10 Best Jogging Strollers Reviewed in 2019

As individuals become parents, they tend to adjust their normal routines so as to fit into the lives of their kids. Sometimes, this means letting go of some hobbies and one of this includes early morning runs especially when you are caring for an infant alone. But what if I told you there was a way for parents who love running to get their morning runs and care for their kids simultaneously.

This is where jogging strollers come in handy. These joggers are created to handle uneven terrains while protecting the infant from the rigors of the bumpy ride. They have more weight than the basic carriers and almost all types of jogging strollers consist of three tires bigger than 12-in, or brakes and all-wheel suspension. Majority of them also sport drum brakes which are hand-activated to enable joggers to slow down on hills as well as basic parking.

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Baby Trend Expeditionimg
  • Baby Trend Expedition
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Durable
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Baby Trend Phantom
  • Baby Trend Phantom
  • 4.6 out of 5
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  • Adjustable
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  • The Graco
  • 4.3 out of 5
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  • Comfortable
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Now, one of the major things to understand is that the difference in jogging strollers and the typical strollers is mostly the front wheel which can be either swivel locking or fixed. A lockable swivel wheel brings about versatility and ensures that the stroller can also play the role of an everyday carrier. Fixed wheels, on the other hand, are great for running long distances but cannot be easily maneuvered in tight spaces.

While there are a lot of jogging strollers on the market ranging from all prices and features, there are still a few which do better than the others and are certain to meet your requirements regardless of what they are. On that front, here are the top 10 jogging strollers on the market today.


10 Best Jogging Strollers


1. Baby Trend Expedition

The Expedition series of the stroller from Baby Trend is well known among parents for good reason. The stroller is produced using a steel frame which is durable, strong, and lightweight. It is a jogging stroller which is three-wheeled and sports a front swivel wheel. To ensure peak level of comfort is provided for your baby while they utilize this stroller, it comes with a large canopy and 5 point harness. Additionally, the seat is greatly padded for the sake of your baby's comfortability.
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Comes with a comfortable parent tray which has 2 cup holders
Massive tires that can move easily on any terrain
Comes with a front swivel wheel which can be locked for jogging and is easily maneuvered
Padded Reclining seat with tether, storage basket, 5 point harness and massive canopy
Rubber handle which is ergonomically shaped and extra wide.
Steel frame construction which is lightweight and durable
Easy trigger fold which turns the stroller into a portable unit


In comparison to other units which offer the same functions as this stroller, the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller comes at a really affordable price even when you compare it to other products on the list.


This stroller is our first pick for various reasons. The most important being that compared to others in its category, it is quite affordable. If you are in search of an affordable jogging stroller that still brings you a load of features, then look no further as the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller is your best bet.

  • It can be used along a host of infant car seat systems
  • It is durable (ensures lifespan) and lightweight
  • It is padded generously and ensures comfort for the infant
  • Price is an advantage

Folding it requires a lot of effort and time

2. Baby Trend Phantom

The Baby Trend Phantom is well-known for its ergonomic design and features which make parents feel at ease during each ride. The stroller is made with a steel frame design which makes it rugged for use on any terrain and also lightweight to make it suitable for jogging. Furthermore, staying hydrated is important when going on walks or while jogging and the manufacturers understand this—which is why the stroller is designed with a parent console having two cup holders. There is also a storage compartment for other items like phones and keys.
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Rubber handle for comfort and ease of use when manoeuvring the stroller
Front tires can be locked into place when jogging and also swivel if you want to manoeuvre
Travel system can be made by attaching infant car seat
Storage compartment and 2 cup holders for parents
It comes with a Five-point safety harness
It has a Child tray with cup holder for parents
It has a Rugged steel frame for maximum durability


There are lots of strollers with a lot of features which come at very high prices. The Baby Trend Expedition Stroller comes with most of these features at a budget price.


The baby trend brand is very renowned and that is with good reason. If you are in search of a jogging stroller which can be manoeuvred with ease and has been constructed for durability, you can never go wrong with the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller.

  • There is an adjustable canopy to block sunlight
  • Seat pads can easily be cleaned using warm water, sponge, and detergent
  • Seat is an adjustable reclining model
  • Durable frame materials
  • Stroller's price is excellent
  • Infant car seat is sold separately

3. Graco Fast Action

The Graco Fast Action Fold Jogger will provide security, comfort, and convenience for both parents and infants alike. It is constructed in a manner which prioritizes comfort, style, and as well as easy utilization of the available functions. It features a Fast Action Fold which ensures the jogger can easily be folded and pulled together.
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It comes with a 5-point Harness
It can take weights of up to 50lbs
It comes with a Click Connect Technology which functions alongside every Graco Click Connect infant car seat
It has an automatic storage lock
It is a stroller which sports 3-wheels alongside rubber tires filled with air to provide suspension.
The stroller sports a locking front swivel wheel which provides a quick and easy change from jogging to strolling.
The stroller comes designed with durable materials and fabric
It is lightweight and comes with a massive parent tray featuring two deep cup holders as well as a closed storage compartment


The Jogging stroller comes at a budget-friendly price which is not such a bad deal considering all the features that you get when you purchase it.


This stroller is easy to set up, manoeuvre, and use. If you have no issues with the bulky size, then you cannot go wrong with the Graco Fast Action Fold Jogger.

  • The jogging stroller is secure and comfortable
  • It unfolds and folds easily and quickly
  • Has a comfortable large basket
  • It is easy to use and adjust
  • The strollers comes with a very large sun canopy which offers protection for infants
  • It is a bit bulky

4. BOB Revolution Flex

4. BOB Revolution Flex
The Bob Revolution SE Jogging stroller is a stroller which is popular among parents and can work easily on any kind of terrain. It is constructed using a light aluminium frame, suspension system, and pneumatic tires that give it the capacity to move seamlessly on grass, city surfaces, and rough terrains. This provides your infant with a great and comfortable ride while you stroll or jog.
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It comes with a padded handlebar which can be adjusted to 9 positions to provide the ideal fit for parents of any height.
It sports a two-step fold which makes for easy storage and transportation
The Innovative adjustable suspension system provides 2 stages of weight support for a seamless ride
It can conveniently take infants weighing from 8 weeks until 75lb of weight.
It is constructed using durable and strong aluminium material


The Bob Revolution SE Jogging stroller is a bit pricey and does not come cheap. If you want to go for this product, be prepared to spend a bit of your funds. If not, you can consider alternatives that can be found on this list.


If you desire a stroller that can be utilized on all terrains and comes with features which ensure safety for your baby, then you can check this product out. Also, the stroller complemented with durable materials that ensure exceptional lifespan.

  • Stroller comes with a large canopy which offers protection for your infant
  • Has a wide seat
  • Durable build gives longevity
  • Jogging stroller has storage in the back seat
  • It comes with a suspension system which can be adjusted to suit any height
  • It does not have a cup holder or automatic lock

5. Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double

5. Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double
The GT is a Stroller meant for all terrain. It comes alongside quick release wheels of 8.5 Inches which ensure negotiating a bend can be done with ease. This is a stark contrast in comparison with strollers that come with the usual hard rubber tires. Also, the forever air wheels ensure good lifespan. In other words, filling them is done with foam and they won't get punctured like standard tires.
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This double stroller can be folded with one hand easily using the patented quick fold technology
This stroller comes with padded seat and has the capacity to reline to an almost flat position
It comes with a flat tire which can easily move on any kind of terrain
It features a front wheel suspension that provides a convenient ride
The Stroller comes with a massive adjustable canopy as well as peek a boo windows
This stroller can become a travel system with ease and can be attached to a car seat
The stroller comes with a handlebar which can be adjusted to the height of any user


Compared to the other strollers on this list, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double has a price that's a bit high. Still, the stroller has a myriad of features that are functional. Couple that with the excellent build quality and we have a good performing device.


If you don't mind investing a bit more funds in the purchase of a baby stroller and you also want something that is durable and easy to manoeuvre, then the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double is the best choice. We fully recommend it to you.

  • Folding can be done with ease and it can be auto-locked after folding which makes it easy for transport
  • The wheels come with a traction which makes them move on any kind of terrain with ease
  • With the adjustable handlebar, it can be used by parents of all heights
  • It comes with a very effective handbrake
  • It sports comfortable padded seats (for babies) and very easy to push
  • It doesn't come with accessories, you have to purchase them separately.

6. Baby Jogger City Mini 3W

6. Baby Jogger City Mini 3W
The Baby Jogger City Mini GT is another model loved by parents everywhere. Wherein parents love its ability to deal with almost any kind of terrain. Also, its lightness and the fact that it can be folded with one hand makes it a proper jogging stroller. Another feature it has is that it can be folded almost totally flat. This is done by releasing an easy-to-reach strap behind the seat which reclines the jogging stroller to an almost flat level. A mesh window behind the seat aids in ensuring your infant is kept comfortable and secure. During cold periods, the weather cover situated underneath the handle can easily be released to ensure your baby is kept warm.
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It is compact and lightweight
It has the capacity to be folded with one click using the Patented quick fold technology
The seat has a peak capacity of 50 lb and sports various reclining positions
This 3-wheel stroller comes with front wheel suspension and lockable swivel front wheels. It also sports an EVA tire thread.
It comes with an adjustable canopy which has two peek-a-boo windows


The price of the Baby Jogger City Mini 3W Single Stroller is still reasonable considering it's a host of various benefits. So, we find that it's still enough for individuals on a budget.


If you are in search of a durable, lightweight, and stylish stroller which you can easily use to transverse any tight corner while keeping your kid safe, then the Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini 3W Single Stroller is a good performer that you can invest in.

  • It is extremely lightweight
  • It can be folded quickly using a one-hand quick fold feature
  • It comes with an adjustable canopy which has two clear view windows
  • Build quality is good
  • It does not have a large storage basket

7. Baby Jogger City Tour

7. Baby Jogger City Tour
Baby Jogger City Tour stroller, Onyx is a good choice for a lot of parents because of the outstanding features it brings both to the parents and the babies. The stroller comes with a car seat adapter which is great for parents who travel a lot. Additionally, it comes with a massive tray and cups which can respectively hold snacks and beverages.
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It sports an auto lock during fold which brings about ease in transportation
It can be folded with ease with the aid of its one hand quick fold feature
It comes with a near-flat recline which can be adjusted to multiple positions
The stroller features a canopy alongside canopy extension with a peek-a-boo window
The stroller sports a 5-point harness for maximum infant safety
It comes with a comfortable storage basket underneath the seat which can be utilised for holding babies essentials.
It comes alongside a host of accessories


The stroller comes at an average price considering all the features you get to enjoy. If you don't mind spending a little extra cash, then this is a great choice for you to consider.


If you are on the search for a stroller that is sturdy and lightweight—which can also be folded with ease to fit into a backpack, then this is a good choice. Hence, we recommend it to you to give it a buy.

  • It is very compact
  • Lifespan is ensured
  • For long trips, it can be folded with ease
  • It can easily fit into the backpack style after being folded
  • It comes with a great canopy which can effectively protect your infant during various weather conditions
  • It does not seamlessly move on a surface which is not levelled.

8. Baby Jogger City Select Double

8. Baby Jogger City Select Double
The City Select Second Seat stroller has the same width as a single stroller and this provides parents with the capacity to move their way through the tightest of spots. This is regardless if you are just running an errand or taking a walk, the nimble nature of this double stroller makes it (stroller) easy to control. The seats can also be adjusted either to be sibling facing, front facing, or parent facing. This ensures the highest level of comfort for both the infant and parents.
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This stroller cost more than most of the other products on the list. Still, if you have no issues investing in a jogging stroller which would serve you nicely especially if you have twins, then this is worth checking out.


The Baby Jogger City Select is a very great option if you have more than one kid who are close to each other in terms of age. The stroller is durable (ensures good lifespan) and has the capacity to maneuver through busy locations with ease. So, we find it a good choice for individuals not on a budget.


It has the capacity to fit two children
For enhanced convenience, it has a 1-step fold feature
It comes with a second seat kit so parents can replace the seats so as to match colours as required
It comes with more than 10 car seat combos
Each seat can support kids of up to 45lb
The seat has a host of configuration options

  • The handbrake can easily be accessed
  • It offers a diverse range of colour options
  • Good build-quality means good lifespan
  • It comes with ample storage
  • There are lots of accessories to select from
  • The price might not be suitable for individuals on a tight budget

9. Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight

9. Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight
The Joovy Zoom 360 is an ultralight jogging stroller weighing about 25.7 pounds. Designed using an aluminium frame, the stroller remains durable and is sturdy enough to support the weight of the child. Storing the stroller is made easy. The rear wheels on the stroller come with a one-step parking brake which is linked and ensures the stroller stays in place while stopping. Once the stroller is put in a stop position, you can fold it easily, and storage is also stress-free as the wheels on the stroller come off with ease. An auto-lock feature is also available. Moving on, a parent organizer is available which features 2 cup-holders as well as storage for keys and phones. The stroller comes with a pocket which can be zipped to secure valuables.
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Parent organizer for keys, phones, and beverages
Adjustable canopy for extra protection
Sturdy high riding seat which supports up to 75 pounds
Aluminum frame makes the stroller lightweight
It has a suspension which absorbs shock during rides
A straight rear axle is included
One-step parking brakes on the rear wheel


The Joovy Zoom offers a lot of top-notch features which is usually available on high-end strollers. This stroller gives these features at quite a reasonable price.


The Zoom 360 Ultralight is a great jogger by Joovy. It has a great canopy alongside a parent console with some of the best cup holders available on similar jogging strollers in its range. It also features a good build quality which is a sure sign of longevity. So, this is definitely worth looking into if it meets your specification.

  • It is a lightweight stroller
  • Stroller has a good price
  • Can be used as a travel system with the car seat adapters
  • Wheels can be easily removed to provide easy storage
  • Front wheels can lock or swivel
  • The parent organizer can be washed using a machine
  • The stroller comes with a tire pump
  • Infant car seat adapters are sold separately

10. BOB Revolution Flex Duallie

10. BOB Revolution Flex Duallie
The BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie jogging stroller is suitable for use on all kinds of terrain while walking or jogging. The stroller is designed to hold two kids at a time with each seat designed to support up to 50 pounds. Another feature which provides convenience during use includes the two-step fold which makes storing the stroller easy. The tires of the stroller are also made using polymer which is filled with air. This makes the stroller suitable for use on and off-road. The stroller lastly comes with a foot brake pedal which can be pushed on or off using just the bottom of the foot.
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It comes with an adjustable handlebar for nine different positions with padding for extra comfort
The stroller can be folded in 2 easy steps
The stroller tires are made of polymer filled with air and suitable for both on and off-road
The front wheels can swivel in case you need to get out of tight corners and also locked for stability
There is a wrist strap for extra safety when jogging with the stroller


This stroller comes at quite a high price, but with the features and quality you enjoy, it is worth every penny spent if you're not on a tight budget. If you are, you can consider the other products on the list.


This is a stroller worth every penny spent. It functions perfectly on any kind of terrain and your infant is certain to attain maximum level of comfort riding in this stroller. Also, its build quality ensures good lifespan and it's aesthetically sound as well. Still, purchasing the BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie Jogging Stroller entails that you can ignore its high price.

  • It comes with enough storage space
  • Front wheels swivel and can also be locked
  • It has a recline function
  • Easy to use foot pedal
  • Build quality is equivalent of good lifespan
  • No divider to separate kids in the stroller


Criteria Used In Evaluation

Of The Best Jogging Strollers


To locate our picks of the best jogging strollers, we asked thousands of mums and families with babies. Wherein we picked some of the most reoccurring products they shared with us and added our research. After these processes, we tested the products to see if the claims made about them were true. On that front, these are the tests that the products had to pass before they could be present on this list.


Regardless of how functional the jogging stroller is, the aesthetic part must satisfy us, and hence, the different mothers that’ll be interested in them. We don’t mean that you’ll consider them as eye-candy, but they’ll still comfortably satisfy us/you in terms of design. The jogging strollers above are not unreasonably bulky and unsightly nor is/are the color (s) used unsavory. We do this because of personal satisfaction on the part of the mothers and their baby. We mean, humans naturally prefer beautiful things, and a baby always deserves to look great in any scenario. Also, a slight fashion statement can be made with these strollers since you don’t need to jog with them (always). You could take a walk around with your baby, and that calls for some style. Summarily, these are the main reasons why we ensured that the individual appearances of the strollers above are aesthetically sound.

Build quality

There’s no doubt that this is the most important evaluation that the jogging strollers above passed. Loose or inadequate build quality can lead to injury and other unappealing circumstances. Also, build quality is directly proportional to the lifespan of the strollers. With that point, a stroller with exceptional build quality (the ones above) prevents unappealing situations and ensures a long lifespan.


For these jogging strollers, functionality depends on build quality. If a stroller has the cheap build quality, this touches the tires, handles, and the materials used in the stroller themselves. In other words, the handles won’t be able to withstand a lot of force and thus, will be useless in the long run. The tires won’t be able to accommodate the speed and might roll-off at any time. So, you won’t even be able to jog which subtracts one of the main uses of a jogging stroller. Materials can be used for the protection of the baby. And if that one is likewise insufficient, it could very well cause discomfort on the part of the baby. Alternatively, we can say if the materials used are cheap, you might as well stay indoors with the baby for due protection. So, we ensured that the products above are highly functional.

Price and value

The prices of the jogging strollers above are all reasonable and attractive to buyers. This partly because you can never spend too much on your baby. Also, the prices are different and cover a wide scope of buyers since individual budget always differs. In other words, you’ll find a product that’ll be your favorite above. This is partly due to the functionality of the strollers. There’s no one stroller above that doesn’t have features like high functionality, top-notch build quality, aesthetical appeal, convenience, and comfortability on the part of the baby. They’re essentially valuable and will do you well for an extended period.


Frequently Asked Questions

About Jogging Strollers


What are jogging strollers?

Jogging strollers are the go-to products/devices that can be used by you to simultaneously care for your baby and jog at the same time. Essentially, you needn’t have to sacrifice your physical health to take care of your baby (though it is necessary if you don’t have a jogging stroller). Both can be done with no interference to the other.

Which is the best jogging stroller?

Typically, we’ll say the first one is the best money can buy. But as individual opinion varies, there’s no person best. You have to check through a hoard of jogging strollers and then pick the one you prefer. Concerning that point, we’ve compiled a list of the best jogging strollers for you to pick your personal best from.

Where can I buy jogging strollers?

You can buy jogging strollers at your local baby items store if you don’t want to purchase it online. That said, you can buy a jogging stroller on an e-commerce website like Amazon since they offer the best prices and each product has numerous reviews for you to go through. This helps in getting a correct evaluation of whichever product you choose to buy.