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Shoei X12 Ultimate Review Review Facts

Purchasing a helmet that has all the proper features, such as a strong shell, good fit, and high ratings from important safety providers is the best way to make sure that you will be safe on the road.

There are plenty of brands out there nowadays that motorcyclists all around the world trust. But one that seems to get many positive reviews is Shoei. Although their products are worth several hundreds of dollars, they seem to consistently rank among the top motorcycle helmets, thanks to their innovative features and high-quality materials.

The Shoei X12 seems to be no exception. Its main selling feature- the fact that the shell is available in 5 different sizes- is definitely what made this an attractive product for many people. You can also customize the lining to give you the exact fit and comfort you want, and you can be assured that this helmet will provide you with all the necessary features to keep you safe and comfortable on the road.

So, let’s discuss some of the different things you can expect from the X12 helmet and whether or not reviewers believed that it is worth purchasing.

Editor's Pros & Cons

It comes in 5 shell sizes

Fits rather large for more comfort

Can customize the internal lining

Provides a sleek and glossy appearance

Has well-sealed face shield

Has passed important crash safety tests


Does not have the best ventilation

It is rather expensive

It is heavy

Safety Features

The fact that the shell of this helmet is made out of such strong materials certainly makes it even more appealing for motorcycle riders. The shell is made out of fiberglass and organic fibers, which, according to the company, can only be cut with the use of a laser. The strap on the chin has a D-ring system.

In addition, it has been approved by Snell and DOT, which are two of the most important helmet safety regulators on the market. If you live in Europe, it has also been approved by the ECE and meets the company’s standards. There are red tabs under the cheek pads that allow the cheek pads to be removed easily by medical personnel if you ever happen to be involved in an accident.

This is an important feature because it will prevent any injury to your head and neck, as tugging on the helmet to pull it off could make things a lot worse.

Helmet Noise

One thing that quite a few people noticed with this helmet is that it is rather noisy on the inside. However, it is important to note that this is a feature that is subjective. So, what some people might consider being noisy is not going to be what others consider noisy. But regardless of that fact, you must consider purchasing a pair of noise-canceling headphones. This is because there are barely any helmets on the market that will provide you with enough earplugs to not cause potential damage to your hearing.

Even with the quietest ones, you will be subjected to loud noises from the wind, the engine of your motorcycle, and the sounds of other cars on the road driving quickly past you. And if you are planning on using a motorcycle as your main method of transportation, this can lead to potentially irreversible hearing loss.

With this particular helmet, people said that they noticed the vents in the top tend to produce a loud whistle, but it goes away when you lean forward instead of sitting up straight. But people who reviewed this product said they still thought it was noisier than average, even when they were wearing the proper equipment, such as a windscreen, earplugs, and purchased helmets that fit them properly. Depending on the way your helmet fits, as well as what kind of motorcycle you ride, the windscreen you use, how strong the winds are, what direction you’re riding in (and whether or not you’re riding against the wind), and even potentially the clothes that you are wearing could have an impact on the level of noise that you hear while wearing the helmet.


Perhaps one of the most important things to note with this helmet is that the shell comes in 5 different sizes, which is a milestone for any brand and easily one of the reasons why the cost is so high. This is also a highly attractive feature for many consumers and perhaps one of the biggest selling points of this particular helmet. The different shell sizes will allow you to find the fit that is perfect for you no matter what size your head is, which is also a key feature for safety. If the helmet doesn’t fit you right, then all the safety features will not work to their capacity. Some people found that the helmet fits larger than they expected, so it’s important to make sure that you purchase it from a retailer that allows for returns to make things easier on you.

Along with that, users said that they felt as though the internal lining was comfortable and they were able to wear the helmet for long periods. There are also ear pockets that are meant for intercom speakers. The internal lining and cheek pads can be removed and upgraded to a different size for a more customized fit. In fact, the company has six different sizes for padding, which means that you will be able to find exactly what is comfortable for you.

The only downside, which we will discuss in the next section, is the fact that there are no direct vents where the chin bar is. This means that you might not feel as though there is enough ventilation throughout the helmet, which also plays a huge role in how comfortable it is. But the chin bar has padding that is firm yet plus, so your chin will also be well-protected.

Another thing that will play a huge role in this product’s level of comfort is the fact that the internal lining soaks up moisture, so when you sweat, you won’t have to worry about it making you uncomfortable or stuffy. You will also be able to wash it, which is a huge plus.


Quite a lot of people who reviewed the Shoei X12 said that they were disappointed in the helmet’s ventilation, which does not seem to be very characteristic for the Shoei brand. There is a brow vent, top vent, and vent near the chin area. This seems to be fairly standard for helmets, but the main reason why people expressed dissatisfaction is due to the fact that it’s not easy to notice whether or not the vents are open. And this can be a problem because it is extremely important that you get a steady supply of fresh air when you’re wearing a helmet on the road, especially if the weather is hot.

The top vent is only 4 mm, making it extremely narrow in comparison to what’s normal for other helmets. Some of the holes in the helmet that provides airflow need to be blocked by the fabric liner, which completely defeats their purpose. And you will not get any ventilation through the chin bar from the chin vent, which also can be a deterrent for many customers.

Considering the fact that this is a race helmet, people were surprised by the relative lack of proper ventilation and how difficult it was to open the sliding vents with gloves on. Typically, other helmets manufactured by the brand and that have the same features do not have this problem. Even the rear vent, which is meant to filter out the stale air from the back, is difficult to open.

So, overall, not being able to have good ventilation and having difficulty accessing the vent sliders can completely deter people from potentially purchasing this product. And that does not seem to be a characteristic of the Shoei brand.

However, it is also important to note that ventilation seems to be a highly subjective aspect, meaning that just because some people find that they are not getting enough does not mean that others will believe the same. There were, indeed, some reviews where people said that they were pleased with the amount of airflow that this helmet provided. So it all seems up to user discretion.

Face Shield

The face shield provides you with a rain ridge that helps to prevent leakage and any water from getting in when it rains. The water will drain from the sides of the shield so that it cannot actually enter the helmet. This is great because it is important for you to be able to see clearly and not experience any difficulties when driving in the rain. And users said that this feature worked very well even in strong rainstorms, so you won’t have any difficulty in that aspect. And while this product did not have the best ventilation system, it is also thanks to the small air vents that no water will get in.

The visor also has a lock on the left side to either lock it completely shut or to crack it open very slightly to prevent fogging in cooler weather. You also have the option to use a Pinlock insert, which also is highly effective in preventing fog. Some people would have preferred to have a special coating, but everyone who reviewed the Pinlock said it works well.

The shield overall will provide you with a wide range of views, so you will be able to see everything going on around you and in your peripherals clearly.


Another great feature that many people appreciated was the helmet’s appearance. While this might not be the most important feature, nor is it one that should be considered a dealbreaker, plenty of people were pleased with the fact that it came in a pink version and had a glossy finish on the shell.

Some people found that purchasing the product in solid colors ended up saving them money. You will be able to feel confident when wearing this helmet and all the innovative features it provides will help you to feel comfortable on the road.


Most people who have purchased anything from the Shoei brand before or who have considered doing so know that they are making quite the investment. This brand is known for its high-quality products that have innovative features, so you are paying for what you get, essentially.

The fact that this product offers five different shell sizes, which is way more than average, means that you will inevitably end up paying a lot more than you might for a similar product. It's lightweight and compact design, as well as features such as anti-fog and removable liner, make this one of the more desirable options on the market.

The retail price is close to $800, but you will be able to purchase it in sizes small to XXL on Amazon for $475, which does seem to be a bit more inexpensive than the other helmets made by Shoei.

Key Features

Comes in 5 different shell sizes
You can remove the lining for washing or a custom fit
It comes in several different colors
Has a shield to prevent water from getting in
Pinlock works to prevent fog
Provides important safety features
It has passed tests by key safety companies

Bottom Line

This Shoei product is definitely something that you might have to invest in, but many people believed that it was worth the price and is an upgrade from previous models. While the fact that it doesn’t offer the best ventilation and it is noisier than average might deter some people, there were just as many people who believed that it works well in these areas.

Aside from that, the main feature that captivated buyers was the fact that the helmet comes in 5 different shell sizes, so you will be able to get a fit that is perfect for you.