which is enough for you to do whatever you need to. It's extremely lightweight, small, and easy to carry around. This portability makes it great if you plan on using it for camping trips or other activities where your access to electricity will be extremely limited.

Overall, this product has some great features that make it worth considering. Continue reading to find out more about these features to help guide you in your decision on which generator to purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Is an inverter, so sensitive devices can be powered

Has a portable and lightweight design

Its fuel-efficient and works in economy mode

It turns on quickly

Has CARB compliance, so you can take it anywhere

Runs at a quiet volume


Does not have a drain for oil or gas

Possibility of tipping over during transport


This device can be operated at a maximum of 2,000 watts, and its AC rated output is 1,600 watts. The main downside is that you won't be able to power several devices at once with it and, depending on what you intend on plugging into it, you will have to only use one product at a time. You can choose to get two generators and hook them up together to give you 3,000 watts of power, but this may or may not be ideal given your situation and the expense.

If you need to use it for your entire home, for example, this might not be the best option. But the power that it produces is clean, meaning that you will be able to use it for more sensitive devices and not have to worry about the possibility of their batteries getting fried. There is also an economy control switch, which will simply make the engine run more slowly, causing it to make less noise and be more fuel-efficient.


We did not come across any complaints when it came to the durability of this product. We have stated before in this review that Yamaha is one of the most reputable brands on the market when it comes to generators, so it should come to no surprise that this product is not going to give you any issues. Plus, you get a 3-year warranty with it, so you will be able to contact the company should it happen to give you any problems along the way.


As stated above, the maximum amount of power that this Yamaha generator can operate on is 2,000 watts. It operates using fuel and the tank has space for 1.1 gallons of gas, which is more than you would find in a typical generator, which only accommodates for 1 gallon. You will be able to hook this up to another Yamaha generator for added power. It has two outlets that will provide you with a voltage of 120. You also have the ability to charge batteries with it, so we recommend that you read the instructions on how to do so beforehand.

Ease of Use

People were pleased with how easy it was to use the Yamaha EF2000iS. All of the controls are easily accessible and they are labeled, so you should have no issue managing to operate this. It usually takes only three minutes for the engine to run before you can use it.

There are warning lights that will let you know when the oil is running out or when you run the risk of overloading. There are on and off switches and controls for fuel. The only thing that people noticed this device did not have was a voltmeter. Also, not everyone received a manual with theirs, which can cause you to be a little bit confused when you first get it on how it needs to operate.

Another factor that makes this product easy to use is the fact that it has a handle on top and that it is lightweight. This may not help you out so much in the actual operation of the product, but you will be able to take it with you from place to place a lot easier than if you were to use a heavier generator.


Overall, people were pleased with how the Yamaha EF2000iS performed. Yes, it may not be something that you would use if you need to power heavy-duty tools or your entire house, but it works great for smaller devices that you would need on an everyday basis. You get about 10 hours of power when it operates at a 25 percent load, and most people did not experience any problems when they were using this device. The main thing is to make sure you pay attention to when it needs to be refilled and that you don't try and overload it with too many devices at once.


We've mentioned before that this generator has a small and portable design. Most inverter generators do, which is why they are definitely more popular. The purpose of an inverter generator is typical to power devices that you couldn't power with a regular generator, such as phones and computers. And they also are intended for you to use when you travel, meaning that they need to be smaller and more portable.

People especially appreciated the fact that there is a handle on the top, so they could carry this device with them as though it were a briefcase. The fact that it only weighs 44 pounds also means that you won't have to struggle too much taking it wherever you need to. The size dimensions for this are 19.3 x 11 x 17.9 inches so that it won't take up too much room, either.


There are so many different reasons why you would need to use a generator. As we have mentioned many times before, if you live in an area that is susceptible to power outages or even if you live somewhere that experiences frequent severe storms, including hurricanes and tornadoes, you might want to consider purchasing a generator.

When these severe storms hit, you could be without power for days or even weeks at a time, which is definitely not a situation that you want to put yourself or your family through. In such instances, it's worth purchasing an inverter generator because you're inevitably going to need to power devices that have more sensitive batteries.

There's a small chance that you will need to use a device that requires the most power. And even if you do, you can hook two of these generators up next to one another to give you additional power.

Other than emergencies, another reason why many people choose to purchase generators is that they enjoy participating in activities where they do not have access to electricity. This may include camping in remote areas, hiking, and more. So, you will want to take a generator with you so that you can have access to electricity for as long as possible.

The oil that you need to power this device with is rather easy to find, so you will also be able to take that with you for when it needs to be refilled. This particular generator has a lightweight and portable design, which makes taking it with you on such trips a lot easier. You certainly won't want to be lugging around something that weighs 100 pounds or more. These are the main uses for a generator, but you will certainly be able to purchase one no matter what your reason for using it is. Another plus is that you will be able to travel wherever you want to using this one due to the fact that it is CARB compliant, which means that it is approved for use in all 50 states.


Price is another important factor to think about when purchasing a generator and we feel that it is necessary to mention that the Yamaha EF2000iS is considered to be on the more expensive side.

Before you purchase any generator, it is important to note that they are quite an investment and not something that will cost you a small amount of money. This Yamaha product is $869 on Amazon, but you do get a lot of valuable features with it that you might not find in another product.

As we mentioned before, Yamaha is one of the most reputable brands on the market for generators alongside Honda. Most people gravitate towards either one of these brands because they are known for producing some of the best products out there.

So you are essentially paying for the brand and, of course, for the excellent quality that you are going to get. This is something that you are guaranteed to be used for a long time and that you can take with you wherever you need to go. The range of products that you will be able to power thanks to it is wide. So, we think that you are getting a great deal.

Key Features

It is CARB compliant, so it can be used in all 50 states
It works at a quiet volume
It has inverter technology to power all devices
It has great fuel efficiency and a powerful engine
The controls are easy to use and to access
It has a lightweight and portable design
You can hook two up together for more power

Bottom Line

As we mentioned, it might be difficult to find the perfect generator considering the sheer number that there are on the market today. More and more brands are producing generators that have been receiving high reviews. But, we can say that Yamaha produces some of the best out there and it is one of the most trusted brands by customers. That's why so many of them have gravitated towards the Yamaha EF2000iS and have given it their highest reviews.

The main area where people were pleased with the performance of this device was when it came to how quiet it is to operate. Also, the fact that it is an inverter generator makes it a top-quality device simply due to the fact that you can power devices that have more sensitive batteries without worrying about the possibility of frying them and rendering them incapable of use.

There are so many purposes for this product, so no matter what reason you find it necessary to purchase a generator, you will certainly be able to use this for its intended purpose. It's extremely fuel-efficient and you won't have to use it at full power in order to do whatever you need to. The fact that you can use it in economy mode and still get at least 10 hours of use out of it definitely makes this a highly attractive option. Most people have agreed that it is easy to use and the controls are easy to access. You also get many outlets that will allow you to power your devices as needed. Overall, we have seen great reviews on this product and we believe that it is definitely an option that you will want to consider.