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Beltronics RX65 Review Facts

If you are someone who speeds a lot when driving or who has been ticketed before for doing so, it is important that you realize how much danger you are potentially putting yourself and others in when you get on the road. If you still have a lot of trouble with this, then it might be worth considering a radar detector. These are meant to check whether there is a device in the area where you are driving that is checking your speed so that you could slow down before you get pulled over.

While it is ideal that you not speed in the first place, you also may not be aware of the fact that you are speeding or what the speed limit is where you are. Radar detectors can be saviors for a lot of people who don’t want to risk losing their driver’s license when they are on the road.

One radar detector that has been discontinued but was easy to use for beginners is the Beltronics RX65. Since it has been discontinued, you won’t be able to purchase it from its original seller, but there are many retailers such as Amazon that still carry this product. It is easy and straightforward to be able to manage, and you only have to press three buttons in order to control the settings. Plenty of people were pleased with how often this radar has saved them from getting into legal trouble and how accurate it was.

So, in this article, we will be talking about some of the important features of the Beltronics radar detector and why so many people like it and have chosen it for their road trips.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Fast and reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Display can be turned off to avoid attracting attention
  • Up to three settings
  • Ability to get LIDAR alerts
  • Cannot access info on traps, speeding cameras, or red light cams
  • No GPS

Basic Features

There are plenty of basic features that make this radar detector attractive for a lot of drivers. For one, it is extremely easy to use. You won’t have to worry about somehow being able to figure out what you’re going to do with it while on the road because it does not have a lot of buttons. There are only three settings, and you can choose between having a red or blue display. The latter will be less noticeable when you are on the road, which is important because you don’t want to risk the possibility of police noticing you.

There is also the option to operate the device in dark mode, which means that the display will turn off and you will only hear voice alerts. This is a more desirable option while you are on the road. A lot of people gave this product almost five-star reviews due to the fact that it was fast and reliable, and was able to notify them about a police officer checking for speeding while they still had enough time to slow down before getting caught.

Advanced Features

One of the more advanced features of this product is that it also has laser detection (LIDAR). This means that you will be notified if there is a police officer around who has tracked your speed. Police officers use LIDAR guns, which essentially produce a beam of infrared light that measures how fast you’re going on the road. Since the police are able to track people’s cars individually thanks to this technology, there is also a chance that they are tracking your car too. The Beltronics detector will be able to note if this is the case and you will be alerted, which will give you plenty of time to be able to slow down (hopefully).

Other than that, this device does not have other advanced features due to the fact that it does not have a GPS. This limits its ability to inform you about other devices on the road that are tracking your speed and your driving, including cameras in red lights and speed cameras.


People especially liked the fact that they were notified of police checking for speeding while still having time to slow down and check their own speed with this device. When you are using the Highway setting, the device is able to track any threats around you that are within two and four miles. There isn’t much information on how the other settings work in terms of range, but considering the fact that most people who reviewed this product lauded it for its accuracy and reliability, it can be assumed that you will be informed quickly about any threats on the road while using the detector in other settings as well.


This Beltronics product has a very simple design. It is also easy to install in your car. It’s gray in color and it has the logo written on it. There are also three buttons for the different settings and the names of the settings are written clearly above the buttons so you don’t have to spend too much time figuring out which one is which. There is a button underneath the settings buttons which allows you to increase the volume or to mute the device. Then, there is the display, which you can choose to have red or blue letters on it. The latter is less noticeable for other people on the road. You can also choose to have the display in dark mode. The device is fairly small at 6.5 x 11 x 2 inches.


The display of this product is easy to read and you will be able to choose whether the letters will be in red or blue (although it appears that the red version is the only one that’s available on Amazon). Blue letters will make it less noticeable when you are driving, which is important because if the police detect that you have one of these, it might cause you to get in trouble. And if you are driving in the dark, you will be able to adjust the settings of the display so that it will be in dark mode. This will allow you to only be able to receive voice notifications, which is a lot better when you are on the road. The red or blue letters will be on a black background display.


One of the great features of this product is that there are only three settings, so you won’t have to worry about trying to figure out how to use all different settings and how to be able to activate them. The three settings are Highway, AutoScan, and City.

If you are going to be driving in the city, it is best to use the City setting because it will help to prevent the device from giving you any false alerts due to the number of motion detectors and garage openers there are. Most of the time, you will likely be using the AutoScan setting, which works by analyzing all the different alerts that the device receives to prevent you from getting too many false alerts.

And finally, you can choose to use the Highway setting, which will turn off any additional filters in the device and allow you to receive notifications about signals two to four miles away from you. It is also necessary to mention that this radar detector also works like a laser detector.

Something that a lot of people don’t know is that police officers often use LIDAR guns to be able to track the speed of individual cars on the road. This Beltronics device will be able to see if the police have placed such a laser on your car to track your speed. This will hopefully allow you to have enough time to slow down before the police decide to come after you.

Ease of Use

This device is also extremely easy for you to use. Since there are only three settings, there is not much that you need to sit down and attempt to figure out. You simply press a button to be able to activate any of the settings. You will be able to silence alerts and turn the screen off. It is also a device that is easy to install in your car; there is a quick release mount that can be attached to the windshield of your car. It’s just as easy to remove. And if you want to travel with this device for any reason, it also comes with a travel case.


There aren’t too many reports on how accurate this product is, but when you go to read a lot of the reviews that people left about it, you will find that most of them were pleased with how it performed. They said that they were able to receive alerts about police way ahead of time and they were able to avoid getting pulled over.

There is the chance that you might receive a false alert, especially if you happen to be driving in an area where there are a lot of garage openers and other devices, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Plus, this device has the technology to be able to differentiate between actual threats and false ones.


One area where you might experience some issues is when it comes to the price of the product. Since it has been discontinued by Beltronics, you may find that it is a little bit difficult to find. The good news is that the detector is available on some online retailers such as Amazon, which is where most people have gone to purchase theirs. The price of this product on Amazon is $139. This is pretty comparable to other radar detectors on the market, and most of the other ones come in at similar prices.

However, some people may not be so willing to be spending as much money on a detector device, and you should also keep in mind that you won’t have a GPS to be able to alert you about other traps on the road that might get you in trouble. So, it’s up to you to decide if you want to spend $139 on this product.

Key Features

The device has three settings that are easy to navigate
This product is also a laser detector, so you will be able to receive alerts of if the police are tracking your speed with LIDAR guns
There are also notifications for if there is construction going on in your area
You can choose to turn off the display to prevent attention
You can get the LED screen to have red or blue letters
It is easy to install and to take off of your windshield
The product is small and portable if you want to take it out of your car

Bottom Line

Not too many people are aware of what radar detectors are, but once they purchase one, there are plenty who claim that they can’t live without one. It helps you to be aware of any threats there are on the road that might cause you to get in trouble if you are accidentally speeding. You should avoid speeding altogether to remain safe, but the fact remains that most of us do speed from time to time. The Beltronics RX65 radar detector will let you know ahead of time if there are police on the road so that you can have the opportunity to slow down. You will also be able to change the settings of the device and how you want the notifications to appear on the display. It’s easy to use and to figure out. Some people weren’t too happy about the lack of a GPS and about the price, but overall, this is a product that has received rave reviews.