Best Motorcycle Earplugs Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Speeding down the highway on your motorcycle is very different from doing the same thing in a car or truck. You are not so sealed off from the outside world. Those tightly closed windows in a car are replaced by the much less tight seal of a motorcycle helmet. Basically, it gets noisy. Some people get headphones, so they have something to listen to over the blasting sound of air moving through the helmet, some try to ignore it. You, you have finally decided that it is time to get yourself some motorcycle earplugs.


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EarDial HiFiimg
  • EarDial HiFi
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • High Tech
  • Price: See Here
Eargasm High Fidelity
  • Eargasm High Fidelity
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Protective
  • Price: See Here
The Ear Buddy Soft Foamimg
  • The Ear Buddy Soft Foam
  • 4.4 out of 5
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  • Great Value
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That’s just a taste of the wide variety of plugs that you can pick from on this list. It has a wide range of types and technologies that can do all kinds of different things for you. There are options for those who find themselves losing their earplugs constantly, and then there are options for those who want a single pair they can rely on, too.


10 Best Motorcycle Earplugs


EarDial HiFi

EarDial HiFi
The EarDial is a high tech version of the earplug that you know and love. It is perfect for those who want something that won't make them feel like they are deaf to the world while they are driving down the highway at ridiculous speeds. It has the ability to filter out certain sounds, so you can still hear some of the outside world.
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Precise Noise Filtration
The EarDial is designed so you can tune out certain sounds. This means that you can remove the sound of all that whipping air, but keep in the sound of a car horn. It makes it very easy for you to enjoy the ride, without completely removing the outside world.

The EarDial HiFialso protects your ears from the high levels of sound. It means you can bring everything down to a more manageable level.

Comfortable Design
The design of the EarDial is another thing that has it placed at the top of the list. It is designed for comfort and for being discreet. The plug is made of soft silicone that holds comfortably to your ear. You won't feel uncomfortable, no matter how long you keep it in your ear.

It is also quite small and transparent, which means that it won't look awkward if you are wearing them with the helmet off.

Cost and Value
Of course, these high-class earplugs are not going to come out of the bargain bin. On the other hand, this option costs much less than you would think. When you use the EarDial it really feels like they have thought of just about everything. This is the option you need if you want something that is going to last. They also come with a carrying case, so they won't get lost.

Can choose your sound level

Comfortable for long hours

Comes with a carrying case

Low profile and look good


App feels unnecessary

Eargasm High Fidelity

Eargasm High Fidelity
This is another set of high-quality earplugs that are designed to keep the sounds but reduce the noise. They offer very accurate acoustics that will help you feel like you aren't missing out on any of the more important noises of the road. They do sport a different design, though.
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Convenient and Simple
The cool thing about the Eargasm earplugs is that they keep things comfortable and simple when you are trying to use them. They do a few things differently that simplify the process of getting the fit just right.

Each package comes with two sets of plugs that are different sizes. Now you will always have just the right fit. It also comes with a carrying case that is small enough that it can be attached conveniently to your key chain.

Great Quality
The earplugs go for a different design than the EarDial, but they are also very comfortable. These sport a ribbed plug that keeps a good grip. The plugs are made out of plush silicone that feel very comfortable in the ear. The sound filters give them just the right amount of firmness to the rest of the plug. It makes for a comfortable, but firm, experience.

Cost and Value
The Eargasms do cost a little more than the EarDials, but they do offer a high-quality sound reduction experience. This option is a little more conspicuous, but the technology that filters sound is really something to behold. It makes for a much more manageable experience when you are out on your bike. You can comfortably listen to music or talk on the phone very easily with these high-quality plugs.

Comfortable and low profile

Filters noise effectively

Great key chain storage

Multiple sizes available


More conspicuous than EarDial

The Ear Buddy Soft Foam

The Ear Buddy Soft Foam
You may have just learned a little about the massive strides that have been made in earplug technology, so maybe it is time for something a little more classic. This is a reliable source of effective earplugs that you can use when you just want something that is going to work. These are effective plugs that do a great job of reducing the worst offenders when it comes to disruptive noise on the road.
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A Classic
The Ear Buddy is soft foam earplugs that do a great job of keeping your ears safe and soundless. They are made of a soft foam that is perfect for molding to the inside of your ear. They fit incredibly well once they are given the time to mold into your ear. They are perfect for anyone looking for a simple solution to their sound woes.

Simple, but Best
The Ear Buddy is not just any earplugs, though. They do a great job of making sure you feel comfortable while you are riding. They reduce the sound coming in from the road by thirty decibels, which is more than enough to save your ears for later into your life. You will still be able to hear what you need, though.

Cost and Value
The Ear Buddy also has the distinction of being an incredibly good deal. One of the things that always bothers with these cheaper sets of earplugs is finding a way to always have some on hand. That will always be the case with this option. It comes with fifty earplugs that you can use for anything, including work in the garage.

Very cheap option

Comes with twenty-five pairs

Reduces sound by thirty decibels

Comfortable and great fit


Can go through them quickly

Pinlock Set

Pinlock Set
The Pinlock is a effective set of earplugs that will let in a good deal of outside sound. It does a great job of keeping your hearing only to what is important. They come in a small container that makes it easy to bring anywhere with you. This is a high-quality set of earplugs for those who still want to be able to hear the sounds of the road.
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Good Fit
The Pinlock uses an interesting style of fit that makes for a very solid lock into your ear. They get deep in there, which makes the sound blocking incredibly effective. The best thing about this option is that deep fit, which makes these earplugs really good for leaving a low profile when you are out and about. That deep fit doesn't need to worry you, though. It comes with a small tab that makes removal incredibly easy.

Useful Additions
The Pinlock makes itself convenient for frequent traveler in many other ways, too. It comes with a convenient case that makes it easy to leave it in your pocket as you need. The sets of headphones that it comes with make it so that you will always have the right size that will fit you. Finally, the filters do a good job of keeping normal conversation clear and easy to hear.

Cost and Value
The Pinlock is a convenient and discreet option that is perfect for those who want something that will stay locked in as long as you need. The convenience of the pull tab cannot be understated, and it makes it easy to get whatever fit that you want without worry. These plugs are a little tougher, which makes it a good choice for those who are okay with something that is a little more rigid.

Great fit

Easy to get out of the ear

Comes with convenient carry case

Great clarity of sound


Durability issues

EarPeace Motorcycle

EarPeace Motorcycle
These earplugs are designed exactly for motorcycles, which makes them specialized for keeping a good grip, no matter how fast you might be going. They have lots of specialized features that make them a good choice for anyone looking for something that they can take on the road.
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Great Fit
When looking for the best motorcycle earplugs for motorcycle riding, it is important to look for ones that fit the ears properly. That good grip is going to be the way that they stay in your head in the face of all that flowing air. The EarPeace plugs do just that. They will nestle themselves deep in your ear, which leaves nowhere for the wind to catch on the outside edge of the plugs.

Designed for the Bike
There are lots of things about the EarPeace that make them a thoughtful addition to your weekly rides. They are made of soft silicone that can be left in the ear for incredibly long amounts of time. They are also designed so that you can still hear a lot of those important noises like traffic and phone calls. These are perfect for taking out without worrying about becoming blind.

Cost and Value
These are also a good deal if you are looking at these more specialized plugs. They are a little cheaper than the previous options on the list so far. They have good grips for getting the headphone out when you are done. They come with a small container key chain that you can leave on your keys. Finally, they are even supported by some of the biggest dealers in motocross. What are you waiting for?

Have a great fit

Designed for the noise of traffic

Convenient case

Good deal for the quality


Can be tough on longer rides

NoNoise Motor

NoNoise Motor
The NoNoise uses a few different pieces of technology to achieve noise reduction. This is another set of plugs that won't completely cut out the sounds of the road, but it uses interesting ideas like a ceramic filter and thermoplastic molding to get the same thing done as the competition.
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New Technology
There are a few things that are different than the other options here. The NoNoise prides itself on doing its own thing. The ceramic filter that it uses for the noise filter keeps the noise that does get into your ear nice and clear. This is possible through the acoustics of this harder material.

The thermoplastic molding of the rest of the plug makes it a good choice if you are looking for something that is not made of silicone. It definitely feels different.

Strong Design
There are other clever pieces of design in the NoNoise that make it worth looking at if you are in the market. That includes the small pegs that stick out of the plugs. These make it simple to take them out of your ear without needing to worry about them getting stuck or sliding out.

The profile is good for having a tight fit. It also adds to the comfort by using a ripple design in the plug itself. It doesn't feel like your ear is being pressed against too hard.

Cost and Value
The NoNoise is a good option if you are looking for something a bit different. It resembles the other options in many ways, but it uses materials that are not seen elsewhere. That makes it a good choice if you have tried one of the other options on this list and it hasn't worked out for you. Maybe this will. It also comes with a useful carrying case that is easy to leave on your keys.


Unique design

The ceramic filter is good for acoustics

Good fit

Easy to take out


Profile is a little wide

Etymotic High-Def

Etymotic High-Def
Of all the best earplugs for motorcycle riding, the Etymotic is the easiest to fit in your ear and remove. That is due to the cord that it uses to keep the whole system attached together. This offers a lot of different advantages, not least of which is the ease that you can remove them.
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Corded Earplugs
These corded earplugs make it much simpler when you need to put your earplugs on for a ride. It makes it as simple as finding one and then other. No accidentally dropping them on the ground, or having them get stuck in their carrying case. It is a problem that you won't realize that you had until you use this option. The cord also makes it much easier to keep them in one place, which is another huge addition.

Comfort and Fit
Admittedly, the Etymotic goes for quite a light fit, which makes it perfect for those who only have a small problem with how much noise they are getting from their riding. It makes for a very comfortable fit, though. These are very comfortable plugs that fit lightly in the ear, which makes for a cozy ride that you can go on for an incredibly long time. The sound that does come in is also quite clear and doesn't sound muffled or distant.

Cost and Value
Etymotic is another option that really depends on where your priorities are. The string that ties the plugs to each other is a really wonderful piece of technology that you will wish came with every set of earplugs. The lighter sound cancellation is also nice if you just want something a little better.

Finally, it comes in at a low price that means you don't need to take much of a risk with your wallet if you are considering this option.

Easy to take in and out

Comfortable fit

Can ride for a long time

Good price and value


Not much in way of noise-canceling

Alpine Hearing Protection

Alpine Hearing Protection
These earplugs from Alpine keep your ears safe from noisier sounds that you can encounter on the road. They are designed for motorcycles, but also for use in helicopters. That means you know they do a good job of reducing the sound created by the wind. They are comfortable and effective.
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Comfy Fit
The Alpine makes a good fit for your ear. It does this by having a completely soft design. Most options have a hard filter in the middle of the plug, but that is not the case here. It is made of plastic, which makes it act as much like a filter as it does like a tube for sound to come in. It makes for a clear sound that is perfect for cutting off the noisiest edges of the outdoors.

Other Features
The Alpine has some other things that make it worth checking out, too. It comes with tabs that make it exceptionally easy to take the plugs out. It means you can shove them as deeply in your ear as you want without needing to worry about it getting stuck. This makes this a great choice for those who need something that won't fall out of your ears.

Cost and Value
The Alpine is a great choice if you want something that will effectively keep your ears safe from the loudest noises of the road. It is a thicker plug that uses its soft construction to fit in your ear however you need it to. It does mean that it can sometimes feel uncomfortable from the larger size. This is a quite cheap option that makes it perfect for those who want a simple solution.

Soft construction makes it an easy fit

Easy to take out of ear

Has a good profile

Good value


Can be uncomfortable due to larger size

Laser Lite Disposable

Laser Lite Disposable
All these fancy earplugs do a great job of keeping the noise out of your head, but sometimes you just need a lot of something that will work. As good as these are, you will always be worried about them falling onto the ground and being lost forever. The Laser Lite is a good option for the bulk buyers out there.
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In Bulk
The Laser Lite comes in a huge package of 200. You will then enough earplugs that you won't feel like you are going to run out any time soon. It is important to have that large of a supply. It makes for a convenient way to always have a few more that you can use in a pinch.

High Performance
Don't let the bulk look of this option fool you. The Laser Lite does a great job at effectively reducing all incoming sounds that might hinder you on the road. They completely occlude the ear, which means that you can get rid of all that disruptive sound from out there.

It is also a light option, which means that they will last for a long time without you becoming uncomfortable on your ride.

Cost and Value
For two hundred earplugs, you could not find a better deal. This is a bargain that will last you for an incredibly long time. It is almost suggested that you could get these as something as a back up when your primary pair of earplugs bites the dust.

These are useful in tons of different situations, which makes them invaluable for anyone who wants something that they can use on their bike and elsewhere.

Comes with tons of earplugs

Soft and comfortable

Great noise reduction

Great value


Not great sound quality

Hearos Xtreme Protection

Hearos Xtreme Protection
Hearos comes in with another large set of traditional earplugs, but these are designed with a firmer feel and a smaller profile. They are perfect for those who don't like the soft foam earplugs that you see too much of. The smaller profile means there will be less chance of them falling out, too.
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Different Feel
Not all plugs are created equal. Anyone who has had to buy earplugs should know what kind they like. The larger foam ones of the Laser Lite are great, but they have a less firm fit that can easily fall out of the ear. It is important to find something that will stay firmly in the ear. That is where this option comes in.

These will stay in the ear more effectively due to the lack of a tail at the end of the plug. They are also firmer, which makes them better for those who don't like that full feeling that comes with other options.

Protective Design
The design of the Hearos makes it a good choice for a few reasons. They make it easy for you to place the plugs in and the sound reduction is incredibly high. They kill all sound coming in. It might be too much reduction for some people, but you should be able to hear the most important sounds of the road.

Cost and Value
This is another incredibly cheap set of plugs that you can get. This is another good option if you are looking for something that can back up your more traditional pair of motorcycle plugs. They will last for a little longer than the soft foam options, too. On the other hand, you get much fewer of them here.

Comes with multiple pairs

Low profile

Fit well

Good sound cancellation


Too much sound reduction


Criteria Used for Evaluation of Best Motorcycle Earplugs


The best motorcycle earplugs are not quite as simple as other earplugs. There are elements of safety and durability that are not present when you are shopping for earplugs that you are going to wear when you sleep. That is why there is such a difference in price and packaging with these options. This was kept in mind when this list was created. These are the criteria that were used when ranking these options.


The fit of the earplugs is going to be especially important when you consider the fast speeds that you will no doubt be going. It is essential that the plugs can stay wholly in the ear. Many traditional earplugs do not work for this due to the parts that come out of the ear.

Many of these help this by making it possible to put the entire earplug in the ear and then have a small tab that can be used to pull it back out.


Comfort is a crucial factor to consider when you are buying your plugs. That is because of how long some of those trips are going to be. The more comfortable they are, the less you need to worry about your ears getting sore.

Even the softest earplugs can become uncomfortable after a long enough time. That’s why it is essential to try out a few different ones until you find the one that you like.

Sound Quality

This is another thing to keep in mind. The sound is the real reason that you are getting these plugs in the first place. It is crucial to consider just how much you want the noise to be reduced.

Many of the specialized earplugs only reduce the sound by about twenty to thirty decibels. This is to take the amount of sound that you are hearing out of that triple-digit danger zone of sound.


It might feel strange spending so much on a single pair of headphones, but it is going to be a good idea in the long run. It does a lot for the health of your ears, and just your overall comfort when on the road. The prices vary a little bit, and it most often has to do with the extra pieces of technology that are designed.

It can also have a lot to do with the materials that the conductor is made of. Sometimes it will be something quite fancy and expensive for the best chance at removing all that sound.


Other Factors to Consider


There are other things worth thinking about before you buy your earplugs. There are so many styles and designs for them that it is worth considering some things that you might find important after reading some of these new wrinkles in your plan to buy yourself some ear protection.


Riding a motorcycle is supposed to be cool, which is why this factor is something that you should think about. Most of the earplugs look nice when you are wearing them, but there is the issue of when the plugs come out of the head. It can seem a little silly when an extra-large piece of foam is popping out of the side of your head. If that sounds like it isn’t up your alley, then it is essential to find something that keeps a low profile.


People have lots of different opinions on what works for them when it comes to putting things in their ear. The ear is a sensitive place that doesn’t often have anything in it, but earplugs will often spend a long time in there. Try to think about what works for you, and then pick something that reflects that.


Something to consider when you are buying more specialized earplugs is that you can’t be throwing them in the garbage every time that you are done with them. That makes it especially important to find something that will last. This is not always the case.

It is easy for these sensitive products to break down. Silicone will last you for a while, but things like the tabs can easily fall off or break. There are more than a few stories of pieces of the earplug getting stuck in the ear.  If this happens to you, all you need is a pair of tweezers, and then you should be okay.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is it legal to wear earplugs while riding a motorcycle?

A: There are always going to be different laws depending on where you are, but for the most part, it is entirely legal to wear noise-reducing earplugs. There are stories online of people being hassled by police when it is noticed that they have them in, but sadly, that is the fate of most things that motorcyclists do.

The best thing to do is to always check the bylaws for wherever it is that you live. It is also worth explaining the importance of those earplugs if you have any trouble. People will understand once they realize that they are mostly for reduction. It is also similar to using a hands-free headset. It is all about why you are using it.

Q: Are traditional earplugs okay to wear on a motorcycle?

A: There are a few entries that include more traditional earplugs. They work just as well as many of the other headphones, but there are some additional risks that you take on when you keep it simple like that. They reduce the noise more than the alternatives. This includes how they make that noise a little more muffled and hard to hear.

The final thing that might be dangerous is that they can fall out of your ears more easily than other options. On the other hand, you will still be able to hear much of the noise of the street, so it all depends on your comfort level.

Q: How do the sound filters work?

A: Many of the noise-reducing headphones are designed so that they reduce the most harmful levels of sound, but do not reduce the sound quality of the surrounding air. This is important for being able to still hear the most essential sounds of the road as clearly as possible.

This is done with a filter, usually made of a harder material, that is placed in the middle of the earplug. It can be made of metal, ceramic, or any other material. What it does is amplify the frequencies of some of those muffled sounds, while dimming others. This allows sounds in an acceptable range of decibels to get through, but only at a lower volume.