Falken WildPeak A/T3W

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Falken WildPeak A/T3W Review Facts

If you’re someone who loves to go off-roading or you simply want to be able to drive comfortably in all types of weather and on all types of pavement, then finding the best all-weather and all-purpose tires is the most critical step for you. These tires are typically meant to be used for SUVs, smaller trucks, and crossovers, so that’s something to consider if you don’t have a car like that.

The Falken WildPeak A/T3W is a tire that you can certainly rely on. It’s meant to be used during all the seasons, including the winter, so you won’t have to worry about having to change them when the seasons change. It’s perfect for when you want to go off-roading and driving on muddier pavement, so if you’re someone who is a lot more adventurous, then these tires will be your best friend. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to use them for your everyday activities, too; these tires work just as well when you use them on the pavement. The only area where some drivers had some issues when it came to their performance was the fact that they sometimes didn’t do their best when used on highways. Otherwise, the fact that these Falken tires are able to be used during all different types of weather conditions, they’re available at an affordable price, and they can be used anywhere are some of the features that many drivers fell in love with.

In this article, we will talk about the many features that the Falken WildPeak A/T3W tires have to offer, including what people who purchased them had to say about their performance.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Works great in wet and dry conditions

Comes at a good price

Works well in the wintertime

Good for off-road purposes

Made out of durable and sturdy materials

Very responsive on all types of road


Tends to vibrate and make noise when on the highway

Basic Features

This tire provides many of the essential and basic features that are needed in most tires that will hit the road. First thing’s first, it’s necessary to make sure that the tire is as stable as possible. People spend a lot of time driving from place to place, so it’s natural that tires will end up facing some wear and tear. However, the technology that manufacturers incorporate will help to ensure that they will last for as long as possible.

That was what the manufacturers of this Falken tire did their best to do. The overall design of the tires, complete with both rigid and rugged tread, will help to make sure that your vehicle remains stable while on the road. Making tires that have a lot of grooves in them will help to improve traction. Besides these grooves, there are tread blocks, which are meant to help your car to perform better when driven on rather rough roads and to help prevent any rocks from getting into the grooves and potentially damaging your tires.

Aside from that, the tires also have 3D Canyon Sipe Technology, which works to make sure that the tires won’t wear down too much from the high torque that will be exerted as you drive. This will help to make sure that the tires will last you a lot longer and will give you a much smoother ride.

Advanced Features

There are some advanced features that are specific to these tires as well. One of the main ones is that they are meant to be used in all types of weather conditions and on all types of roads. So, people who like to go on adventures and who enjoy off-roading will have a great time using these tires. They can even be used during your typical everyday activities, too, and will perform the same way. People appreciated the fact that they were able to use these all year round without having to worry about purchasing a specific set for the winter.

In order to be able to accommodate these different features, they naturally have special technology to keep them stable and protected. They have heat diffuser technology, which is meant to make sure that the structure of the tire’s interior will remain protected no matter what and where you choose to go. This helps to remove heat from the interior and keep the tires cooler than they typically would be. This means that your car will perform a lot better no matter what types of conditions you’re driving in.

There is also an outer apex sidewall and an aggressive upper sidewall. These also function to make sure that the interior of the tire remains protected. They will further enhance the durability of your tires and ensure that you will be able to use them for many years to come. Also, these sidewalls will help to prevent any sharp objects from getting caught in your tire and potentially causing damage.

Finally, in order to support the claims that the tires can be used in any types of weather conditions, the tread pattern is meant to make sure that you can drive well on wet terrain. These tires have a silica tread compound and deep tread, which help you to be able to drive in the rain and on the snow. The tread patterns help to prevent you from hydroplaning and they also work to make sure that the tires last you a long time.

Dry Performance

Even though these tires are marketed as being great for all-weather purposes, they also perform very well on dry ground. The sidewalls help to make sure of this. The entire internal structure of your tires will be protected from heat, sharp objects, and more, which results in a tire that lasts you for a long time and that will perform its best on any type of terrain.

As we mentioned above, there is also technology in the tires to help prevent them from being damaged by any of the high amounts of torque that will be exerted on them as you drive. Another plus is that even if you’re using your car to transport something heavy, your tires won’t get damaged. This is due to the heat diffuser that makes sure the internal parts of the tires won’t overheat.

People who used this tire have reported that no matter what type of terrain they chose to drive on- regular road, grass, mud, and more- these tires performed at their very best. You will get an excellent response whether you choose to accelerate, brake, or turn corners.

Wet Performance

As mentioned, these also work great on wet terrain. It’s not typical for a tire to work as well on dry roads as it does on wet roads, but it’s safe to say that this Falken product is likely an exception. Even if you happen to be driving over large puddles, these tires will be guaranteed to get you to where you need to be safely. And the tread compound helps to ensure their responsiveness, meaning that you can confidently brake and turn corners on wet roads without experiencing problems.

The deep treading in the tires will also help to prevent you from hydroplaning, which is a major plus. There were even claims by the company stating that these have some of the deepest tread patterns on the market, which means that you won’t have to worry about hydroplaning whatsoever.

Overall, there were many drivers who said that these tires even did better in the rain than they did on dry surfaces, which is rather surprising. However, when you examine the design of the tire, perhaps it shouldn’t come to much of a surprise that your tires will perform their best no matter what conditions you put them through.

Snow Performance

And finally, you can be confident that these Falken tires will get you through the snow safely, too. The deep threads and the overall rugged design are what you can thank for that. They’re even said to work great in deep snow, which makes them truly one of a kind. The 3D Canyon Sipe technology helps to make sure that your tires will stay stable no matter what weather conditions you happen to be driving in- and that includes both snow and ice. The tread pattern will help to move the snow to the side while you’re driving, which means that you’ll get a much smoother ride.

Overall, people were pleased with how these performed in the snow. The durability also didn’t cause them to get damaged over time. If you happen to live in an area that has snowy winters, then these tires are the perfect option for you.


Tires need to have deep treading and a great tread pattern in order to remain supported on all types of terrain. You’re in luck with these tires. For one, the silica tread compound allows you to drive well in the rain or snow, and even deeper snow and ice. This tread will not only keep the car supported, but it also will prevent you from hydroplaning, which is absolutely key when purchasing all-weather tires. They’re also meant to be used on muddy roads.

he treading also has blocks to prevent any sharp objects from getting caught in the grooves of the tires, which could ultimately cause damage. It’s safe to say that you can rely on the tread to make sure that you have a supportive and stable ride in all sorts of conditions.


The price of these tires will depend on the size that you choose to get. It’s important to check out whether or not your car is compatible with these tires; they work best for crossovers, small trucks, and SUVs of different brands. You can opt to purchase the tires from 15 to 20 inches. Of course, the price will depend on the size you need. You will be able to find them on Amazon for a wide range of prices. Another feature that many people appreciated was that, no matter what size they needed to get, the tires were extremely affordable, which isn’t too typical for high-quality and all-purpose tires.

To give you a better picture, the 20-inch version of these are worth $185 on Amazon, which is extremely affordable for a product that boasts as many features as these do.

Key Features

Can be used in all weather conditions and on all terrain
Deep treading prevents hydroplaning
Can be used even in deep snow
Has technology to protect the interior from damage and overheating
Has technology to prevent sharp objects from damaging tires
Great responsiveness when braking, accelerating, or turning

Bottom Line

If you live somewhere that has long and snowy winters, then you know how important it is to purchase tires that can handle the weather. Not too many tires on the market today will work as well in all types of conditions, but the Falken WildPeak A/T3W is an exception.

You can drive just as well on dry pavement as you can on wet pavement or even the snow and ice. There are many features you have to thank for that. First, the tires provide deep treading- one of the deepest treading patterns that is available on the market- which aims to keep your vehicle supported on wet and snowy roads and to prevent you from hydroplaning. These tires are known to last people a long time, and since you’re able to use them no matter what types of conditions you’re driving in, you won’t have to worry about changing them or investing in a new set for the winter.

The only area where some people experienced issues was when they were driving on the highway. Since these are meant for off-roading and all-weather purposes, some people found that the tires made a lot more noise when they used them on the highway. However, there weren’t too many people who experienced this problem, and it in no way detracts from the other wonderful features that these tires have to offer.

So, if you were looking for a set of tires that will work for you no matter what, then you don’t need to look any further than the Falken WildPeak A/T3W.