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Maxi Cosi Pria 85 Review Facts

Are you someone who doesn’t want to have to constantly buy your child new car seats when they grow out of their old ones? This is a common worry that parents have. With the thousands of car seats available on the market, it can sometimes be difficult to choose one that suits all of your different needs. But if you’re looking for a car seat that will last you a long time and that your child will grow into, a convertible seat is your best bet.

One great option for a convertible car seat is the Maxi Cosi Pria 85. This will accommodate your baby from when they’re just born to when they’re 85 pounds. This is major in comparison to many other convertible car seats on the market that offer accommodation for children up to 65 pounds at most. However, this seat doesn’t have a booster mode, so if your child still needs that when they’re done using the seat, then that’s something you’ll have to consider.

Otherwise, there are some great features that parents loved about this car seat, as well as some features that weren’t so popular among buyers. So, we will talk about the different things that people had to say as well as all that this Maxi Cosi car seat has to offer.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Provides accommodation for children weighing up to 85 pounds

Cover can be washed and dried

Has a cup holder for added convenience

Has extra protection and stability for newborns

Provides your child with all necessary safety features

The fabric prevents your child from getting too hot


Not a budget-friendly option

It’s a bit bulky and wide

Straps are difficult to tighten

Basic Features

In order for your child to be able to use this car seat, they need to be between 5 and 85 pounds. It is important to note that there are two versions of this car seat- the regular and the max. The regular will accommodate children starting at 14 pounds, whereas the max starts at 5 pounds. So if you’re looking for a seat that you can use for your newborn, then you will want to make sure that you purchase the max. They have almost all the same features besides that.

To continue, you may use this car seat in the rear-facing position for children who weigh between 5 and 40 pounds and who are at most 40 inches tall. The seat can be used in the forward-facing position when your child is between 22 and 85 pounds and 29 and 52 inches. Many parents were pleased with the fact that this car seat was able to be used for so long and that they could fit their child inside until they basically didn’t need any sort of car seat or booster seat anymore. However, something that some people noted was that their children grew out of it in terms of height before they grew out of it in terms of weight.

There are some other great features that the seat has to offer. For one, when your child has a spill, you will have the opportunity to throw the cushions in the washing machine and the dryer. This definitely makes things a lot easier for parents of young children. There are also several different designs for you to choose from, which could easily make it great for customization.

Another thing that may appeal to a lot of parents is the fact that the seat has been approved for use on aircraft. Yes, the seat is a bit bulky, but there are people who have used it for travel. Since many families enjoy traveling and taking their kids with them, having a car seat that you can easily use while on the airplane is a good choice.

Advanced Features

This seat does not have too many advanced features. The main one is that it accommodates children who are 85 pounds, which is definitely one of the highest numbers that harness car seats offer. You usually won’t find this number with another convertible car seat.

There is also a magnetic chest clip on the harness, which is supposed to make buckling your child in their seat a lot easier. We will discuss this in another section. There is also a pillow that is meant to be used for infants up to 15 pounds. The purpose of this pillow is to make sure that your child will be protected and safe until they’re capable of holding themselves up.


One of the downsides of the Maxi Cosi Pria 85 is that it is quite large. The dimensions are 18.5 x 20.75 x 29.63, which make it a lot bigger than many other car seats that are available on the market. This might not be too much of a problem for people who have bigger cars, but if you have a sedan, then this could greatly compromise a lot of the space you have. You definitely couldn’t fit more than one across the back seat of your car, and you’ll have to consider the fact that whoever is sitting in front of the car seat will have a significant decrease in the amount of legroom. As always, you will want to measure the backseat of your car to see how this seat would fare. And again, if you drive a large car or a minivan, then this car seat shouldn’t pose any issues in terms of size.

Ease of Use

Overall, the seat is fairly simple to install. The LATCH connectors are push-on, which does make things a lot easier for installation. You won’t be able to make any adjustments to the recline once you have installed your seat, however, so you have to take that into consideration and make sure you read your manual carefully about the different positions.

The only area where some parents had issues in terms of use was when it came to the chest buckle. It is magnetic, which is supposed to make things a bit easier. But there were some parents who just couldn’t get used to it, and there were some families who found that the child would get the buckle undone on their own.


As with most of the other car seats we have reviewed, this one does not have many accessories that come with it. You can opt to purchase a seat protector, which serves to protect your back seat from spills and indentation caused by the car seat. You’ll also have the choice to purchase this car seat in one of six different colors, which definitely makes it great for customization, and if your child is old enough, he or she could pick out which color they want. The seat does come with a cup holder, which makes car rides a lot more convenient, and there is also a sunshade. This is great for when your child is sleeping or if you simply want to block the sun out of your child’s eyes.


All car seats that are sold on the market have to have passed a number of crash safety tests in order to be released to the public, which means that you won’t have to worry about safety with this Maxi Cosi car seat. However, one thing that you will want to take into consideration is the possibility that you haven’t installed the seat correctly, which could cause a decrease in the level of protection it offers. This goes for any car seat that you purchase.

Otherwise, the Maxi Cosi seat has enough padding to protect your child from impact, as well as a system that will absorb the shock of any impact. There is also an adjustable harness that will help your child to fit snugly in the seat.

There were some reviews where parents stated that they had been in car accidents - including severe ones- where their children were just fine while using this car seat. We hope that this is not a situation that you will ever be in, but knowing that the seat does provide top-notch protection is definitely one of the most important features you have to consider.


Not too much has been said about the comfort that this seat provides, but it’s easy to assume that your child will be as comfortable as can be when they sit in this seat. The fact that the seat is meant for children who weigh up to 85 pounds should say enough when it comes to how the seat will be comfortable. It also provides extra padding for children- the main purpose being for impact protection and shock absorption, but also for comfort. Besides that, the fabric that the cushioning is made out of absorbs moisture, which means that your child will stay cool throughout the duration of the car ride. This will ensure extra comfort.


This car seat is also one of the heaviest ones on the market. This could be a bit of a downside for many families who put having a lightweight car seat on the top of their list. It weighs 23.75 pounds, which would make it quite difficult to travel with or to transport anywhere. Yes, there are many great features that the car seat has to offer, but having a seat as heavy as this one could be a major dealbreaker for some families.

Of course, if you’re someone who likely won’t be taking the seat out of your car ever, then this won’t be much of an issue for you. And, people generally associate heavier products with higher quality materials (this doesn’t necessarily mean that a lightweight car seat is made out of poor materials), so that might be something that would make this a more attractive option for you.


Another area where some people had doubts when it came to this Pria 85 car seat was when it came to the price. Of course, expensive car seats do tend to have many more features than car seats that are more budget-friendly, as is the case here; this seat, for example, will accommodate your child all the way until they weigh 85 pounds, which is definitely not something that you will find in most other car seats. So one way you can look at it is that you are paying extra for something that will last you longer. But the $330 price tag might be a dealbreaker for families who can’t afford to pay that much. So, again, this is something that you will want to take into consideration.

Key Features

Accommodates children weighing up to 85 pounds
Has extra padding for impact protection
Fabric is made out of moisture-absorbing material
Has cup holders for extra convenience
Cushions can be thrown in the washer and dryer
The seat has a magnetic chest clip
The seat exceeds expectations for safety standards

Bottom Line

Again, finding a good car seat can be quite difficult, especially when you take into consideration all the different types that there are on the market. The Maxi Cosi Pria 85 is a seat that has many good features and some other features that several people weren’t too pleased about.

For one, the main selling point of this car seat is that it can be used for children from when they’re newborns (5 pounds) to when they’re 85 pounds, which is far beyond what many other car seats on the market have to offer. This means that you’ll be using your car seat for a long time, and might not even have to purchase a booster seat when your child has grown out of it.

There were several other features that made this seat unique, particularly the fact that you can throw the cushioning in the washer and dryer when it gets dirty. The cushioning also provides your child with maximum comfort and protection, and it’s also made out of a fabric that will absorb moisture.

The seat exceeds expectations for safety and according to parents who have been in accidents, their children remained completely fine when they were in this Maxi Cosi car seat.

Of course, some factors like the price and the weight might be dealbreakers for some people. So you will want to take all of these into consideration before you purchase this product.