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Uniden R3 Review Facts

There are plenty of reasons why many people choose to get radar detectors. The main reason is so that they can be aware of any speed cameras, police, or other similar security devices on the road. There are people who tend to get in trouble for speeding, and they want to be able to avoid getting in trouble for speeding so that they don’t have to worry about the possibility of losing their driver’s license. It is best that you avoid speeding as much as possible while you are on the road, but there might be instances where you feel the need to, such as if you are running late. And, it’s always nice to know where the cameras or police are so that you can warn other drivers on the road.

This is where radar detectors come in because they have all the technology necessary to make sure that you remain aware of these different factors. One of the more advanced and professional radar detectors that you can choose from is the Uniden R3. A lot of people know about this brand due to the fact that it has some of the best speed detectors on the market. So, you won’t have to be too shocked to see that its radar detector is also one of the best. Most people who have used it said that this is definitely a product meant for professionals. In this article, we will discuss the different reviews that people have left about the Uniden R3, including why they liked it and what some of its pros and cons are, as well as all the different features that this product has to offer to people on the road.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Range is wide for alerts
  • Very accurate
  • Easy to set up and to figure out
  • Brightly colored display is easy to read
  • Can be put on mute to not be distracted by noise
  • Easy to manage to prevent any false alerts
  • Some reports of still receiving false alerts
  • When you do get an alert, they tend to not go away for a while
  • Display may be too small 

Basic Features

Once again, most people who have used this product said that it was evident from the start that this is something meant for professionals. The design is sleek and sturdy and you will be able to get a lot of use out of this product. Its display is colorful and bright, and according to a lot of people, it is more advanced than the displays of other similar products on the market.

People were also pleased with the wide range and sensitivity, and you also will get a GPS so you can have alerts about other speeding monitors on the road. You can manage the false alerts that you get so that the device won’t alert you for things like garage openers and motion detectors. It also will be able to detect the lasers from police LIDAR guns, which are used by police officers to be able to track the speed at which an individual car is going. If yours happens to be detected, you will be able to slow down a bit, hopefully not causing the officer to pull you over. There are three settings for you to choose from and you will also be able to mute the device when you need to.


There does not seem to be any information on exactly how wide this detector’s range is, but according to a lot of reviews and descriptions of the product, its range is unmatched by any other detector on the market. You will be able to get notifications about any speed monitors right away, even if you are a little ways away, which will give you just enough time to be able to slow down without getting into trouble.

There are a lot of people who said that the wide range at which this device was able to detect monitors allowed them to slow down and stay safe while on the road. They seem to support the claim that the range is unlike that of any other radar detector.


You will be getting a sleek and professional product out of the deal here. A lot of users agreed that they noticed how this product is something that is meant for professional use right away. It comes in a nice black color and has a basic design. You will get a case along with the device if you wish to travel with it, and there are mounts that come with it, which will help you in being able to install the product on your windshield.

It is not too large that it would become a burden on you when you want to install it, not have a huge disturbance on your windshield, or if you wish to be able to transport it, but the device is large enough that you will be able to read the display with ease.


The sensitivity of this device is also unmatched by many other radar detectors, according to a lot of reviews. Both the sensitivity and the range were some of the features that people commented on the most. No matter where in your car you choose to install this device, it will quickly pick up on any security monitors that you find in your path. And, people noticed that it is consistent with being able to pick up any signals along the way, so you won’t have to worry about potentially coming across a police officer or camera and not receiving some sort of notification about this.


People were also pleased with the unique display that this product has. It is bright and colorful, yet large enough so that you will be able to read it. While there were indeed some people who said that they were not able to read the display as easily, most people who reviewed the product said that they did not experience any difficulties.

You can also adjust the settings for brightness if you please, and you can even dim it to the point where you won’t have to worry about the chance of someone else seeing that you have a radar detector in your car. The screen will stay off when you drive and it will light up when the device has caught notice of something. This is especially great for when you are driving at night.

The five settings for the brightness of the display are dark bright, dim, dimmer, dark, and off.


As is the case with many radar detectors, this one will give you the opportunity to choose between three settings: city, highway, and advanced. The city mode is best for when you are driving through urban areas or through communities because it will prevent the device from giving you alerts when you pass something like a garage opener or a motion detector.

The highway setting will remove a lot of the types of filters and it will give you warnings a lot sooner than the other settings will (due to the fact that it is a little harder to slow down when you’re on the highway since you’re driving at a much faster speed).

And finally, the advanced setting is what you likely will be using most of the time while driving. It allows the device to filter between false alerts and real ones, and it will be able to analyze the different signals that it receives more closely. You will be able to access these different settings through the city button on the device.

Ease of Use

Another great feature of the device that impressed a lot of people was how easy it is to use. It’s also easy to install in your car and you will be able to get two different platforms to mount the device on to as you wish. There is both a double suction cup and a single suction cup; the former is to install the detector on your windshield, and the latter is to install it on your dashboard. No matter where you choose to put it, however, people noticed that it was able to catch signals.

There are only a few buttons that you need to familiarize yourself with, including the city button with all the settings, mark, mute/dim, power, menu, and volume. You can adjust how bright the display is, look through the different menus of the device, and to lockout its GPS. Overall, you will be able to access all of the device’s features through the Menu screen. People were surprised by how easy this product is to use despite the fact that it is rather technologically advanced.


There is not too much information regarding exactly how accurate the radar detector is, but given all the positive reviews that this product received, it probably is not too much to guess that people liked its accuracy. It has BSM filtering, which will allow you to be able to monitor the false alerts that you may get. Even if you are using a mode for the device in which it will need to be highly sensitive, most people were pleased with the accuracy.

However, there were some complaints of the device still giving false alerts even when all the filters were in place. It may just depend on where you are, too, but the bright side is that it shows you just how sensitive this product is.


One thing about this Uniden product that you will want to take into consideration, however, is the fact that it comes with a pretty price tag. You will be able to purchase the radar detector for approximately $358 on Amazon. So, it definitely is not the cheapest detector that you will be able to buy, and this may be a cause for some people to stray away from it.

However, the great news is that you definitely will be getting a lot of bang for your buck because not many other radar detectors have all the features that this one does. There were people who said that it is worth every penny that you will have to spend on it. So, whether or not you want to be spending upwards of $360 on a radar detector is up to you, but the chances of you being able to find another one with similar features as this for a cheaper price are pretty low.

Key Features

This product is both a radar detector and a laser detector, so you will be able to detect the LIDAR guns of the police
The display is bright and colorful and can be adjusted in settings
There are three settings for you to choose from
This device comes with a GPS, so you can see all the different security monitors in your area
A lot of people claim that it has a range and sensitivity like no other of its kind
You can filter out all the false alerts
There is a lot of versatility in terms of where you can install this device in your car

Bottom Line

There are plenty of radar detectors on the market that people enjoyed, but the Uniden R3 is one of the highest-rated. Despite its high price tag, you will be getting features that you likely would not be able to find in another similar device. You can filter out all the false alerts, be alerted for speed monitors within a nice distance, have a bright display screen, and more.

You can also receive alerts for the LIDAR lasers that police use to detect speed. There are a lot of features that people appreciated about this product. If you were looking for a good radar detector, then the Uniden R3 is just right for you.

We here at DrivrZone never recommend driving above the speed limit as car safety is our number one concern. You should check with your local state or provincial laws prior to purchasing a radar detector to check whether it is legal to use one.