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Dewalt DW713 Review Facts

Anyone who is into construction, woodworking, or even simply enjoys fixing and making things at home knows that the power tools offered by the Dewalt brand are simply some of the best. Professionals in these fields rely on these tools to give them the results they want and need. So, if you see the name “Dewalt” written on a power tool, whether it’s a drill, miter saw, sanders, or anything else, you know that it’s going to be high quality.

If you were on the market for a good miter saw, then, it should be no surprise that the Dewalt DW713 is one of the highest-rated saws out there. With a powerful motor and the ability to make precise cuts, you’re getting something that will make your job much easier. It comes at a good price for such a professional-level tool, and the best part is that it’s portable, which means that you can take it wherever you need to without experiencing any difficulties.

With all that being said, let’s get into the review to see some of the features that this product has to offer and why so many people recommended it for professionals and DIY-ers alike.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Provides very accurate cuts

Reviewers agreed that it is durable

Cuts are smooth and easy to make

Relatively affordable

Powerful enough for any home project

Can be used right out of the box


Shakes a lot when used at higher speeds


Of course, the biggest thing that anyone looking for a good power tool wants to know is whether or not the device has a powerful motor. You’re in luck with this Dewalt product, as it has a 15-amp motor, which delivers 5,000 RPM. This means that there are so many different projects that you can take on using this tool, and since the motor is so powerful, you will find that it cuts through wood neatly and easily and you won’t have to put too much effort into making sure that the wood gets cut properly.

Some people found that the blade is too small for cutting some larger pieces of wood, but the motor itself completely lived up to their expectations.


One of the most important things that you will need to consider when it comes to purchasing a power tool is how much it weighs. You certainly don’t want to purchase something that is too heavy because it could disturb the quality of your work.

Especially if you’re someone who is just starting out, having heavy power tools could not only be more difficult to work with, but they can also prove to be a safety hazard if you find that you’re unable to operate them correctly. So, checking on the weight on the device that you plan to purchase is one of the most critical things that you can do.

Even though this miter saw particularly isn’t meant for complete beginners, you’re in luck in the sense that most miter saws on the market were designed for portability. In other words, it’s lightweight and easy to carry around. This product weighs 35 pounds, which puts it at the lighter end of the spectrum when compared to other miter saws on the market.

Another great feature of the Dewalt DW713 is a handle that is built-in, which makes it a lot easier for you to carry around and to store when you’re finished with it. In short, this miter saw is a great option for those who want something that is lightweight, portable, and easy to handle.


As far as the design goes, you are not going to find much that is too unique about the Dewalt DW713 in comparison to other miter saws offered by the company. It mostly has the same structure and other features, and it comes in the same yellow-gray color, which seems to be the signature of the brand across all levels. It’s rather small, as these devices are typically meant to be portable and easy to use.

The miter saw itself is lightweight, as we have seen, and it is made out of sturdy and durable materials. You may notice that there are some parts that are made out of plastic, but that does not take away from the overall design. It’s mostly made out of a durable metal material that is able to withstand much of what you put it through.

The miter plate is designed to make sure that you’re able to make accurate and clean cuts without deviating whatsoever. The detent plate is made out of stainless steel, which is known to be a top-notch material that is able to withstand a lot of damage. It has a nice design overall and is certainly something that you’re not going to mind adding to your collection of tools.

The saw also comes with a dust collecting bag. As most people who have used miter saws in the past know, when you cut wood, there tends to be a lot of dust, which can hinder your ability to see and to cut.

You won’t need to worry about that too much here, but it does seem to lack a little bit in its ability to properly collect dust. It’s going to fill up rather quickly and you’re going to find that you need to empty it out every so often. However, this seems to be a common complaint that many people have when it comes to the dust bags of any miter saw. You may just need to invest in a really great shop broom and resign yourself to a lifetime of dust sweeping.


There were some people who purchased and reviewed the DW713 who felt that Dewalt could have done a bit better in terms of safety features. But that does not at all mean that this isn’t a safe saw for you to use; you should simply exercise the same precautions as you would with any other power tool and make sure that you are wearing the proper equipment.

One interesting feature, however, that came with this product was the fact that it has a transparent guard where the blade is. This means that you will easily be able to see the blade, so you will know where you’re cutting and if you’re making accurate cuts. This gives you more control over the device, which, in turn, makes it much safer.
And since this functions as a guard, you’re protected from potential injury caused by the sharp blade. The guard greatly reduces your chances of ever coming into contact with this blade.

As we mentioned before, having a miter saw that is as lightweight as this one also helps to enhance its safety because you won’t grow too tired from using it. If you're expending less energy using the tool, you'll be less likely to make mistakes.


As we said, the Dewalt DW713 was designed with portability in mind, so you won’t have to worry about whether you’ll be able to carry it around or if you’ll be able to fit it in with your other tools. Not only was this lightweight, but it’s also rather small too, which is great for those who might not have the biggest tool sheds and want to make sure that they have room for a miter saw.

The dimensions are 19 x 23.8 x 17 inches, which puts it at a nice size for most projects that you will want to take on. The blade itself is 10 inches, which is not too bad, but there were some people who reviewed it who wished that the blade was around 12 inches so they could cut bigger pieces of wood more easily.

Ease of Use

Most people agreed that the DW713 is easy to use and it is completely easy to set up. In fact, you will be able to use it right out of the box. Some found that they needed to make a few adjustments, but otherwise, getting it to cut at the right angle and being able to use it correctly is easy to figure out for those who have experience with miter saws.


Overall, people had great things to say about the durability, but there were some areas of concern. There were a few people who thought that the cast metal was not high quality, but this did not seem to be the general view. Others worried about some of the plastic materials that this product was made out of.

But otherwise, it is made out of high-quality materials including stainless steel and metal. And if you do happen to experience any problems, you get a 90-day money-back guarantee, as well as an entire year of free servicing and a 3-year warranty.


The Dewalt DW713 performed well according to a lot of users, and many even said that it is the best miter saw that they have ever used.


If you’re someone who is just getting into woodworking, you might not be entirely sure about what the function of a miter saw is. You basically use one to make cuts in wood, and they’re meant to work quickly and accurately. You’re able to make cuts at different angles as well.

The main reason why people would use them is for cutting mold and trim, but there are obviously many other ways that you can use one, too. Most of them are meant to be portable because lots of people who use such power tools need to be able to carry them around from place to place.

This is also the function of this Dewalt miter saw. The main thing to consider, however, is that it’s not quite recommended for those who have no experience using such powerful tools. You might have trouble figuring out how it works and how to handle the power that it provides. But if you do know how to operate a miter saw, then it’s perfect for you.

And the best part is, it is also meant to be used by both professionals and DIY-ers. So if you’re someone who wants to add such a product to your tool kit or you simply need one to finish some projects around the house, then this is a good option for you. Thanks to the 15-amp motor, you have a lot of room to work, and there is so much that you will be able to do with it.

So whether you choose to use this product for your more professional lines of work or you want to use it to make precise cuts on a project that you’re working on at home, this is the perfect miter saw for you to consider.


For a product that was manufactured by a company that has rave reviews, the price certainly is not something that you should be too worried about. This miter saw retails for $239, but you can find it for a little bit cheaper on sites such as Amazon, where it is available for $219.

Some people thought that it might be a bit expensive for DIY-ers as opposed to those actually working in construction or woodworking, but considering the fact that it does come from such a reputable brand and it has all the features that you would want in such a power tool, you’re getting a good deal for what you’re paying.

Key Features

It has a powerful 15-amp motor
The motor provides 5,000 RPM
It weighs 35 pounds and has a handle for portability
The miter capacity ranges from 0 to 50 degrees
Bevel cuts range between 0 to 48 degrees
It has a transparent guard on the blade
Great for use with cutting trim and mold

Bottom Line

While some people had issues with the Dewalt DW713, it seemed that these problems were minimal, as this is one of the top-rated miter saws on the market. Thanks to its powerful motor, portable capabilities, and its accurate and clean cuts, even those who aren’t professionals will be able to use this for all their DIY projects.