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Bosch GCM12SD Review Facts

Finding a good miter saw doesn’t have to be a big problem. Many of them are meant to be used by people who are not necessarily professionals and who simply enjoy DIY projects.

But one of the biggest things that you will need to look for when it comes to purchasing a good miter saw is the brand that manufactured it. Some brands have much higher reviews than others. Bosch is a brand that is popular for many different devices, including home appliances and power tools, so it should come to no surprise that its miter saws are also among the highest-rated.

The Bosch GCM12SD is a good choice for those who are looking for something that is much larger than they might expect and that would be able to cut even the largest pieces of wood as a result. It’s not the best option for someone who might be using it at home, but if you’re working in construction or woodworking, this is a product to put on your wish list.

It will give you fast and accurate cuts, and all the controls are located in an easy place.

Read on to find out more about what people had to say about this product.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Instructions are easy to read and follow

Controls located in a convenient place

Makes accurate and fast cuts

Axial glide system provides wide cuts and compactness

Very sturdy, reliable, and durable

Has top-notch measuring components


Very heavy

Does not come at a cheap price

Requires a little assembly


The Bosch GCM12SD has a 15 amp motor with 3,800 RPM.


The main area where a lot of people had problems with this miter saw was when it came to its weight. This is certainly not something that you will be able to pick up easily and it’s on the higher end of the scale in comparison to some of its counterparts that are available on the market.

The Bosch GCM12SD saw weighs 88 pounds, which says something about the immense quality of the materials that it was made out of, but this does cause an inconvenience to the person who is using it. The main thing that many reviewers suggested is that you purchase a stand with wheels that is sturdy enough to handle the weight. This is what many people did because it allowed them to transport it from place to place much easier.

But if you find that you’re only going to need it at home and in limited spaces, then perhaps the weight will not be a factor that bothers you so much. And, again, you can tell that it is made out of sturdy and high-quality materials when you consider how much it weighs.


If you have ever used or seen a miter saw before, then this one does not look all that different. Its main colors are blue, red, and gray, with the majority of the device being blue and the Bosch logo is written in red. It has a sturdy design, and one can tell simply from looking at it that it is made out of high-quality materials. It’s reliable and is something that will definitely last you forever.

Another thing pertaining to the design that a lot of people liked was the fact that the measurements are so accurate. Many agreed that it is evident that the manufacturer took out the time to design the bevel and the miter elements. Anyone who looks at the bottom of the miter saw will know that it’s something the manufacturers spent a lot of time on.

Also, it has a 12-inch blade, which gives you plenty of room to cut, and you can tilt the base between 0 and 47 degrees in either direction. The controls are easily displayed on the device in a convenient location. They’re on the front, so you don’t even have to reach behind the saw to gain access to the controls.

The only thing with regards to design is that it is not the best for if you want a miter saw that you will be able to easily transport from place to place because it doesn’t have a handle or any other features. Also, this product does provide a small bag that is meant to collect dust as you work. However, as you may have found with many other miter saws, the performance isn’t the best and you may need to connect it to an external dust collector for better performance.


Considering the fact that you will be using heavy-duty power tools, one of the most important features that you need to consider is safety. Bosch took safety very seriously when they made this product and it shows- not only because of the quality of the materials that it was made from but also due to some of its features.

For one, there is a transparent blade cover that allows you to monitor and watch the operation of the blade without the potential of getting hurt because it keeps the blade away from you. Also, you will be able to lock the handle in different positions depending on whether you are right-handed or left-handed. The controls are all located in an extremely convenient location- right at the front of the saw- so you don’t need to reach or move around too much while it is in operation.

Also, there is a dust collecting bag, and you have the option to connect it to another dust collecting system when you are in a busier location. The ability to collect dust is key for safety as well because there is less dust that you are breathing in and it keeps the area you’re working in clean.


As we have stated several times, the Bosch GCM12SD miters saw is very large and is certainly not something that you would consider to be very portable. It’s meant to be used for projects where you will be cutting large pieces of wood and need the types of tools that can handle that.

So, you should really only consider purchasing this product if those are the types of projects that you intend to take on and if you have enough space in your tool shed to store it. The dimensions are 31 x 23.8 x 22.5 inches, which makes it significantly larger than many of its counterparts on the market.

Ease of Use

The two main factors that make this very easy to use are the placement of the controls and the instructions. Instead of having to reach around the saw to access the controls, they are placed in the very front in a convenient location. The controls and the measuring components are clearly marked for you. And, the instructions are clear and thorough, so if there is something you might not quite understand, you can consult the manual.


Overall, the quality of the materials that the Bosch GCM12SD is made of is not to be matched. Bosch is known for producing top-notch appliances, so it’s not surprising that this also applies to their power tools. Stainless steel, which is the main material that this product is made out of, is known for being able to withstand a lot of abuse and it’s something you know is going to last a long time.

If you ever need some parts repaired, Bosch has a wide team of professionals all over that you will be able to contact. You get a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty when you purchase this product.


Most people were pleased with the performance of this product. It provides clean and accurate cuts and the measurements are highly precise. Bosch is a brand that generally receives good reviews and that is trustworthy, which is why so many people trusted it. People were especially pleased with how smooth it cut through even the toughest pieces of wood.


First, it’s important to outline what the exact function of a miter saw is for those who may just be starting out and are not completely aware. This is a device used to cut pieces of wood and is best for use with trim and molding. You have the ability to make precise and clean cuts at an angle thanks to the different angles that you are able to position it. These are also mostly meant to be portable, so you will be able to take them with you from place to place while you are on the job.

The Bosch GCM12SD is not exactly the most portable due to its heavy weight and large size, but many people have suggested that those interested in purchasing the product should purchase a stand to go along with it to make transport and use a bit easier. Therefore, it might not be the best for those who are looking to do small and simple projects around the house; instead, if you’re someone working in carpentry, then this is certainly something that is more up your alley.

With that being said, it is easy enough for someone who wants to take on bigger projects at home to figure out, but you might not appreciate it as much if you’re a complete beginner and have never worked with a miter saw before.

It’s good for cutting large pieces of wood and it’s also perfect for when you need to cut angles. There are 40-inch side supports that are great for if you need to cut large pieces of timber, which will save you lots of time and money. In essence, the main use of this product is for much bigger projects that will require the use of larger tools.

If you have space in your home to store a large power tool, then it’s worth considering getting this one.


As we mentioned before, the Bosch GCM12SD is not the most budget-friendly and it isn’t meant for those who are looking for something that is inexpensive. However, when you take into consideration the fact that this power tool is much larger than other ones of its kind and its meant to take on bigger projects, the price may not seem as daunting.

On Amazon, the tool retails for $592, so it is quite the investment. But think about the projects that you will be taking on. Will they require the use of a more powerful, larger tool? Do you necessarily need to be able to move the device around with you? Are you willing to spend this much money on a miter saw? These are some questions that you should think about when determining whether this is too expensive for such a product.

Key Features

It has an axial glide system to provide wider cuts
Manages to save you a lot of space
Provides accurate and clean cuts
Transparent guard on the blade for protection
All the controls are in the front
Bevel detents 45 degrees either way
It has a 12-inch blade

Bottom Line

There are some reasons why you might not want to purchase this product, such as the fact that it is expensive and quite heavy. But the fact that it provides a 12-inch blade, is made by a reputable company, and provides accurate cuts are just a few of the reasons why some people deemed this Bosch GCM12SD miter saw ‘one of the best they have ever used.’ In one review, someone even said that the only complaint they had was that the saw wasn’t able to bring them a beer when they were finished.

You’ll be able to cut larger pieces of wood with this than you could with a smaller saw, and you’ll easily be able to access all of the controls, which are located on the front of the device. There’s a dust chute for collecting dust that comes with cutting wood. It has a 15 amp motor that provides 3,800 RPM, which makes this a pretty powerful product.

Whether or not this is the best option for you depends on what you plan on using it for and how much you’re willing to spend. But based on reviews, plenty of people liked it and rely on this Bosch product to get the job done.